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Skincare Tips to Play

Skincare Tips to Play Safe and Stay healthy in this Holi

Holi, the festivals of colors and happiness is ready to touch your cheeks. You have made plans for tomorrow’s celebration such as venue, colors, inviting friends and all. But, do you made plans for your skin health?

Probably not! This is why you are here and wanted to know about some best skincare tips to play safely in this HOLI. Here is the complete guide you should follow:

Skincare Tips to Play

Before the Holi celebration

You do not need to groom yourself because you are going to look dirty or colorful on the Holi. Well, it is not the reason. Peeled skin may harm badly with color interaction. Hence, everyone should not peel off your skin like waxing, threading, bleach, etc. this may cause redness and sometimes irritation.

If you are already suffering from skin condition then avoid playing Holi or you can speak with a dermatologist.

Eve of the Holi

Eve of the Holi

Skin and hair both can be dull with the exposure of sun and colors both. So, it is recommended to both male and female apply coconut oil in your hair for deep conditioning and cover it with dupatta. To protect your face and body you can apply natural oil (coconut as well). For the face use, SPF and people who have acne issues must use organic colors to play.

You can even apply oil-free moisturizer on the face to keep skin soft … Read the rest

The hairstyle you can carry to look stunning in Frizzy hair

Tired off with Frizzy Hair? Try These Hairstyles to Style Your Frizzy Hair!

How many hours you have spent to style your hair? Are you frustrated with your same hairstyle? Yes! This might take you here and you just wanted to make your look refreshing. Frizzy hair ruined everything, because you are unable to get ready or if you have done but a minute after you see frizziness.

Well, you are not alone who is facing this problem. It is trouble for both men and women globally. Hence, we have here and will show you how you can tame your frizzy hair and get a gorgeous look.

Before looking down to the solutions, it is important to learn about some basics or causes of that problem. So, let us discuss it!

Causes of Frizzy hair

Generally, frizz hair caused by extra dryness and lack of moisture in the scalp. The layer of cuticle allows moisture to pass through, hence frizzy hair occurs. Moreover, the humid atmosphere naturally increases the problem of frizzy hair. Many other reasons become the Causes of Frizzy hair such as:

frizzy hair

• Rubbing of hair with a towel.

• Using harsh shampoo

• You are not using Conditioner

• Washing your hair with hot water

The hair care tips which every folk needs to follow are:

• Make sure you are applying serum and hair conditioner after the hair wash.

• Use a natural shampoo that doesn’t leave dryness.

• use fingers to comb your hair rather using a brush… Read the rest

Coronavirus: Do’s And Don’ts To Remain Safe

The biggest challenge with coronavirus (covid 19) is that people have little knowledge about the infection. They need to know how it spreads, how to check it and what are the preventive measures and treatment options.

Defeat coronavirus with awareness

There is much panic about this virus and infection. People are afraid of losing their lives due to infection. But the truth is that you can remain safe from coronavirus by taking the following measures.

  1. Wash hands frequently with soap
  2. Use hand sanitizer
  3. Don’t reuse tissue papers
  4. Always cover your mouth with tissue when coughing and sneezing
  5. Use hands to cover your mouth while coughing if you don’t have tissues
  6. Don’t sneak in front of the mouth nor cough
  7. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth without washing hands
  8. Avoid contact with the sick
  9. Maintain safe distance from people and avoid shaking hands
  10. See doctor immediately for high fever and cough

Coronavirus has spread to 70 countries and infected almost 1 million people. WHO has declared coronavirus a global health emergency after the death of 3,000 people.

Aware people about coronavirus

It is the responsibility of the media to spread awareness about coronavirus. It is only with knowledge and education that we can fight with this virus. If you take all necessary measures then you will never get infected with the coronavirus.… Read the rest

Electrical facials

Electrical Facials are the New Skin Treatments- Do they Worthy?

Everyone wishes to have beautiful and clear skin. I am sure you are also one that’s why you reached this page with excitement to know are Electrical facials work. With the advancement of technology, the sure of the disease is introduced. So, why not our beauty enjoys technology as well?

Thus, Electrical facials are now trending in beauty industries. And guess what? They are giving magical results, thus numbers of celebrities are becoming a fan of this. You can say that it is now the top secret of glowing and clear skin.

This has lots of benefits that are still under covered, but yes it is well-researched technology in the beauty industry that comes to fight against puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and even out skin.

Electrical facials

Female Celebrities are the fans of electrical facials

The stars from Hollywood and Bollywood are liking this new trend in the beauty industry. Jenifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, and Priyanka Chopra are said to have liked it. This is suitable for every skin type and those who just want to look ageless. The gadget used in this particular method is just like a mini-computer that work on your face and detect bad skin to clear it off.

Benefits of electrical facials

With the anticipation of this gadget, you will redeem the maximum number of advantages that just take you higher with your glowing and smooth skin. Here are some cool benefits:

• It will improve your skin surface and healthy appearance.

• It naturally stimulates collagen … Read the rest

Health Benefits of Curry Powder

Unknown Health Benefits of Curry Powder which you should know about

In Indian food, curry powder is one of the important ingredients that add flavor and taste to the dish. Some dishes are not completed without this core element. Moreover, the ingredients used in curry powder are mainly handpicked that further comes with various health benefits.

This includes Chilli powder, ground coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and pepper. All these are loaded with healthy benefits that become double when you use it in curry. The combination of both can reload the wellness of a person.

Here are the surprising health benefits of curry powder

Health Benefits of Curry Powder

Curry powder is a high-quality bomb of Indian flavors as well as wellness benefits. When you consume it frequently, it will turn your life immediately by adding up great health. Turmeric is the key component that makes curry superb and offers you the following benefits:

1. Boost Digestion

For healthy digestion turmeric is not only the responsible ingredient, but it aids by the blend of other herbs include in it. This will help to keep the stomach relax from gas, acidity, and infections. Furthermore, it cures diarrhea and vomiting issues.

<3>2. Prevent cardiovascular damage

The curry powder includes sweet basil as well as cardamom that work as a vasodilator. This work as reducing the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and poor blood pressure.

3. Prevent bacteria formation

It includes coriander which has anti-bacterial properties. This can fight against the damages and control the body against bacterial infection. It seems that when you consume curry … Read the rest

Ivanka Trump’s Fitness

Ivanka Trump’s Fitness Regime that makes her in shape with gorgeous skin

The Gorgeous daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka is well-known for her sexy figure and diving beauty. She is working as an advisor on POTUS, in the mother role, and as well as a businesswoman. Thus, everyone wants to know how Ivanka trump manages her fitness with her bus life.

Today, in this blog we are going to talk about her fitness secrets that will surely make your day and give you reasons to start your fitness too.

Let us see!

Eats a complete scoop of a healthy diet

healthy diet

The mother of three kids has bust life, but yet she maintains her figure and looks adorable. She is a fitness freak and dedicated to eating healthy for the day as it cuts extra cravings for food. With her diet plan, you will get an example that how to maintain yourself. She will be the best example for all woman who tends to stay fit.

Here is the complete diet chart

Diet Plan

According to her fitness experts, Ivanka eats only healthy which keeps metabolism active and body energetic. In her post-pregnancy period, she ate a high protein diet such as green veggies, chicken, and soups. She also includes whole food items that have high carbohydrates like oats and whole grain.

Breakfast regime


Her day starts with drinking a glass of lemon water. After that, she eats cottage cheese or a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Ivanka loves to eat seeds and make sure she has seeds on her breakfast table. The … Read the rest

Face Taping

Face Taping is the Instant way to Look Ageless- Is this True?

The famous K-beauty trend, face taping is now trending in Asian countries as well. If you haven’t tried it yet then you are missing the best hack. Do you want to try this, but don’t know how? So let us dive into tips and lift your face to look younger.

With the growing age, losing skin is one of the major concerns. The various skin remedies and beauty treatments are available to lift skin, but no one is highly effective than face taping. It is an affordable yet safest way to get the best results. You should also try this hassle-free. It is an instant way to lift the face without the use of chemicals and steroids.

h2>Face Tape

Face Taping

The very first thing which I need to clear is, to lift your face you need to face tape rather than normal tape. The face tape basically made up with Band-Aid solution which quickly heels and stretches your skin up ad creates an illusion to have a tight and youthful appearance.

Don’t worry, this special face tape is breathable and hypoallergic. So you do not find any bad impact on your face. This face tape has been widely used in the Hollywood industry than Korea. Nowadays, it becomes an easy solution for every lady who wants to hide her signs of aging.

Reasons to use Face tape

• It is extremely safe and affordable

• No side effects

• Safer than surgical procedures

• Act as a perfect alternative to lift … Read the rest

Pamper your skin

Pamper your skin with these Beauty tips in Weekends

Weekends are the days when we all want to enjoy harder. Well, weekends are not only about eating your favorite food and enjoying with friends, but it also helps in pampering your skin and body. However, there are many dangerous factors available in city life especially from the pollution, that’s why caring about skin is essential.

On this note, we have talked with Skin expert, Plabita Sharma and she says weekends are the best way to pamper and rejuvenate skin. It is a perfect time to restore skin vitality and influence the collagen to support skin health and glow.

Pamper your skin

Many people think having good skin is only because of good DNA, but it is not a matter of concern. Your daily habits and skin regime can help to restore your natural complexion. So, how you can do this?

In this, we will show you the best beauty regime that you should follow every weekend and enjoy the best and gorgeous skin forever.

Special Note- Follow the beauty tips every weekend and I am sure you will love this. If you are thinking, this is just a one-step remedy, then you’re wrong. Be consistent and feel the real changes.

1. Take Hot Bath

Take Hot Bath

To relax your muscles it is vital to have a hot bath once in a week. Moreover, the hot bath is best for the immune system and protecting your skin from skin infections. You can add lavender or coconut oil for feeling great aroma. This also gives you … Read the rest

Remove Makeup without Makeup Remover

4 Simple yet Amazing Ways to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

One of the daunting tasks that every woman gets is removing makeup. Especially when you are coming back late night and you just want to sleep badly. Well, makeup is essential and we love to do that, but when it comes to removing this, you just want an easy remedy that just takes seconds.

Removing makeup is also very important. You have to let your skin breathe and for better skincare, this regime needs to be frequent. If you have makeup remover, then the task may take less effort but if you haven’t? Then you just apply these 4 simple makeup removing tips.

Remove Makeup without Makeup Remover

4 amazing hacks that you should try to remove makeup

1. Edible Oil

Oil is one of the amazing ways to remove makeup with no side effects. Use Coconut oil, this work wonders to eliminate and nourish your skin. To use this oil, first, take a little scoop of oil into your hands and rub it in your fingers (if it is hard) and melt it. Then take a cotton ball and spread oil over it or you can close your eyes and smoothly rub it on your face and eyelids plus lashes.

Massage it in a circular motion and then take a wipe and clean your face. You need to use a warm cotton pad after as this removes excess coconut oil from the face as well.

2. Vaseline Petroleum jelly

The Vaseline petroleum jelly is the second another best option to get rid of makeup. … Read the rest

Malaika Arora

The 5 Beauty Rules that Make Malaika Arora young and hot at age 45

We all are the fan of Bollywood Divas and always excited to know about what daily routine they follow that they look flawless at age 40 and 50. Are you one of them? Of course! This is why you are here and looking for the health and beauty secrets that Malaika follows.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is one of the famous Bollywood beauty which is most popular for her fashionable and sexy avatar at age 45. Perhaps you are dreaming of getting like her body, so why don’t we start it from today?

Malaika has beautiful skin, toned body and bold Dressing sense that make her extra younger than her female Bollywood actress. If you are ready to know about her secrets then keep reading.

1. Detox skin

Detox skin

Mostly all actresses of b-town love to stay simple while not shooting. Malaika also one of them who prefers to wipe-out makeup or goes for Makeup detox when not needed. She removes makeup every night before going to bed. She always applies to moisturize after makeup detox, to keep skin hydrated and soft for all the day. She has oily skin, so she applies oil-free moisturizer.

2. Drink Lemon water

Hot lemon water

Malaika is a fitness freak, so she starts her day by drinking a glass of hot lemon water with little honey. It is a perfect way to stay hydrated all day long and keeping skin glowing. Also, this helps to burn extra fat by raining metabolism that makes your body toned and flexible.… Read the rest