Use Primer Before Makeup For This Reason

This blog is an eye opener for all those women who wear makeup sans primer. They spend lavishly on branded cosmetics but little do they know that primer is more valuable for their skin. It is for this reason that experts suggest applying primer to your face every time you wear makeup.

If you don’t use primer, you will start using it after going through this blog

What Is A Primer Cosmetic?

What Is A Primer Cosmetic

It is a type of cosmetic used on bare skin to protect it from coming into direct contact with the foundation and other makeup cosmetics. You can take primer as your second skin or a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh chemicals present in cosmetics.

A coat of primer is needed to smoothen out the skin, even out skin tone, and cover large pores and fine lines. Also, it provides a strong foundation for your makeup. And there is a little hassle in applying primer on your skin. You can do this job even without any training or tools.

First, buy a primer from a leading brand or a brand of your choice. Prepare your skin for primer and apply it all over your face with your finger pores. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in applying a coat of primer to your skin.

How To Apply A Primer?

While applying primer has little need for training but there are some basic steps to follow so you blend the cosmetic well with your fingertips. A coat of primer can give exciting results when applied in the right manner.

Applying primer is a two-step process

The first step is to prepare your skin to accept primer
The second step is to apply primer using your fingertips


  1. Primer (1 bottle)
  2. Clean Fingertips

Let’s start the process

  1. Prepare Your Skin
Prepare Your Skin

It is an important step as the primer is applied on bare skin that is the skin has to be free from dirt, excess oil, and dead cells. Applying primer on clean skin will make your skin appear flawless.

How To:

• Get a gentle cleanser and apply it all over your face
• Wash your face properly to remove the dirt and pollutants
• Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and open skin pores
• Apply a lightweight moisturizer to your skin
• Let the moisturizer sink into your skin

  1. Applying The Primer
Applying The Primer

The success of your makeup depends on how the primer is applied. And you need to use your fingertips to apply the primer. Clean your hands to remove whatever dirt you’ve gathered on your fingertips before touching the primer. Also, you need to blend it well with your skin tone.

How To:

• Take a bottle of primer and pour a few drops on the back of your left hand
• Soak the fingertips of your right hand in the primer and start applying it from the nose onwards
• Blend it well until your skin looks even
• Keep blending for a couple of minutes to get good results
• Let the primer sit on your skin before you go with your foundation cream

The primer will make your skin look more even-toned and luminous. It will create a smooth surface for makeup by sinking into your skin. If you want to keep it simple, you can even wear makeup over primer instead of using a foundation.

Look At Your Skin After Primer

Skin After Primer

The primer will smoothen out the texture of your skin, reduce redness, and lighten the barge skin pores and fine lines. The difference on your skin before and after primer will be clearly visible. If you want, you can even take a selfie before primer to compare your skin after primer.

Tips For Making The Best Use Of Primer

Making The Best Use Of Primer

Now you know the advantages of using a primer and the process of applying it to your skin. The following tips will help get the best results.

• Take a little primer as less is more. A small raisin-sized drop of primer is sufficient to cover your face. You only need to blend it well on your skin.
• Always use moisturizer before primer.
• If your skin looks dull, you should use a tinted primer that can make your skin glow.
• Choose the primer that is compatible with your foundation to prevent the base from separating. For example, if you are using a water-based foundation then your primer should also be water-based.
• Apply the primer around your eyes and on the lids as well. It will prevent the makeup from smudging or creasing. Also, it will soften crow’s feet.

How To Choose A Primer?

How To Choose A Primer?

There are many cosmetics brands available in the market but shouldn’t buy primer randomly. Your primer should be suitable for your skin color, type, texture, and tone.

Here’re A Few Tips For Buying A Primer

• If your skin is dry or flaky, you should buy a hydrating primer. Look for the primers that are “soothing”, “hydrating”, or “replenishing”.
• If your skin is oily, you need a primer that can reduce oil production to minimize shine. You should use a mattifying primer.
• If you have sensitive skin, you should use a water-based primer. A silicone-based primer could clog your skin pores and cause breakouts like acne.
• Buy a primer that has all essential nutrients like antioxidants for mature or aging skin. Check the nutritional content of a primer before buying.

Final Thoughts

Primer is a common makeup ingredient but not many people know about its advantage. Some people even consider it an unnecessary expense. But the truth is that your skin requires a primer before you load it with layers of makeup.

The cosmetics you use contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin. And the best way to prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with those chemicals is to apply a primer to your skin. Another advantage of primer is it provides a smooth base for the makeup. Buying a primer is a small investment that can give a good return in the long run.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to consider their skin type, condition, and pros and cons of primer before using it.

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