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Makeup Tips For Blue-Green Eyes

6 Makeup Tips For Blue-Green Eyes

Which eye shadow shade should you choose for blue-green eyes? There could be plenty of suggestions from fashion-conscious women but when it comes to choosing the best shade that brings out the true color of your eyes then you need to be choosey. It isn’t recommended that you buy any eye shadow shade from the market and apply it over your eyes.

Blue-green eye color is a striking hue that will sparkle only when improved with the right shade of eye shadow. And the good news is that you have plenty of colors to choose from. Starting from blue to brown, you can go on checking all the colors to find the best.

Best Eye Shadow Shades For Blue-Green Eyes

  1. Va-Va Voom Violet
Va-Va Voom Violet

Purple is the right shade for your blue-green eyes and you will be surprised to know you can use any deep shade of purple to enhance your eye makeup. If you sweep a bolder, light, or more romantic shade of purple just on the center of the eyelid, it will create an elegant effect on your blue-green eyes. You can even try any other shade of purple.

Tarina Tarantino’s Jewel Eye Shadow Palette In Fantastical and Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs eye shadow palette is the hot favorite of celebrities and makeup artists. Both colors will add extra warmth to your eyes and help create a dramatic effect without being too loud.

Tips: Avoid giving a smoky effect to your eyes and keep the eye shadow limited to your eyelid for the best results.

  1. Pretty Pink
Pretty Pink

If you want a subtle tone for your eyes then look no further than pink shades. See how celebrities play with pink eye shadows. The model in the picture is also wearing pink eye shadow. You can get a good idea of how the pink shade will transform your eyes. If you have fair skin and blonde hair, you will look stunning in pink eye shadow shade.

Pink is a super-femme tone. It will deepen your blue-green eyes more beautifully. And if you can blend it right, your eyes will look refined and flawless. You will need a little guidance for using the pink shade.

Tips: A bit of Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Pink Rebel will be sufficient to highlight your eyes. Swipe it across your eye sockets and blend the monochromatic shade well. You can see that this look is both smoky and bright and it looks glamorous.

  1. Go Bold
Go Bold

Give the magic of blue to your eyes by using a blue shade. And contrary to the rule, you can take liberty with blue eye shadow on your blue-green eyes. In other words, you can wild and define your boundaries. It is time to let your creativity decide the best blue shade for your eyes.

Choose the color that makes the right combination. For example, if you are using a color from the same family as your eyes, you should blend it with a … Read more

Deeper And Browner Tan With Olive Oil

How To Get A Deeper And Browner Tan With Olive Oil?

If you also love the sun-kissed look and have no apprehensions about tanning your skin then you should use olive oil for tanning your skin. The luster of olive oil attracts the sun and the moisturizing minerals penetrate deep inside the skin with sun rays. It gives your skin a smooth finish and glowing tan.

Skin Tanning With Olive Oil

Extra virgin oil works well for a great tan. You should get a bottle of this oil and a timer to start tanning.

• Spread a towel on your tanning bed or chair
• Soak a piece of cloth in oil and rub it all over the front side of your body including your face
• Set the timer for 30 minutes to check how your skin reacts to tanning and adjust the time according to your findings
• Lay down on your back, close your eyes, and relax for 30 minutes
• Do the same on your backside and lay on your belly for another 30 minutes
• Wash off the oil thoroughly from your face and body after the tanning session is over

Half an hour under the sun is sufficient to tan your body with olive oil. Use the extra virgin olive oil that has extra nourishment that other tanning lotions lack.

Tips For Tanning Your Skin With Olive Oil

Extra virgin oil is the best tanning solution but there are many factors to consider with this oil to get the desired results.

  1. Olive Oil Types
Olive Oil Types

Olive oil is in great demand due to its nutritional value and for this reason, brands produce olive oil using different nutrients. Their objective is to process oil for different needs like scented oil. Processed oil could promise excellent results and it could be good for your hair and skin, but you should keep in mind that they contain artificial ingredients.

The biggest drawback of processed oil varieties is they might not suit your skin type. But there is no such apprehension with extra virgin oil that comes directly from nature. Extra virgin is the purest form of olive oil and hence good for your skin.

  1. Skin Tanning With Olive Oil
Skin Tanning With Olive Oil

Olive oil has all the necessary nutrition for your skin and this reason, it gives a soft, smooth, and silky finish to the skin. Since you are using extra virgin oil, you will get pampered by nature. But there is something that makes extra virgin olive oil good for skin tanning.

For tanning your skin, you need to bake your skin under the sun. It is where olive oil can do wonders for your skin. Its luster attracts sunshine which is something other tanning lotions can’t do. The sun rays will penetrate deep inside the skin and give you a browner and deeper tan. Also, it will take very little time in giving results.

  1. Using Olive Oil For Skin Tanning
Using Olive Oil For Skin Tanning

Saying that you should apply the oil all over your face and body will be … Read more

Silva Method Of Meditation

What Is The Silva Method Of Meditation And How Is It Helpful?

Out of all methods employed to eliminate negative thoughts and achieve a positive state of mind, meditation works the best. It helps achieve tranquility by driving the negative energy out of the mind. And it works well for everyone including kids and older people. Also, you need little training for meditation.

During meditation, you cut your connection to the outer world by closing your eyes and slowing down the process of thinking. It is a state where the body releases more energy than it receives. The body and mind drive the negative energy and retain the positive force. Meditation can be practiced in many ways but the best way to practice meditation is Silva Method of meditation.

What Is Silva Method Of Meditation?

It is a self-help program created by Jose Silva, an electronics repairman with a keen interest in psychology. While Jose Silva developed the method in 1944, he kept experimenting on his family members to prepare a document for the world to know about the process and the benefits of what he called Silva Mind Control. Finally, he released the method in 1960. Today Silva Method of meditation is taught in workshops in over 129 countries.

Silva Method of meditation involves rewiring the subconscious mind with various imagery techniques to eliminate negative thoughts. It is found to help realize the full potential of the mind and achieve objectives. According to Jose Silva, it boosts self-esteem and encourages positive thinking. The process rests on the belief that relaxation and cognitive development promotes the feeling of well-being.

The mind achieves a state that is tranquil and where no negative thoughts. But Jose Silva, the founder, calls it a state of awareness. He claims that once one achieves this state of mind, the person can see the pros and cons of their actions and how those actions can help achieve their objective.

What Is The Idea Behind Silva Method Of Meditation?

The Silva Method rests on three broad principles – alpha and theta states of mind, the power of healing imagery, and the DBE thought process – that guide the entire process. And this process is helpful in many ways. It promotes healing and helps in getting over negative habits. The DBE method has a placebo effect on a stressed mind. It allows the user to have a deep desire for a specific objective and then gather all positive forces to achieve the objective.

  1. Alpha And Theta States Of Mind
Alpha And Theta States Of Mind

Alpha and theta represent the brain wave states. When you achieve this state of mind, you come in the position of meditation. In this state of mind, you feel the ultimate tranquility needed to start internal healing. The negative energy is driven out of the body and mind and you start feeling healthy and happy.

In this state of mind, your body starts repairing the cells and the immune system is strengthened. It happens after the negative energy is driven away. Also, you find it easier … Read more

Lengthen Your Honeymoon Phase

How To Lengthen Your Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase starts soon after you meet your partner and continues for some time like two years or more depending on how you develop your relationship. In this period, you think only about romance and don’t want to notice the off-putting traits of your partner.

What Is Honeymoon Phase?

Honeymoon Phase

It is the time when you plan romantic dinner dates, look for opportunities to come close to your partner, and don’t hesitate in doing funny things for them. But soon you feel like losing steam and the first sign of the ending of the honeymoon phase is when you or your partner starts looking for faults in each other’s behavior.

What Is The Science Of The Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase starts when specific hormones become active in your body and mind. For example, take oxytocin and dopamine. They are called feel-good hormones and they play a crucial role in developing strong feelings towards each other. The feel-good hormones also increase the level of cortisol or the stress hormone. Together these hormones make couples blind to their imperfections.

Soon comes the time when hormone level stabilizes and you start recognizing the traits that could be unacceptable to you. Similarly, your partner starts noticing faults in your personality.

How Do You Know That Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over?

The duration of the honeymoon phase depends on factors like your age, responsibilities, family structure, and personal liking and disliking. As the romance continues, you demand more attention, love, and obeisance. It is because you want to maintain the high level of hormones by additional factors. In other words, you want to see reasons for being in love forever.

10 Signs That Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over

Honeymoon Phase Is Over
  1. You Don’t Find Her Cute Anymore

You are obsessed with their laughter, dimples, and sleepy voice but now you don’t find those traits endearing. It isn’t that you don’t love them but that you start noticing their other traits as well.

  1. You Start Getting Disturbed With Their Habits

You like their laughter but you don’t like the way they laugh or the moments they choose to laugh at. Also, you could find their speech impediments, chewing noises, and the habit of nose biting more disturbing.

  1. Compliments Become Scarce

Compliments become a thing of the past when the honeymoon phase is over. You start feeling that there was no need to give compliments or expect the same from them. Earlier you used to give and receive compliments on everything you both do for each other.

  1. You Feel Awaken From Daydreaming

It is difficult to ignore the facts for a long time and soon comes the time when you start noticing the long-ignored problems. Also, by the time you recognize problems, you are already overburdened by them.

  1. You No More Say Or Hear ‘I Love You’

During the honeymoon phase, you used to say ‘I Love You’ at the end of every communication. But later in the phase, you find other things … Read more

Eye Soothing Exercises Recommended By Baba Ramdev

12 Eye Soothing Exercises Recommended By Baba Ramdev

Eyes are the most valuable of all gifts by nature but they need care. If you take care of your eyes, you won’t face any problems with your eyesight. Baba Ramdev, the spiritual guru from India, has some good suggestions for your eyes.

Baba Ramdev is a renowned yoga teacher with a special focus on yoga therapies for curing illnesses. The yoga guru recommends the following exercises for the eyes.

  1. Eye- Rotation- Up and Down
Eye- Rotation- Up and Down

It involves moving your eyes constantly to relieve muscular strain. It keeps the eyes healthy and improves vision as well.

How To:

• Sit down with your back straight and legs stretched out
• Place your hands on your knees and make a thumbs-up gesture with your right hand
• Fix your gaze on the right thumb and slowly move the gaze upwards while keeping your neck straight
• Again bring the gaze down to the thumb
• Do it 10 times with both thumbs with a 15-second break between each rep

  1. Eye-Rotation- Sideways
Eye-Rotation- Sideways

It involves moving eyes towards the sides and it is good for people suffering from vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your spine and head straight
• Stretch your arms forward, clasp your hands, but keep your thumbs up
• Fix your gaze on the thumbs and move the thumbs in the middle of the eyes
• From here move the thumbs first to the right and then to the left
• Follow the thumb movement with your eyes without moving your head
• Repeat it 10 times with a 15-second break between each rep

  1. Eye-Rotation- Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise
Eye-Rotation- Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise

It relaxes eye muscles and prevents vision problems. It is a good exercise for people working on computers.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your spine and head straight and your hands in yog mudra
• Raise your right hand, open the thumb, and fix your gaze on the thumb
• Now rotate the thumb five times clockwise and anticlockwise
• Follow your eyes with the thumb movement
• Repeat it with the left thumb

  1. Palming

Palming is a quick and easy way to relax your eyes, improve blood circulation, and reduce puffiness.

How To:

• Sit in a comfortable position on a mat or chair
• Rub your palms vigorously to generate heat
• Close your eyes and place your palms over them
• Feel the warmth in your eyes
• Do it a couple of times a day

  1. Trataka

It involves gazing at a fixed object for a substantial time. It improves concentration and vision. Also, it cures myopic vision problems.

How To:

• Sit down comfortable in Padmasana or on a chair
• Fix a candle about two feet from your eyes
• Light the candle and fix your gaze on the flame
• Keep gazing for as long as you can
• Try to increase your gazing time
• Do it once or … Read more

Stylish Ways Of Wearing Palazzos Pants

15 Stylish Ways Of Wearing Palazzos Pants

Palazzo pants are popular because they can be styled in different ways and there are many ways to style these pants. Palazzo started as a trend in the 1960s and they are always in trend. It is said that palazzos can be matched with any top, jewelry, and footwear. Also, they are suitable for all occasions.

Defining Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are trousers different from regular pants in the way that they flare out from the knees down to the legs. They are slightly high-waisted but they create a sensual silhouette. And these ultra-comfortable pants are available in different designs from formals to travel palazzos.

Let’s check different palazzo styles

  1. Cropped Folk Palazzo Trousers
Cropped Folk Palazzo Trousers

These wide-cut pants are just perfect for summer fashion. Like the model, you can also pair it with a crop top and accessorize the dress with a bamboo bag while getting ready for shopping or outdoor dining. If you want, you can get a specific haircut like the model to suit your style.

  1. Wide-Legged Palazzo Trousers
Wide-Legged Palazzo Trousers

Palazzos aren’t only for weekends but for office days as well. See these wide-legged trouser-style palazzos paired with a white top and matching sneakers. Also, the model has thrown on a blazer too. With a blazer, it becomes an official outfit suitable for office, meetings, and official parties. But you can try it without a blazer.

  1. Black Palazzos And Off-Shoulder Top
Black Palazzos And Off-Shoulder Top

Why not try black palazzos and a white top instead of wearing the traditional black and white dress? It seems a great idea and if you feel inspired by the model, you can also try wide-legged palazzos with an off-shoulder white top. And this dress will transform your personality within seconds. If you like the combination of black and white, you should try this combination.

  1. 3/4th Palazzos And Bodysuit
Palazzos And Bodysuit

This checkered palazzo pant looks different due to its 3/4 length. You can’t call it short as it leaves ample space for your footwear. Also, it is a way to showcase your expensive pumps. The model has paired the palazzo with a figure-hugging bodysuit but you can try something different. And pay special attention to your footwear.

  1. Floral Sharara Palazzos
Floral Sharara Palazzos

These floral sharara palazzos are for the time when you want to join your girl gang. Look at the model for inspiration and try something similar. The model has a turtleneck t-shirt with tribal jewelry. Her ankle-strap heels and a slick high ponytail further improve her look. It will make you look different in the crowd.

  1. Palazzos And Short Kurta
Palazzos And Short Kurta

If you have a short kurta, you can try it with a palazzo. It will make a great match as is evident from the picture. Depending on the fabric and color of the outfit, you can wear it to parties, family gatherings, official meetings, and shopping. Like the model, you can also finish your look with platform heels or wedges.

  1. Palazzo Pants And Long Kurtis
Palazzo Pants And Long Kurtis

Just like short Kurtis, palazzo pants look great with long … Read more

Power Yoga Asanas For A Fit Body And Mind

7 Power Yoga Asanas For A Fit Body And Mind

If you want to get ready for a fast-paced life then consider practicing power yoga which is a modified version of traditional yoga. Also known as gym yoga, it is a set of exercises that is both invigorating and comforting all at once. People who practice power yoga call it mind-blowing and life-changing.

Understanding Power Yoga

Inspired by Ashtanga yoga, some western yoga enthusiasts developed a new type of yoga and called it power yoga. The objective of these exercises is to rejuvenate the tired body and mind. It involves past-paced movements with controlled breathing in an intense workout.

Power yoga increases stamina builds tolerance and improves stability. This yoga was first developed by Beryl Bender Birch in 1990, but today it has been developed into different formats.

How To Do Power Yoga?

The exercises involve moving in and out of the poses while maintaining balance. It unites the body and mind to bring overall improvement. The exercises lift the soul as well.

Check Out Power Yoga Exercises

  1. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)
Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

A beginner-level Hatha yoga asana, it is standing, balancing, and challenging pose. And it involves two poses into one. First, you stand in trikonasana (triangle pose) and then move to a half-moon pose. Here you balance your body on one hand and leg.

It involves stretching your legs which is good for your ankles, thighs, and hamstrings. It also improves balance and core strength. This asana is especially beneficial for runners that often face hamstring problems like tightness. With this asana, you will see improvement in the performance of your daily activities.

It gives better results when practiced empty stomach. Whether you practice it in the morning or evening, maintain a gap of 4-6 hours from your last meal. Also, maintain the pose for 15-30 seconds.

  1. Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)
Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)

An intermediate-level Ashtanga yoga asana involves balancing your body on the tripod of your sitting bones and tailbone. It is an absolute core crushing position but it is good for your abdominal muscles and core. And you will agree that a strong core is a key to good health.

When you come in boat pose, you form the letter ‘V’ with your body. You bring your body in a perfect balance to hold the pose and it is where you build your focus and awareness. It is a good pose for those who do the sitting job. It counteracts the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

It gives better results when practiced empty stomach. Also, you should try to hold the pose for at least 10 seconds and try to increase the holding time gradually.

  1. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Bend your back to come in a camel pose if you want to counteract slouching. It will also relieve stiffness and pain in the lower back. Finally, this generous heart-opening stretch will give your spine a gentle massage. Yoga enthusiasts call it an energizing and beneficial backbend good for people who lead a less active … Read more

Cool Ideas For Pool Parties

Cool Ideas For Pool Parties

A pool is a party venue or it will be better to say that you can turn a pool into a venue by decorating it. And you don’t spend lavishly on pool decoration. Depending on your budget and are available, you can host a big birthday party or a small bachelorette party.

If you are planning a party then you should go to a pool where you can enjoy the weather, soak in some Vitamin D, and have a great time with water floatables.

Preparing For A Perfect Pool Party

Perfect Pool Party

Clean the pool and the lounging area for the party. Also, carry out whatever small repair work the pool needs to get ready for the party.

Send Invitation: Prepare the list of guests you want to invite to the party and send them invitations. Design the invitation in such a manner that it gives an idea about the event.

Decoration: Pool decoration is different as it doesn’t need lighting or balloons. You need pool furniture and umbrellas to provide shade to the guests. But don’t overspend on decoration as food and drinks are more important.

Food & Drinks: For the pool party, you need cool beverages and appetizers. Also, keep the party theme and individual tastes of guests in mind while selecting a menu. In food, you can keep appetizers, snacks, and drinks.

Decoration Ideas For A Pool Party

Decoration Ideas

Focus on decoration as it will set the mood and encourage your guests to have a gala time under the open sky. For decoration, you can choose a specific theme.

Bohemian Look: It is a super-relaxed set up for a cocktail party. And you only need to arrange some cushions and pillows around a long table to get this look. It will suit bachelor parties.

Beach Theme: A pool can’t be converted into a beach but you can try giving the feel of a beach by covering the chairs with beach towels and creating artificial waves in the pool.

Formal Evening: If you want to keep things simple, you can plan a formal evening where your guests can join you in formal dresses. It is how working professionals like to party. If it is a weekend party, you can make it a formal evening.

Punch And Floats: Give some fruit punches to your guests with some soft drinks of their choice. Also, decorate the party tables with seasonal flowers.

Sunscreen Stall: Treat your guests with hydrating sprays and body mists during summer parties. Also, provide them sunscreen as protection from the sun. But you should take it as an added part. It isn’t necessary.

Ice-Cream Parlor: Your guests will expect ice-creams at the pool party and you shouldn’t disappoint them. Arrange some unique flavors and serve the flavors in waffle cones and hot chocolate sauce.

Pool Birthday Ideas

Pool Birthday Ideas

Celebrating a birthday by a pool is exciting as you can do many things to treat your guests. Here’re some cool ideas for your pool birthday.

Balloons: Decorate … Read more

Cool Nail Polish Designs You Can Try At Home

10 Cool Nail Polish Designs You Can Try At Home

Nail art is the right way to improve the beauty of your nails. Also, it helps take care of your nails. When you design art on your nails, you start taking care of them. You clean the nails and prevent them from breaking. People give scant attention to their nails but little do they know that they can do many things with nail polish.

Here’re 10 Cool Nail Arts

  1. Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art
Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art


• Pastel Blue Nail Polish
• White Nail Polish
• Pastel Coral Nail Polish

How To:

• Clean your nails and prepare them with a coat of base
• Create a vertical stripe with a pastel blue color while leaving some space near the cuticle
• Paint the second stripe from the center but a little lower
• Create the last stripe and lower than the two
• Repeat the steps with white and pastel coral colors starting from the blue color
• Seal the top coat

  1. Bow Nail Art Tutorial
Bow Nail Art Tutorial


• Sky Blue Nail Polish
• While Nail Polish
• Black Nail Polish
• Nail Striper

How To:

• Clean your nails and paint them with a sky blue shade
• Create a heart shape with white color as seen in the picture
• Take the nail striper or very fine paintbrush, dip it in black color, and follow the line where white and blue shades meet
• Create two loops at the center and you are done
• Seal the design with a top coat

  1. Splatter Nail Art Tutorial
Splatter Nail Art Tutorial


• White Nail Polish
• Light Blue Nail Polish
• Purple Nail Polish
• Pink Nail Polish
• A Stiff Paint Brush

How To:

• Clean your nails and paint them white
• Take the stiff brush, dip it into light blue color, and run the fingers on your brush in such a manner that the color sprinkles on your nails
• Repeat the process with pink and purple colors
• The nails should get a nice splatter art
• Clean up the excess color from the sides around nails with a nail polish remover
• Seal the art with a top coat

  1. Chevron Nail Art Tutorial
Chevron Nail Art Tutorial


• Red Nail Polish
• White Nail Polish
• Tape

How To:

• Clean your nails and paint them red
• Cover your nails with tape like a chevron stencil
• Paint blue color over the tape
• Remove the tape when the paint is dry
• Place the tape near the cuticle and paint it white
• Remove the tape when the paint dries
• Seal the art with a top coat

  1. Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial
Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial


• Black Nail Polish
• Silver Glitter Nail Polish
• A ‘V’ Shaped Sticker Or Tape

How To:

• Clean your nails and paint them black
• Place the ‘V’ sticker near the tips as shown in the image
• Paint the bottom half of your nails with glitter polish… Read more

Use Primer Before Makeup For This Reason

Use Primer Before Makeup For This Reason

This blog is an eye opener for all those women who wear makeup sans primer. They spend lavishly on branded cosmetics but little do they know that primer is more valuable for their skin. It is for this reason that experts suggest applying primer to your face every time you wear makeup.

If you don’t use primer, you will start using it after going through this blog

What Is A Primer Cosmetic?

What Is A Primer Cosmetic

It is a type of cosmetic used on bare skin to protect it from coming into direct contact with the foundation and other makeup cosmetics. You can take primer as your second skin or a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh chemicals present in cosmetics.

A coat of primer is needed to smoothen out the skin, even out skin tone, and cover large pores and fine lines. Also, it provides a strong foundation for your makeup. And there is a little hassle in applying primer on your skin. You can do this job even without any training or tools.

First, buy a primer from a leading brand or a brand of your choice. Prepare your skin for primer and apply it all over your face with your finger pores. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in applying a coat of primer to your skin.

How To Apply A Primer?

While applying primer has little need for training but there are some basic steps to follow so you blend the cosmetic well with your fingertips. A coat of primer can give exciting results when applied in the right manner.

Applying primer is a two-step process

The first step is to prepare your skin to accept primer
The second step is to apply primer using your fingertips


  1. Primer (1 bottle)
  2. Clean Fingertips

Let’s start the process

  1. Prepare Your Skin
Prepare Your Skin

It is an important step as the primer is applied on bare skin that is the skin has to be free from dirt, excess oil, and dead cells. Applying primer on clean skin will make your skin appear flawless.

How To:

• Get a gentle cleanser and apply it all over your face
• Wash your face properly to remove the dirt and pollutants
• Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and open skin pores
• Apply a lightweight moisturizer to your skin
• Let the moisturizer sink into your skin

  1. Applying The Primer
Applying The Primer

The success of your makeup depends on how the primer is applied. And you need to use your fingertips to apply the primer. Clean your hands to remove whatever dirt you’ve gathered on your fingertips before touching the primer. Also, you need to blend it well with your skin tone.

How To:

• Take a bottle of primer and pour a few drops on the back of your left hand
• Soak the fingertips of your right hand in the primer and start applying it from the nose onwards
• Blend it well … Read more