Photo Finish Foundation Primer Smashbox Review

New photo finish foundation leaves your skin gorgeous in one step

Undoubtedly, every woman loves makeup in which the first thing mostly woman forget or ignore to apply is primer. Primer is important to apply before makeup because it covers the pores so the Foundation won’t acquire into them. It is also known as the base for your makeup because it would give you simple Matte finish, and also make your makeup long lasting.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer

The idea of applying primer before the makeup is good because it can pelt the skin blemishes. The best thing is your Foundation does not look cakey or different with your skin complexion. In the Marketplace, there are a number of beauty brands which could help you to give a long lasting makeup, but Smashbox is one of the best and trusted brand in the market. Now it is available in the photo finish foundation in the form of a gel that easy to apply and rub out skin imperfections.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer2

It could give your makeup a flawless look with a natural glow, which is impossible by applying foundation alone especially after the age.

Smashbox photo finish primer was specially developed to help makeup look long lasting and better. It is best in eliminating your skin blemishes and providing you smooth younger looking skin.

Look at some of its adoring advantages

    It is suitable for all the skin types

    It is good in blurring the skin imperfections

    It minimizes the pores and lines

    It is natural

    Easy to blend and stay long lasting

    Give Matte Finish without dryness



Customer reviews

This product has been loving by ladies because it provides positive results, and makes them more confidence with their makeup. It leaves silky smooth and brilliant appearance without any fault. More than 95% of women have agreed that this Foundation is easy to blend and walloping your blemishes that every woman should try.


It is natural so you do not need to worry about any side effects because all the makeup brands are designed for improving your specifications. This Smashbox is blended with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, grape seed extract and green tea which are good for your skin.

Where to buy this?

If you really want to look beautiful for long time visit the Nykaa or amazon store to purchase this. This one will become the secret for your confidence look.

It is available in affordable prices at just INR 4300. Official Website 

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