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Food With Richness Of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient as it keeps nerves healthy, strengthens the production of DNA and red blood cells and helps in maintaining normal brain function. But it isn’t produced in the body. You need to take it with health supplements or food. 

Here’re the best vitamin-B12-rich foods you can choose from


1. Fortified cereal

It is a good diet for everyone including vegans as it doesn’t come from animal sources. Synthetically made, the fortified cereal diet is a great food for vitamin B12 because the nutrients are added to the food through the fortification process. And there are many food items that come with fortified vitamin-B12 nutrients. 

2. Fortified nutritional yeast

Like fortified cereals, it is also a good source of vitamin-B12. The nutrient is attached with yeast through the same fortification process. Synthetically made, it is exclusively prepared for use as food instead of a leavening agent. Also, it is vegan friendly as the manufacturing process of the fortified nutritional yeast is the same as of fortified cereals.

3. Dairy products

Fortified soya milk is a good option for vegetarians. It contains vitamin-B12 in plenty. Other dairy products with richness of B12 include buttermilk and yogurt. And cheese that is an all time favorite of people of all ages contains vitamin-B12 in a good amount. Advantage of these food items is that they are readily available for consumption. 

4. Eggs

Eggs could be a source of vitamin-B12, if you are a vegetarian but don’t mind taking eggs. You can take hard boiled eggs in breakfast or add the eggs to salad to increase your B12 intake. 

5. Fish

Small, soft-boned saltwater sardines that are available canned in water, oil or sauces is a great source of vitamin-B12. You can buy canned fish or fresh from market. Another fish that can provide vitamin-B12 in plenty is tuna. Rainbow trout is also a great source of B12 vitamin. Salmon widely consumed for omega-3 fatty acids is also rich in B12.

6. Animal products

Organ meats, especially liver and kidneys are always rich in vitamin-B12. You can consume lamb organs to get a high dose of B12. Another animal food that comes with the richness of B12 is chicken. 

7. Shrimps

Shrimps are good for heart and brain health in addition to being a vital source of vitamin-B12. They can be consumed grilled and mixed with salads and veggies.

8. Clams

They are small chewy shellfish with a huge concentration of nutrients including vitamin-B12. And they can be consumed raw with cocktail sauce. Also, they can be steamed, grilled and even cooked.

Coconut Is A Great Health Supplement

Coconut is widely consumed as a fruit but it is more popular for its religious uses especially in Hindu rituals. Also, it packs calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamin C and other nutrients. In medicine, it is used for making oil that is good for hair and skin problems.

Rich in vitamin E, coconut oil contains antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in hair growth. Also, it has antifungal properties that prevent dandruff. It is also good for dryness, itching, scars and other skin problems.

Advantages of Coconut for different ailments

High Cholesterol

Coconut is rich in phenols that can manage high cholesterol level. Also, its antioxidant property reduces oxidative cell damage. 

Kidney Stone

Coconut contains bioactive products that could be helpful in removing kidney stones.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1&2)

Coconut kernel and water boost insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose. Also, it tends to reduce pancreatic damage. Taking half-cup of coconut water empty stomach early in the morning is beneficial for diabetes management.


Drinking coconut oil or using it in cooking could be helpful in weight control as it reduces fat buildup by reducing the amount of tissue cholesterol and phospholipid. Also, it boosts metabolism.

Precautions with coconut

Overdose of coconut oil could increase cholesterol level and cause skin rashes. Also, the person could feel difficulty breathing.

How to take coconut?

Coconut is best consumed as raw fruit. Its kernel has a sweet taste and so has its water. Also, the coconut oil is good for cooking food. Or you can take coconut capsules – 1-2 capsules twice a day.

Little Known Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely used for healing sunburn and wounds. Also, it is good for treating skin and hair problems like acne, blemishes, hair fall and dandruff. But it is just the start of the health benefits of aloe vera. For example, aloe vera juice could be helpful in reducing constipation and weight and managing diabetes.

Advantages of aloe vera for different ailments


Aloe vera is a natural laxative hence can speed up bowel movement to allow easy excretion of stool. Taking 2-3 tsp of aloe vera juice with same quantity of water empty stomach in morning is enough to ease constipation. 


Aloe vera increases body metabolism resulting in quick weight loss. Taking 2-3 tsp of aloe vera juice with water in morning empty stomach for three months could give exciting results.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1&2)

Aloe vera helps in diabetes management by improving glucose and insulin level in the blood. Also, its antioxidant properties prevent cell damage associated with diabetes. Taking aloe vera juice with water in morning empty stomach can help control diabetes in a better way.

High Cholesterol

Aloe vera can reduce formation and accumulation of bad cholesterol and in this way prevent blockage of arteries in the long run. It contains phytosterols and other compounds like glucomannan, fructose and glucose that are helpful in cholesterol management.

HIV Infection

Aloe vera builds immunity and in this way help in fighting the HIV infection. A study on animals found that aloe vera builds white blood cells that fight infection. 


Aloe vera can work like complimentary therapy in cancer treatment. It builds immunity by increasing number of white blood cells that could be helpful in controlling cancer cells. Also, it can minimize side effects of chemotherapy.


Aloe vera contains biochemical compounds that can help in diffusing stress and depression. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Aloe vera juice can help ease IBD by improving digestion. But there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Precautions with aloe vera

Prolong use of aloe vera could induce diarrhea. Also, it can trigger allergic reaction in people that are already allergic towards garlic and onions. It can also reduce blood glucose and cause low potassium levels.

How to take aloe vera?

Aloe vera is best consumed in juice form. Or you can take aloe vera capsules. For skin treatment, you have creams, lotions and ointments. It can also be mixed in shampoo, conditioners and moisturizers.

Nutritional Herbs That Flavor Your Food

You have medicines in your kitchen cabinet. The following spices can double as herbs. They can enrich your food with nutrients in addition to improving taste. You will get both flavor and health.


It’s a great antibacterial agent as well as an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, vitamin E, tryptophan and calcium.


Taking thyme is like getting a power packed punch of vitamin A and C, copper, fiber, iron and manganese.


Rich in nutrients, mint improves irritable bowel syndrome, relives indigestion, boosts brain function and decreases breastfeeding pain.


A natural anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant, turmeric has anti-cancer properties; it is good for skin and it is a great food for brain. 


One of the healthiest spices on the planet, ginger can cure many forms of nausea especially morning sickness and reduce muscle pain and soreness. Also, it can help with osteoarthritis and reduce chronic indigestion. 


Called “Queen of Herbs”, holy basil is a complete tonic for body, mind and spirit. From leaves to seed, every part of the plant has medical benefits. It is good for bronchitis, malaria, nausea, diarrhea, eczema, insect bites and eye problems.


Garlic is highly nutritious hence can combat sickness like common cold. It is a blood purifier, anti-bacterial and antiparasitic. It can improve cholesterol level help with Alzheimer’s and dementia and even bless you with a long life.

Black Pepper

It is high in anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can benefit your brain, improve blood sugar level and lower bad cholesterol. Also, it has cancer fighting properties.


Fenugreek can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It can also lower inflammation and help in controlling appetite. It can boost testosterone and increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers.


A type of chili pepper, cayenne has many benefits like boosting metabolism, reduce hunger pangs, lower blood pressure, aid digestive health, improve psoriasis and reduce risk of cancer.


Highly nutritious fennel contains powerful plant compounds. It can suppress appetite, benefit heart health and combat cancer. Also, it is good for breastfeeding mothers.


Loaded with antioxidants, cinnamon has high medicinal properties. It reduces the risk of heart disease and it has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. Also, it is beneficial for neurodegenerative diseases. 


It contains important nutrients and it is high in antioxidants. It can kill bacteria, improve liver health, regular blood sugar, promote bone health and protect you against cancer.


It is rich in antioxidants and good for heart. It has anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. Also, it is good for heart health and menstrual cramps. 


Sage is loaded with antioxidants; it is good for oral health and memory. It can lower bad cholesterol, support bone health and combat skin aging. Also, it can protect against certain type of cancers.


Rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds, rosemary is good for lowering blood sugar, protect vision, improve heart health and boost weight loss. Also, it promotes hair growth and improve mood and memory.