Beginner’s Guide For Halo Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a lot and for this reason, the first thing you see are eyes. Also, eyes need special attention during makeup for a similar reason. And there are many eye makeup tutorial for beginners to improve the eyes.

For example, you can groom your eyebrows, add more lashes to your eyes, or make a halo in each eye. For the halo, you will need to work on your eyes. You need to do primer, eyeshadow, and then glitter to create a halo. While it isn’t a difficult job, but you will need some tools and training.

Here’re the makeup tutorial for beginners & things you need to creating halos around your eyes

• Brushes – Long, Short, and Angled
• Eyeshadow Palette
• Concealer
• Brow Pencil
• False Eyelashes
• Gel Eyeliner

Quickly grab the said items and get ready to give your eyes halos. The job has to be done in steps and every step is important. Also, the level of challenge will increase with each step in eye makeup tutorial for beginners. One more thing is that you need to remove all spots and blemishes from your face that could distract the attention of viewers from your eyes.

A brief introduction

To get eye halo makeup, you need to create a background for the halo and then create the halo effect with glitter. Hide your dark circles, if you have circles under your eyes. Also, fine-tune your lashes, or get ready to wear mascara. And don’t forget to groom your eyebrows as they could play a spoiler at the end.

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes For A Halo

Prepare Eyes For A Halo

Eyes can tell the truth if your mouth doesn’t. So, you should start fresh. Get a clean face with a wave of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, so your eyes don’t look tired. Look at your face, it looks fresh, you can start by applying a primer to eyelids.

People with dark circles under their eyes should first dilute the circles with a concealer and then set the circles with a powder. And it can be done after applying the primer.

Step 2: Develop The Crease

Develop The Crease

Once the primer job is complete, it’s time to grab your long-haired, fluffy blending brush and start packing in your eyeshadow in the crease area. Be gentle with the brush and move it from corner to corner to cover the eyelids. Make sure you don’t leave even a centimeter while developing the crease.

For improvement, you can blend the color to get a smokey effect. It is an important step as it provides a base for the halo effect. And how the halo emerges largely depends on how you color your eyelids. Choose the right brush for a complete job.

Step 3: Outer Corners Need Special Treatment

Outer Corners Need Special Treatment

The outer corners of your eyes need special treatment because they remain under the crease. And you will need a small blending brush to give a darker eyeshadow to the said area. The objective behind using a darker shade is to make it nice and keep it low.

Once the darker shade is applied, you need to blend the color well so no harsh lines are visible. And you will need a clean brush for blending the color. It is better to use a dry brush instead of washing a used brush for the job. Also, focus on color blending to achieve desired results.

Step 4: Treat The Inner Corners

Treat The Inner Corners

If you give a close look to your eyes, you will find that outer corners are well treated with eyeshadow but also that they have become darker than the inner corners. You will feel that the inner corners need more dimension. You need a pencil brush and some more eyeshadow to add a bit of depth to the inner corners.

Work on the inner corners to make them as dark as the outer shadows. Again, you need to take care so you have both your inner and outer eyeshadows matching perfectly.

Step 5: Create The Halo

Create The Halo

Get ready for the most important job that is to create a halo on each eyelid. Since you have prepared your eyelids well, you shouldn’t have any hassle in creating a halo. The process involves applying a lighter bright color to the middle of the eyelids. You can use glitter or metallic color for the halo.

Before you start, you should understand that the halo should look sandwiched between the inner and outer eyeshadows. Grab a brush and apply a halo on each eyelid. For best results, you can use a damp brush that will prevent the glitter from falling out. Also, make sure that the halo is created in the center of the eyelids.

Step 6: Give The Final Touches

Give The Final Touches By Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

For the final touch, you need to work on your eyelashes. Apply a gel eyeliner to your upper and lower lids. And you will need an angled brush for the job. Or you can add false eyelids to get an intense effect. Practice similar caution, you practiced while preparing your lids for halo.

Look at your eyebrows. You need to groom your brows. While it isn’t a part of the eye makeup, but you should know that grooming eyebrow can improve any eye makeup ten times.

Step 7: Capture The Final Look

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Final Look

Depending on the eyeshadow, halo color, and the finish that includes groomed eyebrows, you will get the final look. And it will be perfect. You will love the feel. Also, you can improve the look and feel with your experience. You can look for more tips to improve the look.

A Few Tips For Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners:

• It’s better to avoid using rich colors and deep shades in the inner corners of the eyes
• People with close-set eyes should avoid high-contrast colors as rich contrast of colors could make the eyes appear closer
• Halo makeup could make round shaped eyes appear even rounder, so, you should be choosey about eyeshadows and colors
• Some people prefer dark or bright colors for eyes, they should keep their facial makeup simple to improve the dark effect
• People with hooded eyes could find it difficult to create halos around their eyes, but they can try something different

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