Halo Eye Makeup

Beginner’s Guide For Halo Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a lot and for this reason, the first thing you see are eyes. Also, eyes need special attention during makeup for a similar reason. And there are many ways to improve the eyes.

For example, you can groom your eyebrows, add more lashes to your eyes, or make a halo in each eye. For the halo, you will need to work on your eyes. You need to do primer, eyeshadow, and then glitter to create a halo. While it isn’t a difficult job, but you will need some tools and training.

Here’re the things you need to creating Find more


Top 10 Women Blessed With Naturally Sexy Eyebrows

Eyebrows highlight eyes and it won’t an exaggeration to say that they drag more eyeballs than the eyes. Also, they require similar treatment that eyes need. You need to trim your eyebrows to get them into a decent shape. But some women have naturally beautiful eyebrows.

Here’re the top 10 celebrities with naturally beautiful eyebrows that require little trimming and care

  1. Meagan Good

Meagan Good has a lighter complexion that is the result of using a cosmetic bought from an unlicensed cosmetologist. It was sun damage removing cream that actually bleached her skin. But it did not affect her eyebrows … Find more


How to do eyebrows at home- Follow these 5 steps & feel beautiful!

Saloons, parlours, markets are closed, but we are not. We can do everything if we want to do that. Shaping eyebrows at home is easier who have skills, but what about those ladies and girls who do not even know how to pick a thread.

Don’t worry! Here I will suggest a step-by-step guide to shape up your Eyebrows.

Let us get started!

Step 1- Wipe off your face with lukewarm water and then brush your eyebrows (use spoolie brush)

Step 2- now hold your skin tightly around the eyebrow and then pluck your extra Find more