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Kareena Kapoor Slays in this 'Bebo' Saree

Kareena Kapoor Slays in this ‘Bebo’ Saree and Amaze everyone with her Stunning look

As we all know, Kareena Kapoor is the style icon of Bollywood and everyone wants to follow her style. Since her Bollywood debut, her fashion statement is always evolving in the whole industry. From her Western to Indian look she rocks the stage on fire and looks mesmerizing.

Now, recently Kareena slaying in the Hand painted pure Italian organza powder blue Saree where her Name ‘ Bebo’ is painted.

Kareena Kapoor Slays in this 'Bebo' Saree

Kareena Kapoor new look Captured!

We saw her this look recently while she promoting her new upcoming film ‘ Good News’ in the set of Kapil Sharma Show with leading actor Akshay Kumar and also Punjabi popular Celebrity Diljit Dosanjh and Kabir Singh Girl Kiara Advani. When the Pataudi Begum flouts her Saree in stage no one can take their eyes off.

Yes, she looks extraordinary Hot and sizzling in the Saree with featured her Nickname ‘ Bebo’ painted in pink. It is a powder blue color Saree specially made for Kareena by picchika Jaipur based labem by Urvashi Sethi in which Golden flowers are hand-painted with pink bird and green-brown leaves.

Kareena Kapoor new look styled By Rhea kapoor

Kareena bebo saree

She styled by Rhea Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor’s Sister and she Amaze her look with Sunita Kapoor’s designed accessories who is Sonam and Rhea’s mother. She Wore Golden Bloom earrings which give her the perfect with Saree. Kareena Kapoor’s smokey eye makeup Read the rest

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

The best weight loss method is to take a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. These two methods are an important method to stay fit and help to achieve a healthy and fit body.

As we all know if you want are not in shape and want to lose weight, you must eat healthy, and low-fat food. With this, you have to do workout regularly.

The time of exercising and the time of eating also affect your body and weight. So it is very important to schedule diet and workout chart properly. For the better result, you must exercise before Breakfast, this could double your ability to burn fat.

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Is working out morning burn fat faster?

Recently, we studied that workout before eating can lose much weight and burn more calories than workout after eating. The foreign researchers supervise the experiment on many overweight men and ask some of them to exercise before eating a morning meal and other to work out after eating lunch or dinner. And decide that exercise in the early morning before eating anything can help to lose the double amount of weight and burn calories.

The experts also declared that workout during vacant stomach had a better response to insulin and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes. So that eating before exercise can bring a lot of positive changes to our full health.

So, if you are ready to work out before eating … Read the rest

Toxic ingredients in Moisturizer

Beware from these Toxic ingredients in Moisturizer and replaced them with Organic things

We are very careful what to eat these days and always check what goes into our food supply for our good health. In this way, we also keep checking on our personal care and cosmetic products. As the same to saw your food labels to check the food is riches with which ingredients, you also look for your beauty products.

The beauty products available in the market have thousands of chemicals in it. Some of these chemicals which are being absorbed into the body are very toxic and harmful for our health. Some synthetic chemicals lead to serious health problems down the line.

Most Toxic ingredients you must avoid to use

Toxic ingredients in Moisturizer

1. Mineral Oil

– Mineral oil is commonly used in every cosmetic product for many years ago, but you must avoid these because it leads to dangerous organ toxicity and cancer. These harmful substances are also called pore-clogging agent which causes many skin issues and breakouts.

Replacement option- Instead of this harmful mineral oil, you must use grapeseed oil to moisture your skin because it gives the same nourishment to the skin without any Dangerous effect.

2. Paraben

– All of you thought that these are widely used chemical compounds that forbid the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria in skincare products but instead of this they also contain estrogen-mimicking properties that cause the ever-dangerous disease Breast Cancer. They absorbed by the body and cause breast tumors. They are mostly found in deodorants, body washes, facial cleansers, shampoos, … Read the rest

4 Things For Which You Don’t Need Makeup

4 Things For Which You Don’t Need Makeup

Women love doing makeup but for some, it has a therapeutic effect on their body and mind. They take it as a form of artistic expression or a creative way to enhance their features and to represent themselves. But wearing makeup all the time isn’t a good idea. It could be very bad sometimes.

Cleaning your makeup

You clean makeup to remove whatever dirt and pollutants you’ve accumulated on your skin. And you end up cleaning your skin several times a day. Do you know that your skin remains exposed to dirt even when it is cleaned? Also, that cleaning increases chances of a dirt forming a layer on your skin. The best thing you can do to prevent your skin from pollution is to wear a face mask. Precaution is always better than cure.

4 Things For Which You Don’t Need Makeup

During sexual activity

Makeup could improve your visual appearance necessary for sex but it would also make the act messier. The makeup would get transferred to sheets and pillows. Also, your foundation could get scrubbed with the stubble of your partner during cheek-to-cheek performance. But the worst thing is mingling of your makeup with sweat from both of you. If your partner really likes you, he won’t mind if you go to bed without makeup.

During exercising

You can argue that waterproof and smudge proof makeup works well during workout but in reality, it is like punishing your skin with a deadly combination of makeup and sweat. Exercising increases body temperature that would soften the … Read the rest

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look In Short Haircut And Black Gown

The new selfie of Deepika Padukone is hard to miss. After years of having long hair and flaunting luscious long looks, the actress put on a short haircut for the selfie that took the entire community by surprise.

Also, the 33-year old actress was quick to upload her new look on Instagram to share her pic and captioned it “Tadaaaa” to attraction attention of her fans and the online community.

Deepika’s latest look

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look

It has garnered lots of likes and comments from millions of fans spread across the globe. She went with shoulder-length haircut with golden and brown highlights for the selfie. But what is more exciting is that she also flaunted the new haircut at the red carpet. She’s spotted at an event and the actress look as gorgeous as ever in her black gown and golden haircut.

Deepika’s gown

Deepika’s gown

It is a off-shoulder gown with a bodycon fit. Also, it has cape detailing on the one side. Deepika revealed her new hairdo with this gorgeous gown styled by Shaleena Nathani. With this gown, she decided to wear textured waves to flaunt her new hairstyle. An Australian-based fashion designer, Alex Perry, developed Deepika’s DP in the black gown.

Response to Deepika’s new look

Within a short time of posting her new look, the social media community became crazy about her new sexy look. She looks much younger than she is in her new look and that is what the social media community is talking about.… Read the rest

Common Make-Up Mistakes

6 Common Make-Up Mistakes And Their Solutions

An enthusiastic beauty blogger could make you believe that wearing makeup is the easiest job on earth. Also, she would show how she does things in a one-minute time lapse video. But experts believe that people make more mistakes with makeup than doing things in the right manner.

Here’re some common mistakes

Common Make-Up Mistakes

1. Picking wrong shade of foundation

Expert Shagun Gupta highlights the most common mistake that is buying cheap concealer. It is needed for preparing the base. Also, she suggests that a foundation should be checked on face instead of inner arm. You should choose two shades close to your skin tone and apply those shades on cheeks. Now you can see which shade goes well. Similarly, a concealer should be chosen by try and test method.

2. Fairer look

Expert Anuj Dogra warns women about obsession with fairer look. Everyone wants to look fairer by wearing lighter shades but just applying the lighter shades on foundation isn’t the right way to get fairer look. The trick involves in hiding all dark circles and marks before laying the foundation with lighter tone. Also, the foundation shouldn’t be applied with hands but set with a tool.

3. Prepping skin with the right moisturizer

Prepping skin with the right moisturizer

Aging leaves skin dry but the real problem lies in not using the right moisturizer. Since a dry skin can’t hold makeup for a long time, you should first prep your skin with a perfect moisturizer like creams with thicker viscosity that allows makeup to glide smoothly … Read the rest

skin moist and healthy during winter

Keep your skin moist and healthy during winter

Winter could be harsh on your skin.If you leave the skin exposed to the low temperatures, it would result in dry and cracking of skin; chopped lips; itchy legs and rough hands. But it won’t take you much time, if you decide to take care of your skin.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist, cosmetic dermatologist and dermato-surgeon has some skincare tips for winter.

Avoid bathing with hot water as it strips skin of essential moisturizers. You should use lukewarm water and reduce your bath time to 10 minutes and never bath for more than once a day.

skin moist and healthy during winter

Use body wash that contains moisturizer and buy the soap that is natural and organic.

After shower, pat dry your body and apply a moisturizer immediately.

Avoid sponges and body brushes prevent skin damage.

You can go for light peels in winters. It is a great way to exfoliate the dry thick layer and reveal smooth and supple skin.

Avoid coming into contact with fabrics that are irritating. You can wear cotton shirts under sweaters and coats to prevent allergies with fabrics.

Buy an alcohol-based cleanser and toner for daily use. Or use milk-based cleansers that can help keep the skin smooth but never wear clay-based masks as they can pull the moisture out.

The thin skin of hands, heels and feet is more susceptible to damage. Moisturizing and covering the skin with socks and gloves is the best way to prevent skin from cold temperature.

Never forget to apply sunscreen when … Read the rest

Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment

What is Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment?

Sinusitis is a disease in which the sinuses are blocked with phlegm and become inflamed. This disease affects all the age groups and sex also. The children suffer from viral infections and cold leads to sinusitis and as well as for Asthma patients. This medical condition lasts for 12 weeks cause lots of irritation and discomfort.

What are the causes of Sinusitis?

It is a very common medical problem caused mostly due to cold, infection, pollution and allergies. Sinusitis has only four stages acute, sub-acute, Chronic, infected. It also increases due to eating wrong food like spicy, oily, too cold, too hot or dry that are indigestible and very heavy and cause stultification of three doshas. The other factors cause this is dry weather, natural urges of tears sleeping late and night and mostly sleep more in daytime.

Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

• Runny or blocked nose

• Feeling of heaviness

• Sneezing

• Headache

• Facial tenderness

• Sensitivity to light and sound

• radiating pain in temples

And it leads to body ache, fever and has greenish-yellow nasal Discharge.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for sinusitis1


Most people know hi symptoms but then also ignore it but it is not good to avoid this. They take OTC which gives only short time relief but this problem exasperates in a long time. The Ayurvedic treatment involves the expanding and liquefied of aggravate body energy and also you must use the Ayurvedic diet and herbs with some therapies of the nasal cavity. … Read the rest

skin Glowing and Damage free

The 4 Beauty tips of Bollywood stars that make their skin Glowing and Damage free

I am sure that you tried out so many beauty tips and products for your skin but some of these are worthy effective. Everyone wonder to know the top secrets of Bollywood actress. They have flawless skin without any one spot on their face. Surely you are curious to know the tip they used to make their skin good.

skin Glowing and Damage free

So, we can help you and trust me these are simply natural beauty tips of Bollywood stars that will make your skin the same like celebs.

The Four Most effective Beauty tips of Bollywood Celebrities that will help you to attain the Flawless Skin:

• Drink Enough Water-

It is not a secret but it is a fact that drinking enough water as you can and get the beautiful, healthy and hydrated skin. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Said in her interview that it is the best tip she gave to anyone. It is not compulsory to drink must 8 glass water I mean drink just enough that you don’t feel thirsty at all.

• Always Apply Sunscreen

Always Apply Sunscreen

Apply Sunscreen on the body is the most important thing that we can do while going outside. The ultraviolet rays are very bad for our skin because it causes so many skin allergies and skin cancer. So, in rain or sunshine, you must apply sunscreen on your whole body and face to make skin smoothen and apply it 15 min before going outside. Kajol the popular Bollywood star never skips applying Sunscreen on the body … Read the rest

make skin Hydrated and smooth

Some important tips to make skin Hydrated and smooth

The best skin does not matter of DNA. Our skin is very delicate so we have to care for our skin. As we all know the skin already has its natural oil, this oil prevents our skin from scaling and dryness and moisturized it very well. Dryness is a very common problem happen due to using the rough chemicals and usage of dry soaps. So it is essential to hydrate your skin every day.

make skin Hydrated and smooth

So, here we are sharing some important tips to hydrate your skin:

• Apply the best Moisturiser

Moisturisers are very good for our body and face. Choose the best moisturizer that suits you and apply it on your body and face, it naturally moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

• Drink water more than 2 liters

Drinking water is the best natural treatment for the skin. A person almost drinks two to three liters water a day like seven to eight glass. You can also add fruits and herbs in your water whole give natural glow and smoothness to your skin.

• Don’t Drink Preservative Drinks and all

First, you should avoid all the carbonated drinks bottled water, drinks and especially fruit canned juice because these all contain lots of sugar and harmful Preservatives which damage our body and as well as skin.

• Skin Protection

While traveling outside for a long time always use sun protection because when you working out for a long time in the sun your body gets dehydrated and skin makes dull … Read the rest