10 Uses Of A Dark Circle Skin Concealer

Dark Circles Removal Cream

A dark circle concealer is a versatile product or it would be better to say that the latest range of concealers can be used for different purposes including covering dark spots, reducing fine lines, contouring your face, and outlining your lips. All these benefits will be in addition to diminishing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Circle Concealer

Considering the added benefits of a concealer, it won’t be an exaggeration to call a dark circle concealer a makeup essential. For example, a concealer with hyaluronic acid will hydrate your skin. Similarly, you can buy a product with anti-aging properties. It will refresh your skin in addition to covering the dark spots.

Here are the concealers I recommend to my viewers

Veil Cosmetics – Complexion Fix Concealer – For Under Eye + Dark Circles

Veil Cosmetics-Complexion Fix Concealer

Buy this anti-aging complexion fix dark circle concealer to brighten your skin with minimal effort. It contains hyaluronic acid that makes it hydrating and its anti-aging peptides fix fine lines and wrinkles. This 3-in-1 multiuse concealer pen corrects, conceals, and highlights the skin. Also, it comes in a travel-friendly pack so you can carry it wherever you go for a quick fix solution to your skin problems.

Mirabella Invincible For All Perfecting Hydrating Concealer

This dark circle concealer does many things in addition to concealing dark spots. It evens the skin tone, hydrates, and enhances the complexion. Also, it is acne-safe. Another advantage of this concealer is its flat edge that allows … Read More

Ashley Graham

ashley graham 1

Ashley Graham is an icon for many plus-size women who are shy of their body size. Being a plus-size should be a matter of pride according to Ashley Graham who is a plus-size model and a strong proponent of body positivity. Yes, she is oversized but not obese. Today Ashley workout and diet regimen has become a standard for all women who want to stay fit without punishing their bodies with a strict diet and rigorous exercises.

How Did Ashley Graham Gain Weight?

Ashley Graham noticed changes in her weight during her first pregnancy. She noticed that she had put on 50 pounds. Soon her first child, Isaac, was born but she didn’t get any relief from the excess weight she had gained during pregnancy.

Shortly after she became pregnant with twins. She was already overweight and the second pregnancy brought more problems for her. But she remained confident that she would lose extra weight as soon as she got time. But she wasn’t thinking of any Ashley Graham workout and diet regimen at that time.

How Did Ashley Graham Cope With Excess Weight?

Ashley Graham displayed amazing strength during her pregnancy. She embraced physical changes, especially weight gain, and kept reminding her of the exceptional powers women possess. She decided to go off the scale and focus on her mental well-being. At that time, she was thinking like a mother and was more concerned about the well-being of her kids. After her second pregnancy, she weighed around 100 kg. But she proved that extra weight isn’t an obstruction but a blessing in disguise. She became popular as a plus-size model, an advocate of body positivity, and a role model for obese women who follow her Ashley Graham workout and diet regimen.

Ashley Graham Workout And Diet For Weight Loss

After weight loss, Ashley Graham presented herself as a plus-size … Read More

10 Advantages Of A Functional Fitness Workout For Daily Warriors

Best Functional Fitness Workout

Functional fitness workout focuses on training the body for daily life activities such as sitting for long hours, driving long distances, and lifting heavy objects. The primary objective of these exercises is to improve functional movements and prevent injuries. Also, they have many advantages in addition to burning more calories.

Functional Fitness Workout

For example, the functional fitness workout increases the fat-burning rate, strengthens joints, brings stability to the core, and boosts flexibility. This is for everyone because it can aid your daily life. Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you can easily manage your daily work with the help of the following exercises.

For example, the functional fitness workout

Farmer’s Walk

Farmer Walk Workout

It is a basic functional fitness workout but it can be of a big help in your everyday life. It will enhance your grip and stamina needed to carry your grocery bags for everyday shopping. Mothers of newborn children will find it easier to carry their kids with this exercise.

How To:

  • Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart
  • Hold dumbbells in both your hands
  • Engage your core and elevate your chest
  • Walk a few steps forward and backward

Functional Fitness Workout Squats

Functional Fitness Workout Squats

This functional fitness exercise will make your glutes stronger so you get the necessary forward propulsion when walking, running, or jumping. Squats help build core and leg muscles.

How To:

  • Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart
  • Engage your core and sit on an invisible chair
  • Keep your knees and feet stable
  • Hold for 5 seconds and return back

Jump Squat

Jump Squat

Increase your explosive power with this functional fitness workout and get the ability to take off faster and move quicker. Jump squats will help if you lead an active life or are a sportsperson.

How To:

  • Stand straight with
Read More

Jennifer Lopez Beauty

jennifer lopez workout fitness

How Does Jennifer Lopez Workout And Diet Keep Her Young?This Is Me…Now: A Love Story features Jennifer Lopez. The veteran singer, actress, and dancer looks fairly young in the movie. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that J.Lo is the prime attraction of the movie. She is beautiful but it is her fitness that makes all her 254M Insta followers envious. But Jennifer Lopez workout and diet aren’t a secret. It is available to all and anyone can follow it to look like J.Lo.

Alluring Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is called the “Queen of Dance” and is considered one of the most influential entertainers in the world. She has over 80 million records sold and her fans are growing with her age. As she ages, she becomes younger. It seems that aging has little to no impact on her physical appearance. She is in her fifties but looks almost twenty years younger. It is for this reason that everyone is looking for Jennifer Lopez workout and diet regimen.

Let’s see what Jennifer Lopez eats and how does she keep fit


Jennifer Lopez workout and diet regimen starts with lifting weights. Also, J.Lo is a big fan of lifting weights. Her Instagram account is full of photos of the actress lifting weights. Also, her fans are impressed with her workout.

Jennifer Lopez Weightlifting

She spends an hour on the treadmill for cardio and lifts weights for strength training. Weightlifting has dual advantages. First, it burns extra calories and second, it builds strength. But you shouldn’t try weightlifting without consulting a fitness trainer.

Jennifer Lopez PT Sessions

Jennifer Lopez PT Sessions

J.Lo is quite professional in her attitude. She wants to make the most of everything in life, especially her workout time. She has two personal trainers namely Dodd Romero and David Kirsch to look after Jennifer Lopez workout and diet. She exercises four to five days a … Read More

Top 10 Female Archery Players (Compound & Recurve)

Famous Female Archery Players

The way female archers wield bows and arrows and take shots at their aims, it can’t be said that archery isn’t meant for women. On the contrary, women archers have excelled in all formats of the sport. The World Archery Rankings are given for Recurve Archery and Compound Archery and female archery players excel in both rankings.

Female Archery Players

Here is the list of top female archery players in both formats

Compound Archery World Rankings

Ella Gibson (UK)

Beautiful Ella Gibson

Great Britain has produced many great women archers. Ella Gibson represents all the women of Great Britain. One of the best female archery players, she won gold medals at both the 2022 European Indoor Archery Championships and the women’s compound event at the 2022 World Games. She started archery in 2015 and won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Archery Youth Championships.

Sara Lopez (Colombia)

Alluring Sara Lopez

Sara Lopez is one of the few female archery players that can be called gifted players. She was No. 3 in the 2013 world ranking. Also, she was nominated for the 2021 Athlete of the Year award by World Archery Americas. Her achievements include winning the 2014 Archery World Cup, the inaugural Lockdown Knockout tournament organized by World Archery, and a silver medal in the 2022 World Games. She is also the first woman archer to shoot a perfect 150 at stage 3 of the World Cup.

Jyothi Surekha Vennam (India)

Jyothi Surekha Vennam

Jyothi is one of the best swimmers and female archery players. She is the youngest swimmer to swim 5 km across the Krishna River in a record time of 3 hours, 20 minutes, and 6 seconds. In archery, she is the first Indian woman archer to win a gold medal … Read More

Secret’s Out: How SRK Built Body (Even Past 50!)

shahrukh-khan-workouts abs

Shah Rukh Khan is well past his fifties but age is just a number for the Jawan of Bollywood. Achieving eight-pack abs is a feat for anyone, especially those who have suffered injuries and are in their 50s. Also, SRK surprised everyone with his sculpted avatar in the action-packed thriller Pathaan. Continue reading if you want to know the Shahrukh Khan workout and diet behind his chiseled midsection and bulging biceps.

Shahrukh Khan Workout

A glimpse of the luxurious life of SRK

Shah Rukh Khan is a foodie and he is famously into smoking. He drinks a lot of coffee and as a result, sleeps very late. So, it can be concluded that SRK does what he is more comfortable with. Also, he can’t get a sculpted body with this diet and lifestyle.

A Glimpse Of The SRK Luxurious Life

Every actor faces fluctuations in their career but not everyone makes a comeback like SRK. Also, Shahrukh Khan workout and diet played a crucial role in his commercial success.

SRK Diet Plan

The good thing about Shah Rukh Khan is the actor never hides his lifestyle. His life is like an open book that everyone can read. Also, SRK never minces words during media interviews. When asked about Shahrukh Khan workout and diet, the actor answers all questions and skips none.

SRK Diet Plan

His pretty face is a regular in fashion magazines but post Jawan and Pathaan’s success, people want to see his sculpted body in health magazines.

SRK Lavish Breakfast

SRK Lavish Breakfast

SRK makes the day’s first meal as lavish as possible to get energy for all day. His breakfast consists of eggs and bread. In beverages, he prefers juices. Also, he is never in a hurry to gulp down what is served and rush to work. He enjoys his meals and this is the reason, he remains energetic throughout the day. But it is just the start of the day and he … Read More

10 Nutritious Glutathione Foods For Skin

Best Glutathione Foods For Skin

Glutathione has gained popularity in the beauty industry in the past few years. A powerful antioxidant produced in the body, glutathione is a natural skin-renewing agent responsible for flawless appearance. It fights free radicals and prevents signs of premature aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The good thing is that you can further improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin with glutathione foods for skin.

Glutathione Foods For Skin

The advantage of glutathione foods for skin is they are both delicious and nutritious. They have many advantages in addition to simply boosting the antioxidants in your body. Here I’m listing some of the foods that can help increase glutathione levels in your body.


Juicy Watermelon

Glutathione foods for skin are rich in antioxidants that help combat oxidative damage caused by environmental aggressors. Your skin needs a high dose of antioxidants that you can get from a juicy watermelon. It will keep you hydrated and provide a load of antioxidants necessary for your skin. Also, it is full of vitamins including A, B, and C. It is called a natural hydrator and an excellent anti-aging agent.


Tasty Grapefruit

Like internal organs, the skin is also prone to damage by inflammation. Glutathione can help protect your skin from inflammation and glutathione foods for skin are a great source of nutrients that can shield your skin against inflammation and the skin condition associated with inflammation. Grapefruit is hydrating to the skin because it contains lots of water. It is also rich in vitamin C which is an essential skin nutrient.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Glutathione is an excellent anti-aging agent and skin refreshes. Its anti-oxidant properties help the skin in many ways including neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation. Also, it improves skin elasticity and tone. It removes blemishes and other skin issues. Sunflower seeds make the best glutathione foods for … Read More

Vegan Recipes

vegan food

10 Mouthwatering Vegan Food Recipes: Vegan food recipes have an advantage. They are acceptable to all. Also, they suit all needs such as low calories, low fat, low sodium, and high nutrients. Plant-based food items have a long shelf life that prevents waste, leftovers, or residue.

Vegan Food Recipes

Here are some of the most popular vegan food recipes that are quick and that score high on flavor and nutrition.

Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Soup

Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Soup

The advantage of vegan food recipes is most dishes take little time in cooking and they can be prepared with common kitchen items. This velvety pumpkin soup requires little effort but it is worth an effort as it can be frozen for up to two months. Freshly prepared soup can be kept fresh in an airtight container for 48 hours and served hot.

Coconut Rice Bowls Vegan Food Recipes

Coconut Rice Bowls

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Vegan food recipes are for everyone and every taste. You can even make a quick and fulfilling dish from a cauliflower. Take a fresh cauliflower and remote its leaves and the hard stem part for roasting. Season the vegetable with Zaatar Spice and roast until tender and golden. Take it out of the oven only when it has a golden crust. Serve it with creamy Tahini Sauce or dazzle the sauce over the roasted cauliflower. Depending on the size of the cauliflower, it can be divided into 5-6 portions.

Best Veggie Burger

Best Veggie Burger

Vegan food recipes are healthy because they are plant-based and plants are a rich source of nutrients. You can even make healthy burgers with vegan ingredients. Buy bread for burgers and make fillings with your kitchen items. For fillings, you can use mushrooms and walnuts and season the burgers with tamari and smoked paprika. Soon the burgers will be ready to serve. They will get a smoky umami flavor and the vegan ingredients will make them healthy for all.

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes

Some vegan food recipes … Read More

10 Reasons To Have A Mini Strapless Dresses:

Trendy Mini Strapless Dress

A mini strapless dress is a wardrobe special, especially for the young generation who want to look stylish without compromising on their comfort. Mini dresses have an advantage which is they are both comfortable and stylish. Also, they are suitable for all occasions and they need fewer accessories.

Mini Strapless Dress

Here I’m giving some reasons to buy a mini strapless dress

SOLY HUX Women’s Strapless Tube Dress Sleeveless A Line Ruffle Hem Mini Dresses

SOLY HUX Women Strapless Tube Mini Dresses

A mini strapless dress is incredibly comfortable not only in summer but in all seasons. Unlike a longer dress, it will neither restrict your movement nor weigh you down. SOLY HUX presents a tube dress that will give both comfort and style. It is 95% polyester which makes it ultra-soft and stretchy. It is an A-line flared dress with a high waist for a comfortable fit.

Cantonwalker Womens Satin Strapless Side Slit Stretch Bodycon Party Mini Dresses

Cantonwalker Womens Satin Strapless Side Slit Stretch Bodycon

A mini strapless dress is a versatile outfit because it comes in a wide variety of styles including casual to formal. It is the versatility of mini dresses that make them just perfect for all celebrations and occasions. For example, take this Cantonwalker Womens Satin dress suitable for weddings, parties, and dates. It … Read More

Gorgeous Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Fashion

10 Trends Of Kelly Brook Outfits Idea: Kelly Ann Parsons has been a fashion icon for her millions of fans. She has donned many dresses and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she is hardly seen repeating her attires. Every time she appears before the public, she is in a new dress.

Kelly’s fashion has been an inspiration for many of her fans. Even I follow Kelly Brook outfits idea.

Plunging Sequined Dress

Kelly Brook Black Fasion

The BRIT Awards 2019 saw Kelly Brook in a different look. The broadcaster put her bumps and curves on display with her Kelly Brook outfits idea. Also, she caught the attention of the media and received many clicks and likes. Everyone was saying “She looks pretty in every dress”. Even critics admired her sense of dressing. Of course, it is an expensive dress but stars always wear these types of dresses for big events like award functions.

Blue Knitted Jumper

Kelly Brook has been a regular at the studio FM. One day she dropped in a baby blue knitted jumper with trendy peplum sleeves and a pair of cool light blue skinny jeans. What attracted my attention to this Kelly Brook outfits idea is the jeans showed off enviable curves as well as toned thighs decently.

Blue Knitted Jumper

She wore a pair of nude leather mule heels and threw sunglasses to complete her look.

Floral Summer Kelly Brook Outfits Idea

It was another day for Kelly Brook at the FM studio but her fans didn’t miss the Kelly Brook outfits idea. It was a floaty mini dress characterized by a decorative paisley pattern and tiered ruffles.

Floral Summer Dress

The dress showed her toned legs but she covered her legs bottom up with a pair of brown suede shoes. Also, she wore a large brown belt with a gold buckle around her waist.

Flowing Paisley Frilled Dress

It is a … Read More