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Skin Dehydration: Causes, Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

Skin Dehydration: Causes, Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

Skin Dehydration Causes And Treatment:– How do you know that your skin is dry or dehydrated? While dry skin is a skin type caused by an underlying condition, dehydrated skin is a medical condition related to lack of water. And the good thing is that both dry and dehydrated skin can be improved with proper care.

What Is Your Skin Type?

Your skin could be normal, oil, combination, or dry. Also, the skin type changes with age, lifestyle, underlying conditions, and environmental factors. Your skin will become oily if your sebaceous glands produce too much oil. And it will become dry if the same glands produce lesser oil. But dehydrated skin is a condition.

You could mistake dehydrated skin to be dry because both skin conditions have similar signs. But dehydration of skin cells could cause issues that require medical attention. It all starts when you start losing water due to frequent urination or excessive sweat. And the body develops symptoms to make you understand that you need to increase your water intake or tweak your lifestyle and diet.

What Causes Skin Dehydration?

Skin Dehydration Causes

Not drinking the proper amount of water is the primary cause of skin dehydration. Also, it could be related to loss of water through excess sweating during workouts Read More

Common Skin Conditions And Their Causes

What Are 12 Common Skin Conditions And Their Causes?

Skin makes the first line of defense against physical attack by many types of bacteria and viruses. And when a skin comes under attack, it develops a condition like ringworm and impetigo. But common skin conditions are not only due to bacterial or fungal infections as many conditions are genetic or allergic in nature.

The only good thing about most skin conditions is that they are curable. And the treatment starts with knowledge and education on the common skin conditions.

Here’re 12 common skin conditions that affect skin in different ways



It is a fungal infection caused by fungus found on skin, surfaces and personal items like towels, clothes and bedding. Appears in a ring form, it makes skin red, itchy and cracking.



It is a chronic and long-lasting skin condition occurring due to stimulation and dilation of facial blood vessels. It results in acne-like breakouts and it affects men harder than women.


Eczema Common Skin Conditions

Also known as dermatitis, eczema is largely an immune-related genetic condition. It makes skin dry and itchy with raised, red, scaly patches and sometimes fluid-filled blisters.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact Dermatitis

It is a type of eczema that causes when skin comes into contact with a trigger. It could be irritant or allergic. Irritant dermatitis … Read More