10 Hottest Actresses Of Kannywood

The Nigerian film industry Kannywood has produced many actresses that compete with their Hollywood counterparts in look, skills, and popularity. Kannywood makes movies in the Hausa language that is little known outside Nigeria but the popularity of Nigerian actresses has transcended boundaries. They are popular on social media where they are followed by millions.

Nigerian actresses were little known outside Kannywood before they joined social media. While Hausa movies could have fewer takes in the world, Kannywood actresses have become celebrities on social media. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that people have started Hausa movies to watch their favorite actresses.

Here I am listing leading actresses of Kannywood

  1. Rahama Sadau
Rahama Sadau

Born: 7 December 1993, Kaduna, Nigeria

Rahama Ibrahim Sadau is a multi-talented actress and model. Also, she is a producer, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She wears many hats because she started early. It was her love for acting and modeling that courage her to look for a potential platform to show her talent. And she got the opportunity in 2013 when she met the leading director and producer Ali Nuhu. She has also been featured in the 2020 movie Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha.

  1. Jamila Umar Nagudu
Jamila Umar Nagudu

Born: 8 October 1985, Toro, Bauchi State, Nigeria

Jamila Umar has captivated the entire Kannywood film industry and movie buffs the world over with her exceptional acting skills and charming personality. Considering her performance in Hausa movies, she’s called the ‘Queen of Kannywood’. The turning point in her life came when she was offered a role in the movie entitled ‘Jamila da Jamilu’ produced by Aminu Saira, who’s one of the leading producers of Kannywood. Today she has appeared in over 200 Hausa movies.

  1. Rahama Hassan
Rahama Hassan

Born: 15 December 1988, Cairo, Egypt

There are fewer actresses that need little introduction and Rahama Hassan is one of them. She hails from Kogi State but spends most of her life in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. And considering her performance, it won’t be an exaggeration to call her a born actress. She has left her mark in every movie she appeared in. Also, it is due to the hard work of some of the actresses including Rahama Hassan that viewers have started recognizing the Kannywood film industry as a professional industry.

  1. Zainab Indomie
Zainab Indomie

Born: 17 May 1996, Abuja, Nigeria

Born into a humble home, her parents named her Zainab Abdullahi but her fans called her Zainab Indomie. This beautiful actress comes from Sudanese background and she has a diploma in Computer Science. But she is well-known for her acting and modeling. And she’s one of the few actresses that attained popularity without any active involvement in the industry. She began her career in childhood and her keen interest in acting kept her moving ahead in the industry.

  1. Hadiza Aliyu
Hadiza Aliyu

Born: 1 June 1989, Libreville, Gabon, Nigeria

Hadiza Aliyu is one of the few actresses who work in both Hausa and English movies. In 2013, she received the best actress at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards. In 2014, she won the 2nd Kannywood/MTN Awards. But this awarded actress had to request directors and producers to help her prove her talent. And she received the opportunity when she met Ali Nuhu who helped her get a role in the 2009 movie Artabu. It was her debut movie that helped her attract the attention of the leading producers and directors.

  1. Nafisat Abdullahi
Nafisat Abdullahi

Born: 23 January 1991, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Nafisat Abdullahi is one of the few actresses that can be called the fastest-growing actresses of Kannywood. She started acting at the age of 19 and soon landed her first role in the Ali Nuhu-directed movie Sai Wata Rana. And this role proved a game changer for her acting career. She caught the attention of leading producers, directors, and critics. Soon she started getting major roles in movies. Also, she was awarded the Best Actress award in 2013.

  1. Maryam Booth
Maryam Booth

Born: 28 October 1993, Kano State, Nigeria

Maryam Booth is best known for her role in the 2020 movie The Milkmaid and this film represented Nigeria in the best international feature category at the Academy Awards. Maryam Booth got the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this movie. Her role as “Zainab” was praised by everyone including movie critics. A great performer, she is called a rising star as she started acting at the age of 5 and since then she has always been in the media glare.

  1. Samira Ahmad
Samira Ahmad

Born: 24 September 1990, Kano State, Nigeria

Samira Ahmad is a leading actress in Kannywood. But she is also a successful businesswoman and interior decorator. Samira Ahmad joined Kannywood in 2005 and climbed up the ladder of success within a short time. She has a large fan following both in the film industry and on social media. Viewers and critics praise her looks and performance in movies she worked in. But she quit the industry after marrying fellow Kennywood actor Tanimu Yahuza Shaban. But her fans still remember her performance.

  1. Hafsat Shehu
Hafsat Shehu

Born: 19 February 1984, Kano State, Northern Nigeria

Hafsat Shehu belongs to Shagamu community in Ogun State. She joined Kannywood in 2015 with the movie Barauniya. And this movie proved a huge success. With this movie, Hafsat Shehu also tasted success with her debut movie. Soon she started getting offers from leading directors and producers including Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja. She proved her talent in multiple movies and she also owns a production company, Ramlat Investment Film. She is also into the textile business.

  1. Safiya Musa
Safiya Musa

Born: 5 September 1985, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Safiya Musa was born into a family of 36 children. She is the 34th child of an ex-military man Hajiya Handiza Musa. Her mother was a nurse from Mali. She has a diploma in Mass Communication from Kaduna State Polytechnic. But she was more interested in modeling and acting and for this reason; she shifted her focus from media to movies and went on to make a striking career in Kannywood.

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