10 Steps To Perfect Eyebrow Threading At Home

Threading is a great way to groom your eyebrows because you can do it at home, it is much safer than waxing or tweezing, and, above all, the results achieved with threading are sharper and more refined.

Things Needed To Thread Eyebrows At Home

• A 14-inch piece of high-cotton sewing thread
• A pair of eyebrow scissors
• Eyebrow brush
• Eyebrow pencil
• Aloe vera gel/Ice pack

First Step: Get A Mirror

Get A Mirror

Find a mirror you are comfortable with because you need to focus on your eyebrows. But avoid using a magnifying mirror because you could over-thread your eyebrows using one. Sit before the mirror and position your hands on your brows to start.

Second Step: Draw An Outline

Draw An Outline

Trim your eyebrows so you can outline them to confirm the shape you want. Put your pencil on the inside of the brow and outline an outward sweeping motion. It is a crucial step and hence shouldn’t be missed. The outline will prevent you from over threading. Also, it will bring the brow into the right shape.

Third Step: Prep The Brows

Prep The Brows

Take the eyebrow brush and sweep your brows upwards to trim the ends of long brows. You will need eyebrow scissors for the job. After cutting the ends, bring the hair down and start trimming. Avoid over-trimming and brush the brows back in place once you are done.

Fourth Step: Prepare Your Thread

Prepare Your Thread

Take the thread and form a loop by tying its ends. Keep the knot tight and trim off the loose ends to get a perfect loop.

Fifth Step: Twist Your Thread

Twist Your Thread

Hold the loop with both hands using your thumb and forefingers. Twist the thread 4-5 times with one hand while keeping the other end still. It will form a twisted section in the middle of the thread.

Sixth Step: Practice The Movement

Practice The Movement

The movement of the thread depends on the opening and closing of the gap between your thumb and forefingers. Open one side while you close the other to move the twist. Practice the movement before starting threading.

Seventh Step: Position The Thread

Position The Thread

The right position of the twisted center of the thread is over the brows you want to remove. Remember that the results depend on the positioning of the thread on the brows.

Eighth Step: Start Threading

Start Threading

Position your thread, close the end that is in control of the twisted center while you open the other, and slide the thread across your brows in a slow but firm manner. The corners of the twist will grab and remove the brows. Always move in the opposite direction of your brows.

Ninth Step: Shape Your Brows

Shape Your Brows

Position your thread over the brows and continue removing the excess growth until you get the desired shape. Also, don’t forget to thread in between your eyebrows. Always, go slow so you don’t miss important steps.

Tenth Step: After Care

After Care

Threading could leave your skin red. You need to use a skin cream like aloe vera gel to prevent infection. Or you can use an ice pack to treat the redness. Examine your eyebrows after a few hours to check whether there are any stray brows that you missed during threading.

Eyebrow Threading Shapes

Eyebrow Threading Shapes

Consider your face shape while threading and reshaping your eyebrows. There is little sense in grooming your brows without taking your face shape into account as even the most gorgeously groomed brows could look unflattering if they don’t match the face shape.

Oval Face

It is the only face that can go with any eyebrow. But it is better to maintain medium-thick eyebrows with a soft angle.

Long Face

You need brows that minimize the length of your face. You should try flat brows with a slight curve instead of an arch. Flatter brows will distract the attention from the length of your face and make it appear oblong.

Round Face

Sharp eyebrows look much better on a round face because these brows easily balance out the soft features of a round shape. Your brows should feature high and sharp arches. It will create an illusion of length and help cut the fullness of the round shape.

Square Face

The biggest challenge with a square face is to balance out the sharpness of the features. And reshaping brows is the best way to achieve this objective. You should make high brows but with a soft curve instead of sharp arches. It will create an illusion of length.

Heart Face

Your strong pointy chin is the biggest drawback of your face. But you can distract attention from the chin by keeping the curves of your brows soft. Also, the arch should be kept low and full. It will add make your forehead appear lengthier.

Diamond Face

The brow and temple region of your face is the widest part of your face. With eyebrow grooming, your objective is to balance it out and counter the sharp features with softness. You need brows with a prominent but full curve. It will reduce the appearance of width and soften the features.

Eyebrow Threading Tips

• Always wet your brows before threading. It will soften the brows and open the pores so you can easily thread the brows. For better results, you can steam your brows or take a hot shower.

• If you have sensitive skin or want to make it painless, you can drugstore anesthetic cream or teething gel a few minutes before threading. It will numb the area.

• Dust some talk on the brows to improve your grip over the hair during the threading process.

Final Thoughts

Threading is the most popular process of removing unwanted brows. It is quick, gives little pain, and delivers excellent results. And you can do it at home. You can even do it a few minutes before makeup. For example, you can remove the excess brows instead of going for full grooming, if you don’t have enough time. Also, you can keep the process painless by using numbing gels.

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