10 Stunning Fit & Floral Dresses For Springtime Parties

What season do you like most?

Spring is my favorite season, I will say in reply to this question and I believe most of the readers will agree with my choice. Spring is the blossom time for flowers. It is the time when the weather starts getting warm but remains within comfortable limits. Also, the evening remains long so you can enjoy shopping, dining, and partying with family and friends.

The warm afternoon sunshine calms down the cool breezes that set late at night and continue till the sun rises above the horizon. And for a fashionista like me, it is the time to try new dresses. But my choice and suggestion for my readers are to go for a stylish fit and flare dress.

What Are Fit And Flare Dresses?

It isn’t a design but a dress that you can call your friend. Also called skater dresses, they are extremely flattering on all body types, shapes, and figures. The snug body design with a short flouncy hemline creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. Being the belt lover that I am, I never forget wearing a matching belt with all my fit and flare dresses. And I take pride in saying that I have a wardrobe full of these dresses.

If you don’t have one, I will give you four reasons to buy fit and flare dresses

  1. It’s Extremely Flattering

Of course, it is the first and foremost reason to buy a fit and flare dress. It is extremely flattering and this you will experience only when you put on a dress. Also, e-commerce sites and street shopping shops get flooded with the fit and flare dresses before the arrival of spring.

Let me be more precise about what I mean by flattering dress. It has a narrow waist design that can easily trim inches from your tummy. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that these dresses hide problem areas so you look slimmer and more beautiful. And who doesn’t want an hourglass figure?

  1. Easy To Wear Design

Another thing I love about my fit and flare dresses is they are easy to put on. I simply throw on my dress for the day and I am ready to go. Yes, I do some makeup to underline my facial features like cheekbones but I don’t feel any need for accessories, especially artificial jewelry.

Whether it is a brunch date with friends or street shopping with friends, a fit and flare dress will give you the perfect springtime look that you will miss in other dresses. And the effortless design will get you ready within a short time. But I take some time in adding a matching belt to my dress as I am a belt lover.

  1. It’s Feminine

I call this dress feminine because of its origin. And it isn’t the creation of a designer but housewives who started the trend of wearing fit and flare dresses in the 50s. And it is surprising to know that this dress looked good on everyone or you can say that everyone looked good in this dress.

I can bet that this dress will never go out of fashion because no other dress can guarantee the perfection and satisfaction that a fit and flare dress offers. With time, fit and flare dresses have also developed to accommodate the fashion needs of modern women like me, like you, and like all. So, I call it feminine because it has got a feminine touch that others lack.

  1. It’s Versatile

Now I am giving the biggest reason for wearing fit and flare dresses. They are extremely versatile. What I mean to say is that they can be paired or clubbed with others according to seasons, reasons, occasions, and celebrations. A fit and flare is the only dress that gives you the flexibility of pairing your tops and lowers with others like leather jackets and skirts.

I bet you can’t dress any other garment up or down except your fit and flare dress. I can suggest many changes like adding a leather jacket when you need an edgier look or throwing a denim jacket to get a casual look. You can even try adding a statement necklace to enhance your look and feel. Depending on your fashion needs, you can add more accessories including a purse, fancy hairband, goggles, and pumps to your fit and flare dress.

Now I’m listing some of the most beautiful fit and flare dresses

  1. White & Blue Tropical Fit and Flare Dresses (Myntra)
White Blue Tropical Fit and Flare Dresses (Myntra)

This dress looks beautiful with a round neck and knee length with a flared hem. It can be bought with or without sleeves.

  1. Women Fit and Flare Blue Dress (Flipkart)
Women Fit and Flare Blue Dress (Flipkart)

This e-commerce giant has some of the best fit and flare dresses like this one. It is a long dress just perfect for springtime.

  1. Floral Print Fit & Flare Dress with Band Collar (AJIO)
Floral Print Fit & Flare Dress with Band Collar (AJIO)

I like the tie-up design of its sleeves. Also, I like the floral print on yellow background.

  1. Red Floral Fit & Flare Dress (VERO MODA)
Red Floral Fit & Flare Dress (VERO MODA)

I like its red color and the deep neck design. It provides ample space for wearing a statement necklace.

  1. Aishani Refined Kurtis Dresses (meesho)
Aishani Refined Kurtis Dresses (meesho)

I am buying this georgette dress in black for the upcoming parties in the spring season.

  1. Ashnaina Floral Print Pleated Dress with Belt (Amazon)
Ashnaina Floral Print Pleated Dress with Belt (Amazon)

Thank god I won’t have to look for a new belt for this dress as it comes with one.

  1. Orange Floral Smocked Midi Dress (FEMELLA)
Orange Floral Smocked Midi Dress

It is a midi dress but just perfect for springtime dressing. I’m going to buy it today.

  1. Maroon Floral Fit & Flare Dress (ONLY)
Maroon Floral Fit  Flare Dress

This button-down dress looks beautiful and I can pair it with my ankle-length leather boots. It is a romantic floral pattern that is in trend.

  1. Rare – Green Georgette Women’s Fit & Flare Dress (Snapdeal)
Rare Green Georgette Womens Fit Flare Dress

It’s really a great deal for fashionistas like me. I won’t miss this dress.

  1. Women Black & Red Floral Fit And Flare Maxi Dress (Myntra)
Women Black Red Floral Fit And Flare Maxi Dress

It is a black dress with a red floral print that improves its look and feel. It is the right choice for an evening party.

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