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Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Celebrity Hairstyles for Saris

Choosing the right kind of hairstyle could make a difference to your look in saris. But most women are stuck in a style rut without knowing that they have good options to change their hairstyles. Or you can learn from celebrities.

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Let’s check the hairstyles film stars sport with saris

1. Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress was recently seen in a traditional sari with a retro hairstyle. She sported finger waves on the face with half-tied hairstyle with curls. Women with long tresses can wear this hairstyle.

2. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu hairstyle

The evergreen Bipasha was recently in limelight for her look in a gorgeous silk sari finished with a sleek bun. Also, she adorned the bun with white flowers that look fresh. Her look was spotted in a party.

3. Karisma

Karisma flaunted her elegant look in a red sari coupled with a sleek bun. But the photograph shows it was actually her side braid detailing that was highlighting the textured low bun.

4. Mouni Roy

Her style of sporting straight locks effortlessly won her many fans. She went for straight locks tucked behind the ears for a fuss-free look for a party.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit hairstyle

She looks pretty in a gorgeous printed sari in powder pink colour. But what completes her soft waves that she pulled down with a deep side parting. Her fans appreciated her hair down look.

Follow these … Read the rest

Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra

Want To Get Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra? Here’s How

Inspired by the shimmery eye makeup of actress Priyanka Chopra, many women try sporting metallic shades on their eyes but most of them failed even after recurring attempts. While Priyanka had her beautician for eye makeup, you can follow five rules to pull off that makeup.

Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra

1. Control your excitement

Many women go overboard with the glitter without knowing that it could take the tone of eye shade a few levels up then needed. You should first check the product on your hand to avoid wearing flashy makeup. Also, you can use a black liner and a coat of mascara to highlight the lids.

2. Choose the right glitter

Choose the right glitter

Why not invest on sticks and pencils that could provide a better definition. The objective is to choose the right product for your eye makeup and you should make no compromise in choosing the best product.

3. A piece of advice

You should know that glitter has sharp corners that could hurt your eyes especially cornea, if they enter the eye. You should try glitter only when you are confident that you can manage glitter. Or you should go with sticks and creamy products that are easier to apply. If you wear contact lens, you should avoid glitter makeup.

4. Make the colour pop

Your shimmery eye makeup would pop, if you prepare the lids with a base. The options you have include using a nude shadow or keeping it white. … Read the rest

Plastic Free Beauty Closet

15 Steps Towards A Plastic Free Beauty Closet

Women can do many things for climate control. Starting from household goods to beauty products, they can remove plastic from wherever they can. And it isn’t a surprise that more plastic is found in vanity cases instead of kitchen.

Here’re some tips to keep your beauty closet as useful as it is today after removing plastic from it.

Plastic Free Beauty Closet

1. Buy beauty products packed in paper or at least recycled plastic. Also, reuse and refill the products wherever possible. One more thing is to send the plastic to recycle that is stacked just for filling the space.

2. Avoid single-use wet wipes and embrace washable facial cloth for face cleaning. Cotton pads and wet wipes only add to the plastic waste. But washable facial cloth made of Muslin keeps working for a long time.

3. Bamboo made make-up brushes are more environment friendly than the regular plastic brushes.

4. Keep your hair covered with going out to keep them clean and use dry shampoo for cleaning hair to save water.

5. Shed your hoarding mentality of buying every beauty product you find in good packing. It will result in stacking more plastic in your closet.

6. Buy 2-in-1 products that are more useful to follow the formula less products = less packaging = less plastic.

7. Go natural by choosing plant-based skincare products. You can start with a natural bodywash or shampoo before moving to specific creams and lotions.

8. Switch to bar soap and shampoo because it requires little plastic … Read the rest

Common Hair mistakes make by Brides

How to Avoid the 4 Common Hair Mistakes Make by Brides

A wedding Day of girl is probably one of the most stressful, yet amazing days if her whole life. It takes months to organize everything perfectly involving up to the big day and it also comes with a lot of pressure that everything went smoothly without any hindrance. If you are a Bride-to-be, then you also want to look at the perfect and most beautiful Bride in the world.

The most 5 common mistakes that Bride can make and we tell you how to avoid this. There are few things have to keep in mind to look your best.

Common Hair mistakes make by Brides

1. Skip the Trial Session

This is one of the most important steps for the bride so that the trial session satisfies both the stylists and bride because if required, it can be changed according to your choice. So on a special day, the Bride would be happy with her look.

2. Washing Your hairs the day of

A big and common mistake that every bride could make is washing her hairs on the big day but the silky smooth hairs don’t hold any style. So it is best to wash the hairs before one or two days of a big day.

3. Getting last minute Dye

Some Brides might think to color her hairs before the wedding day to look perfect but it is a big disaster to dye job last minute. You must Dye your hair before the month of the big day to make sure that this color … Read the rest

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma Every Celeb Going mad!

The tight high bun Trend becomes the upgrade fashion in Social Network Sites. Most of the Bollywood Celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and many more divas tried this bun hairstyle in years ago. And now all the Hollywood celebrities Katy Perry, Britney, Rowan Blanchard, Jennifer Lopez, and Vanessa Hudgens have worn this hairdo and look Stunning.

It is an amazing hairstyle for summers that protects from the sweat and gives everyone an immediate facelift.

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

The science behind it, this pull up your skin back and make your face skin tighter and lifted. You just have to pull all your hairs up and tie into the high bun. This looks stunning because it polishes out all the wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it is helpful for the Botox treatment.

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

With this youthful look, Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood Singer, and Actor amaze her fans. She is the crazy fan of this bun lift and spotted many times carrying this hairdo on different occasions. The New mom Alesha Dixon also carries this hairstyle with some addition of braids and it makes her skin tighter. This is a very classic hairstyle for hot summer days because it helps to care for your strands.

You can do different styles of the bun like classic bun tight like Vanessa Hudgens to the messy bun like Zendaya. It is best to look for a day or night out also.

What you will need to get this look?Read the rest

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney at Rhode Island Mansion

The most-famous actress “Jennifer Lawrence” got married to Cooke Maroney. The marriage is officially confirmed via Jennifer Lawrence with CNN on Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Wedding place and Bride dress

The wedding was held in Rhode Island, in Newport Rhode. This was built in 1890, includes 2,000 square foot vaulted massive with profligate features.

The 158 guests were invited including Emma Stone, Adele, and Kris Jenner. The Bride wore a “Dior gown”.… Read the rest

Amazing Hairstyles in this Diwali

Try these Amazing Hairstyles with your outfit and look Extraordinary in this Diwali

Festival season is my all-time favorite season because it calls for dressing up, celebration, greetings with each other, meeting relatives and friends, partying, etc. Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated with delightfulness and also with gaiety and fun in all over India.

People love to dress up beautifully on this occasion with new costumes and pair it with jewelry and Hairstyles. When you are getting ready for this festival or any event. All in all the elegance and beauty of your dress are spotlighted when the perfect Hairstyle is made.

Amazing Hairstyles in this Diwali

Here, we share a few Bollywood inspired hairstyle for this Diwali. You must try these-

• Top Bun with Braids

Must try this messy hairstyle, High bun for your Diwali event. I am sure that it adds more beauty and charm to your look. The Well-known Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone is sported with this hairdo. Tie a top Knot or bun with messy braids to look tremendous stylish and elegant and enjoy your festival look.

• Straight and sleek Hairs

Straight and sleek Hairs

Are you looking for some easy hairstyle then you must try straight and sleek hairstyle like Alia Bhatt for this festival and look simple and stylish.

• Half Braided Hairstyle

The classic Hair do like half braided is a perfect option to go with this festive wear. You can go with the center partition and Braid your hairs with center or you can also tie you open hairs into a ponytail with this Braid.… Read the rest

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans with entitle Anthem’ Look at Her Now’

After releasing her endangered new Song “Lose You to love you” Selena, 27 years old singer amazed her fans by dribble another album and go along with music video at late night names “Look At Her Now”.

While looking at this song’s title, it already tells someone’s break-up story. I think it’s her own story. She looked stunning in this Music video. It directly Assure us that, she directly sermonize her Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber. Recently she posts on Instagram to announce a new song i.e “special gift” for her fans.

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena shares her anger with Justin Bieber in her song and tag to all fans!

She wrote, so here my special gift to all my fans. With her Apple iPhone, I have created this particularly for you all. You lived with me in all situations. I thank you all to bring best in me. After releasing this music video “Lose you to Love me” her fans falling is increased and everyone adores for her courage and daring.

She bravely tell us on a relationship with the singing sensation Bieber. Related to him she also sings a song like” set fire to my purpose and I let it burn” is an emotional one which released in 2015 in album Purpose.

The Bieber moved on quickly and proposed a model Hailey Balwin and then got married to her. This thing is out the courage and bravery in Selena Gomez and her ability to sing this type of Empowering Anthems ‘Look at Her … Read the rest

Lipstick mistakes

Lipstick hacks: 5 Mistakes that You are Perhaps Doing

Wearing lipstick is art. For girls, it is something that adds boldness and confidence to their personality, no matter how tired you are. Among 5 women every one woman may do little mistake. So, want to know what it is? Let us get started!

1. Chapped lips

Chapped lips

If your lips are dry and chapped, so while applying lipstick may you have seen patchiness and this simply avoids by using the best lip balm and drinking plenty of water. The tip applies lip balm first and then go with lipstick.

2. Scrub lips

Scrub lips

Scrubbing your face is important but doing it on lips also crucial. This helps to get rid of dead skin and keep your skin smooth. So, when you go with lipstick it will give good texture.

3. Avoiding lip liner

To get the proper shape of lips, lip liner is crucial. This defines your lips that can improve your proper definition.

4. Using wrong lip shade

Using wrong lip shade

While using the wrong shade, your look simply bland. Make sure you are using the correct lipstick shade that can define your look and make your look brighter.

5. Overuse of lipstick

While applying lipstick, make sure you are using it properly so it does not smudge. One of the common problems lipstick mostly appears on the teeth, so to avoid it put an index finger in your mouth and remove it perfectly.… Read the rest

best Hairstyles to try this wedding season

5 best Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season

The wedding season is all set. And the problem of styling hair also troubling your mind. Whether you have short, long, and curly hair all you need to look awesome. So, here we are come up with 5 best hairstyles that you should try this wedding season.

1. Twist Braid

It is a perfect hairstyle for girls. It looks awesome in ladies’ Sangeet or Mehandi function. You can create this look own with the help of elastic. To make it more attractive you can add beads and other hair accessories. If you have colored hair, so this hairstyle looks stunning.

2. Loose curls

Loose curls hair style

Loose curls are one of my favorite hairstyles. This gives a stunning and classic look. The best is it looks good with every dress style. If you have cut of laser with steps, so you can feel the better version of loose curls. To get this stunning look, wash your hair and blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Make sure you are using a brush to the inward direction.

3. Half Up and Half Down

Half Up and Half Down hair style

If you are thinking about to open your hair but half then you can try this hairstyle. It will go perfectly with your outfit. To get this look, fist properly comb your hair then make the half of your hair and create a pouf. Fix pouf with pins perfectly. Now take the hair from your left and create a braid which you need to take left side to right side. Now … Read the rest