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hairstyle for Indian wear from Kriti Sanon’s

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Indian Wear from Kriti Sanon’s Diaries

So, you have a party tonight? Are you searching for the best hairstyle to style this party eve? Your dress is perfect, shoes are in, but what your hairstyle should be? Confused? Maybe.

You don’t want to head up with the same style. You want something great which gives you a modern yet amazing look. So, here for you ladies, we have cherry-picked some best hairstyles from the Kriti Sanon’s diaries.

hairstyle for Indian wear from Kriti Sanon’s

Let us find the best one for you!

Braided ponytail

It was the best hairstyle, which I loved the most. She wore this style with an indo-fusion sari, which was a little modern and carried with converse shoes. This style was done by Artist Aasif Ahmed. He gave braid on the face with loose waves on her face.

Low Bun

It was another hairstyle she was picked with Anarkali suit. Her hairstylist Aasif gave her red roses in a bun.


This was a good hairstyle which she carried with a striped suit. She opted ponytail with a little twist with center parting. She also wore silver accessories with a pony that added modern touch.

Carry on your best hairstyle with suits, sari, and whatever you are wearing in Indian touch. … Read the rest

Smokey eyes

New Year 2020: Try these 5 Hot Makeup Looks to get ravish look for the Eve!

The New Year begins and the season of the party is on hype. Well, you are excited about this eve and want to celebrate your new year with happiness. But what about your look? Want to carry this year’s hot and sassy look? Or you want to try something new this nee year?

Don’t feel trouble! Here we have shared 5 hot makeup looks that you can carry and look stunning.

Let us see!

• Shimmery eyes

Shimmery eyes

When it comes to the party, shimmery eyes makeup always looks stunning. Make sure this year you are trying to get shimmery eyes only from inner eyes. Also, put shimmer on lids and subtitle lip shade to get the hot look.

• Holographic makeup

Give your cheeks shimmer tone and highlight your lips with dark lipstick as cherry red. This will never out of the hottest trend of makeup.

• Shimmery lips

The year 2019 makeup trend is about shimmery lips with a little glitter on eyes. Try this look and enjoy the bold appearance. Do not miss your blush and add eyeliner.

• Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes

When it comes to wearing liquid liner not everyone is comfortable, but yes you can try Kajal stick. Moreover, for a smudgy look using the Kajal stick can be a smart choice. Finish this look with little blush on cheeks.

To get a stunning look with makeup, you will need to follow some given points:

• First … Read the rest

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

Sharukh khan or King Khan is the Superstar of Bollywood and had millions of fans who admire him, love him, and respect him. He starts his career with TV series and now he is the top star of the Bollywood Industry. Everyone loves to watch his movies and enjoy it very well.

He was last seen in his movie ‘zero’ directed by Aanand L Rai which two leading Actresses Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. It was his special film and he was very attached to this film. But the failure of this movie affects him a lot.

Now, fans of SRK are eagerly waiting for his next announcement. We here so many rumors about SRK that he sign some movies but nothing made official yet. Fans also expect that he announced his net staring film but this also not happened.

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

Fans wants official announcement otherwise one commit suicide!

Now, his fans and very angry and can’t wait to watch his next film. He blasts social media with #WeWantAnnouncementSRK. They usually use this hashtag to request SRK to make an announcement as fast as he can.

We show how the fans of SRK requested him:

One of the fan Wrote that ” Khan Saab enough is enough I have not seen any of your movie zeroes because there is not excitement without you in another film so give us good news soon with announcing your next blockbusters like YRF Dhoom or ATLEE KUMAR’S next please you are the Charm of the … Read the rest

Signs of Obsessed lover

Signs of Obsession: 3 Signs of Obsessed lover, who’s not in love with you

Everyone wants a special one in their life. You are very lucky if you have such a person in your life whom you care about and who cares about you the most. If you have a perfect man in your life who loves you, support you and the best part is he is the man you dream of.

But nowadays, some people obsessed with their lover and torture her partner in a very bad manner. They use to ghost them, chase them and suffocate them. The person who never give their partner free time or doesn’t like they spend their time with anyone else except them like family or friends.

Signs of Obsessed lover

So, here we share some signs of obsessive lovers:

• When they become too clingy

I know it feels so good if your special one is on your side always and spend a lot of time with you in your starting relationship but when later on they do the same thing becomes too much. Because everyone needs their alone time or like to spend their time with their friends and family.

If your partner doesn’t understand this then it means that they suffer from a mental health issue. So, when it going to be too late you must apart from that type of lover that’s better for you.

• When he continues to text you in every 15 minutes

It feels so amazing if you get the first-morning message and lastly good night text from your sweetheart. But it … Read the rest

Best Beauty Trends that we saw this Week

The Best Beauty Trends that we saw this Week

The Bollywood fashion trend mesmerized everyone. Bollywood divas looked always best and surprise everyone with their gorgeous look. Costume to makeup all is in the highlights of these Gorgeous B-Town Divas.

Now, we talk about some latest beauty trends that spotted this week-

Karisma Kapoor-

Karisma Kapoor


Last week Karisma Kapoor attend a function wearing a Sequin dress and she paired it with the Sultry and Bold, metallic eye makeup which is a very popular trend of the year.

Shraddha Kapoor-

Shraddha Kapoor is a simple actress in the whole industry. She looked striking in the simple look. She only chooses the Red color to her lips and light shade to her eyes with highlighted brows.

Sonam Kapoor-

Sonam Kapoor is the fashion style icon of B-Town and she shows us how to shade your eyes smoky. Just toned smoky eyes with attractive lashes and that it. This makes you stunning.

Kriti Sanon

– Kriti Sanon shows the Amazing Daytime look that looks fresh and beautiful. If you want to shade your kids with pink shades then we should also apply the same color to lower lashline. To more you must shade black to your upper lash line and also complete your look with brushed-up brows.

Deepika Padukone-

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She loves to wear the glittering eyes. For this, just have to shade your eyes with the matching shimmery color and some highlighter … Read the rest

Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019

The Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019 that we all fell in love with this

From Award function, photo shoots to the wedding, this year was on the first number to show glamour and fashion. Saree was the latest fashion trend that influences almost every Bollywood Celebrities wardrobe.

Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019

From Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt every Bollywood actress spotted mostly this year wearing saree in events, Award function or weddings. As we all know this year is now ending and we take a look behind and saw the Celebrities glamour overflow this year by wearing beautiful and stylish Sarees designed by the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee designer sarees

Sabyasachi Mukherjee designer sarees

He is the most talented and well-known designer for Indian Wear and he wins social media after design the bridal wear for a popular star like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, and Deepika Padukone. This year Sabya doesn’t want to design traditional way saree, he wants something Excellent and took the new, different and stylish loom for Sarees.

We saw the beautiful Sarees in 2019 which look simple and elegant and the important and different thing on the Sarees was print. Anushka Sharma, Katrina and Deepika flaunting the printed Sarees and look fantastic.


Another excellent feature is drape which looks amazing and the designer used various traditional and modern demarcate this year. Instead of drapes and prints, the one more Accessory becomes in high demand of all is a belt, which makes the saree more authentic.

This waist belt looks beautiful and has a brass buckle in it and the Bengal tiger is that’s belts brand Logo. … Read the rest

Big fashion moments

Top Big fashion moments that ever happened in the last ten years

As we know, from Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Aishwarya Rai Bacchant’s purple lips to Sonam Kapoor’s extraordinary superb styling would make the biggest fashion moments that ever happened in decades. The evolution of style in 10 years gone by at a very high level we are thankful for that. The Bollywood industry is now going on a high level and the Bollywood celebrities go on the international red carpet without any hesitation or awkwardness while they flaunt their baby bump on red carpets or ramps they never feel embraced. So, in that way, we say that this industry grows and changed in a good manner.

Here, some trending moment of the last 10 years we are going to share with you:

Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra looks

In the showbiz world, the red carpet of the Cannes film festival is the most sizzling and glamorous carpet of the international level. The Quantico Actress wore an amazing dress in 2016 which is white Murad gown in the Oscar and how we forget the Met Gala Dress she wore Ralph Lauren trench gown this year and by this, she was in hot news of every social media where some compared her look with Aladdin’s dress, a tent, and malai in cup of tea, etc.

Flaunt Baby Bumps on Ramps and carpets-

Kareena kapoor Baby Bumps on Ramps and carpets

This type of fashion moments empowering this Bollywood Industry. In the last years, the mother-to-be walks on-ramps and set a Beautiful trend and encourage every lady. In 2016 Kareena Kapoor was … Read the rest

look sizzling during this party season

Some tips to look sizzling during this party season

For all of us, the party season is all about to look gorgeous. And to get that stunning look, we are ready to try something new on look always. So, here we share some best and essential tips that make you glow and sassy during occasion or party.

Before one night of event toned your skin:

As you want to glow and shine the next day, then you first have to cleanse your face, after that, you must take some ice cubes and place in cotton cloth or napkin and rub on your face for minutes. This procedure helps to close the pores.

Using cotton wool pads and clean your skin with rose water. Then wipe out your whole skin and scrub your face with a facial scrub that suits your skin. On your face, use upward and outward movement and use circular movements from the chin.

look sizzling during this party season

Homemade tips:

• Take some yogurt, honey and one tbsp. of Red wine and make a paste. After that apply it for 20 minutes on your face then wipe out with simple water. This tip helps to moisturise and softens your skin.

• Make a paste of ripe papaya, cucumber mix with two tsp. oats and curd. You can also add tsp. of lemon juice. Apply totally on your neck and face for half an hour and then rinse it off.

• For oily skin you have to make a paste by mixing egg white, one teaspoon curd and half teaspoon honey. Also, … Read the rest

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake in 10 minutes

As we all know that India is a land of various delicious and traditional desserts that you can easily prepare at home. If guests suddenly come to your home and their wish is to eat a delicious dessert, so you don’t need to rush in a hurry in the market you prepare a quick easy dessert recipe at home.

It’s true that this recipe won’t take too much time and it is very good for your parties or when you and your family carving for some sweet. Here we explain the recipe of homemade milk cake prepare in 10 minutes and it is an easy recipe with few ingredients Take a look-

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake


• 1 tbsp. melted butter

• 1 cup of milk powder

• 1/2 cup sugar

• 1 cup ricotta cheese

• 1/4 tsp. cardamom powder

How to Make Milk cake:

How to Make Milk cake

First, you have to take a microwave pan and put the melted butter in it. Then put powder milk, sugar, and ricotta cheese, and cardamom powder in it. Mix all together. When you make sure that it mixes very well then put it in a microwave for three minutes and then took back from microwave and mix it again.

After mixing put back in micro for another 2 minutes after then took again back and again mix well. Then for 2 minutes, you put back in the microwave. Now took back from micro and this time don’t need to mix it you just clean the sides and … Read the rest

ponytail trend will be huge in 2020

The trend of the ponytail will be on fire in 2020

The ponytail is the forever trending hairstyle that our parents would encourage us to do in our childhood to keep out hairs from our faces. Also, the slimmer face person should try this hairstyle to rock on stage. The “Facelift ponytail” name is given to the flipped out ponytail and this type of ponytail is to lift the cheekbones to make your face more attractive. It helps to highlight our costume and make you stunning. This year almost every celebrity wears this hairstyle.

Why this hairstyle look Smoky Hot?

ponytail trend will be huge in 2020

As we think that ponytail is the simple wearing hairstyle but if you peek closer you can wear it with some different style like flipped out some inch high. It gives you a perfect glamorous look. The Hollywood Celebrity Kim Kardashian recently spotted in an event wearing this look. Hailey Bieber flaunted candy pink gown in this year in MET Gala with this smoky hot flipped pony hairstyle and Bella Hadid wears a swear-high flipped ponytail that she wore with a crop top and matching the skirt.

Last month when pop singer Katy Perry visit India seeing wearing pink polka dot mini dress of retro style with the high flipped ponytail and mesmerize everyone.

How to wear this Hairstyle?

• First, if you want to wear this hairstyle you make sure that you have enough long hair or least shoulder-length hair.

• Use hairspray and brush to keep your hair smooth and slick. You can divide your ponytail into two equal … Read the rest