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Disha Patani

The best Selfies of the Week: From Kareena Kapoor, Disha Patani to Malaika Arora!

Beyond the stress, Bollywood divas posting their quarantine selfies and videos on Instagram that storming the internet. Millions of views are seen on out hottest beauties of the Bollywood Industries when they post their glowing skin.

Disha Patani

It’s quite embellished to see your favorite celebs in normal wear just like us. That’s is why people are taking more interest in seeking them as to how they look and carrying themselves in free time. Celebs are also giving you beautiful vibes so you can support quarantine and stay safe.

Now, let us see some cute yet sexy photos we have covered for you.

1. Kareena Kapoor

One of the gorgeous b-town celeb Kareena Kapoor shared her candid selfie in her Instagram account. Her face was sun-kissed and looking adorable without makeup.

2. Malaika Arora

We just tempted with her stunning look. She posted her videos on the post and pre-workout, cooking, and more.

3. Sonali Bendre

A cancer Survivor Sonali Bendre posted her sun-kissed picture without makeup. The picture was candid and appeal you.

4. Disha Patani

One of the sexiest girls of b-town, Disha shared her summer dress and sun-kissed picture. She is also getting the moto of taking Vitamin-D from Sun to live healthily.

5. Kriti Sanon

She hasn’t shared a sun-kissed picture but the pic was completely adorable. She was enjoying with her pet, dog while packing up her … Read the rest

hair type is curly & frizzy

Do not Wash your Hair Frequently if your Hair Type is Curly & Frizzy!!

Tell me first, how often you washed your hair? Regularly or in intervals? Well, finding out the best hair wash for your hair is quite daunting. If you’re washing hair frequently then it causes dryness especially when you are using extreme chemical-based shampoo.

Stop washing enough. Just like your skin you have to care for hair as well. While our studies, we have also found some girls are likely to wash hair daily without affecting the quality of hair. So what should you do?

At Review mentor, we have given the best tricks and tips to care for your hair in this post.

hair type is curly & frizzy

So, let us explore!

1. Does hair types matter?

Yes! That is the reason why girls feel a difference in their hair quality as well as. You may do not aware that there are different products available for different hair types. If you want to enjoy long, shiny, soft, and beautiful hair then pick out the best shampoo for hair type. Curly hair often takes time to get dirties as compared to other hair types like silky.

2. Poor Lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle you are taking also affect the quality of hair. It is a fact that usually ignored because no one has enough time to think about their health. I am sure you are also one of them. Blow drying, regular straitening, various products, and much more damage the hair quality. This mainly clog pores, … Read the rest

best Hairstyles

5 the best Hairstyles that every bride should know about!

For every bride, her hairstyle should be unique, well-created, and appealing. You have some great options in your bucket already, but you need the best. A hairstyle that can improve your personality and enhance your features.

best Hairstyles

As a bride, you just want to look stunning, whether it is for a pre-bridal shoot or wedding day. For our beautiful ladies, we have rounded up 6 of the best hairstyle that you’ll love for sure.

Let us see!

1. Get Gajra hairstyle

If you are thinking Gajra is outdated, then I would like to say it is not. Use mogra flowers to add different yet simple look. It is a good option for long hairs and it would work as a trendsetter if you haven’t seen this hairstyle before.

Why not try something best? Think about it!

2. Traditional braid

Traditional braid is a stunning fashion that will never get out of fashion. Marriage is important and accomplishes the happiness of couples so many customs and traditions are followed. So why not traditional braid?

You can make braids more attractive by adding floral accessories or adding traditional accessories. This season, it has been spotted in many brides. Ensure one thing you are looking best with braid.

3. Floral Tiaras

You will love to hear that Tiaras are back this season. For your Haldi, mehndi or hen’s party, this looks fantastic with a very dress. It also looks cute and adorable in pictures.

4. Heavy buns with red & white flowers

Setting your … Read the rest

Home Remedies to lighten darker inner thighs

Use these 5 Home Remedies to lighten darker inner thighs in one week!

If you are looking for best home remedies to lighten dark inner thighs then you reached on the best page. Here, we will talk about only expert’s recommended and safest remedies that will make you happy with results nor stressed with side effects.

Are you ready?

Well, before telling you about tips, first you should know about the causes of darker inner thighs so you can know which remedy suits you the best.

What are the causes of darker inner thighs?

Home Remedies to lighten darker inner thighs

Darker inner thighs mainly happen when your skin extremely dry and it is not producing melanin. Skincare experts recommend this situation as a hyperpigmentation state, where skin stops its production for melanin hormone.

You need to keep in mind here we are not talking about those who have darker skin complexion, it is your genes. But the people who have a fair complexion and experiencing darker thighs then they must look at the following reasons:

• Dry skin

• Sun exposure

• Rubbing the thighs while exercising

• Hyperpigmentation

• Side effects of taking medications

Here’s what you’ll need to do for recur complexion

1. Coconut oil & lemon juice

Coconut oil & lemon juice

Both these ingredients are superb to hydrate skin cells and remove pigmentations. It acts as a collagen booster that works great to repair all damaged cells and tissues. To use this remedy, first mix both ingredients in a container and apply it on thighs for 15 minutes.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

One of the unique and best home remedies to … Read the rest

Malaika Arora shared her skincare

Malaika Arora shared her skincare ritual for quarantine that will impress you

Malaika Arora is the best resource to find the best fitness and beauty secrets to look younger at age 45. She is 45 but still looks adorable with no aging concerns. She looks adorable and younger than her age.

Nowadays, Quarantine is going everywhere in the world. The threat of Coronavirus has changed the world and to recover this stress and make people relaxed from this stress, Malaika has shared the beauty tips for women so they could feel rejuvenated and energetic all day.

Malaika Arora shared her skincare

On her channel, Malaika inspiring people to stay home stay safe. Along with that, she is giving fitness tips via sharing her cooking videos, fitness regime, etc. The motive of sharing this stuff is only to make people more productive this time.

Health Caring tips by Malaika

She starts her day by drinking fresh and warm lemon water to boost metabolism and productiveness. For her skin, she applied aloe vera gel. This will keep skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. Here take a quick look on aloe vera benefits:

• Aloe vera acts as a perfect acne treatment by calming down angry bacteria and oil production.

• It will keep your skin highly moisturized.

• It prevents the skin from scars and heals the wounds.

• After waxing or plucking your hair, applying aloe vera gel relaxed muscles and stop the formation of pimples and itchiness.

• For brighter and glowing skin aloe vera is a magical cream.

For staying healthy and keeping her in … Read the rest

Defining Liquor And Spirits

Defining Liquor And Spirits

Liquor vs Spirits

These two words are interchangeably used for alcoholic beverages but they carry different meanings. Until 1920, all spirits were liquor but today they represent different drinks at least for bartenders that serve drinks to people and that can serve wrong drinks, if they don’t understand the meaning of liquor and spirits.

Liquor and Spirits

Liquor is taken from the Latin word that means “to be fluid” and it meant “liquid” until 1225. But today it is defined as any non-brewed alcohol – distilled spirits. For common people, it is an intoxicating alcoholic drink. Technically speaking it is an alcoholic beverage that contains ethanol. It is produced by fermenting grain, fruits or vegetables.

Also, it contains added flavouring and sweetness to complement its base. Liquor has flavours of fruits, sugar canes and potatoes.Liquor is sweeter than spirit due to added flavouring but distillation or compounding process gives liquor a concentrated nature due to which it carries a higher alcohol content.

Defining Liquor And Spirits

Spirits are defined as specific liquors produced to give definite flavours to the drinks. It is a distilled beverage with a minimum of 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).Usually spirits contain alcohol in the ranges from 37% to 43%. But it has no added sugar. Alcohol becomes spirit when it is distilled. It is called fermentation and it involves concentrating the alcohol in a ferment liquid by distilling it so that it develops a sweeter taste or become flavoured. But they are less sweet than liquor.


Both the … Read the rest

Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets

The Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets Seriously trolled after posting a coronavirus makeup look

We all know Coronavirus is a deadly disease that has spread all over the world. Scientists saying this disease enters the third stage and it is estimated it will kill more people. This news depressed everyone because the whole world is suffering from pandemic shut down.

Apart from all this anxiety, the Fatima Aldewan, a social media personality gets trolled after sharing her makeup video on coronavirus. She belongs to UAE and received a lot of negative comments at her hashtag video coronavirus makeup tutorial. Fatima is a well-known makeup artist in UAE. She always posts her makeup tutorial videos to influence her 80k followers.

Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets

A few days back, she posted her another makeup tutorial on coronavirus with a caption, which has got more than 80,000 views. In her video, she first puts her mouth mask and starts doing her makeup via step-by-step instructions.

It was the very first time, a video got 500 comments in a few minutes. She has received a lot of bad comments and even some are saying her heartless. Apart from this, some have also asked her beauty questions and the purpose of sharing this video.


A light on the user’s comments

One said you are such an insensitive person. People are dying and you are taking fun by sharing this tutorial. It’s shameful.

Others said, wow even the coronavirus has makeup trends. How stupid you are.

After seeing all these, the makeup artist didn’t remove her video from Instagram. She says the purpose … Read the rest

Banana & Dates Smoothie Recipe

Miraculous Health Benefits of Dates and Banana Smoothie

Many people eat dates and banana just to enjoy the good taste, but not everyone knows about its health benefits. Both these fruits are great and well-known to give extreme health benefits which are just perfect to live healthy and great life ahead.

In this article, we will discuss its benefits along with a recipe that just makes your body and tongue happier.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Dates and Banana Smoothie

Top Benefits of Dates:

1. Dates include high fibers which are great to boost digestion and immunity.

2. It contains pantothenic acid, which is good enough to boost metabolism, weight loss goal, nervous system, and more.

3. It includes vitamin A that works wonder for both hair and skin.

4. Potassium is good for maintaining muscle health and Calcium is good for teeth and bones.

5. It is a great snack as well as a full-size meal for active living.

Top benefits of Banana:

1. Banana is rich with high fiber and nutrients which are good enough to maintain the overall wellbeing of a consumer.

2. It relaxes bowel movements, cuts down low immunity issues, and supports digestion.

3. It is a high source of potassium that just makes your heart healthy and protective against sudden shocks.

4. It regulates blood pressure, cholesterol, and the sleeping cycle.

5. This could better your overall strength and physical needs.

As you can see, both fruits are great for health and the best life. Hence, we have shared the best recipe of banana and dates smoothie.

Banana & Dates Smoothie

Read the rest
Amazing Beauty tips

4 Amazing Beauty Tips That you Should Know About!

In recent times, you do not need to wait for an expert for quality advice. You just click on Google and get countless advice on skincare tips. But the problem is you need gentle advice that is just perfect for your skin, doesn’t matter what skin type is.

Moreover, you have countless skincare products available that offer you amazing changes in just a few days. Have your tried beauty products yet? If not, then I must you are lucky. Products are generally made of heavy mercury that causes various side effects.

Amazing Beauty tips

Hence we have rounded up only 4 beauty tips that just give your skin flawless appearance.

Special note- All the given tips should follow regularly.

1. Its good to skip moisturizer when you have oily skin

You may hear this thing too many times from friends. But have you ever tested it? Maybe not. The real truth is if you avoid the use of a moisturizer on oily skin, the skin produces more sebum resultant you face suffer from acne and breakouts. It is because your skin is dehydrated. You should opt for a hydrating serum that just locks the moisture of the skin and keep you beautiful as long as you take care.

2. Skipping SPF is a good start

Skipping SPF is a good start

If you are using SPF based makeup product then there is no need to worry. SPF is a complete protection cream that offers a healthy amount of results and gives you the best results forever. Or if your … Read the rest

Unique or Hattke wedding Vows

The Unique or Hattke wedding Vows that every couple should know about

With the modernization, the culture and vows are also changing. This give a robust impact on individual life thus the value, thinking, and belief are also changing. If you consider old-fashioned marriage, that was either fixed by elders of the family or couple itself. But with the change in time, the marriages are now fixed via internet matrimonial sites.

Unique or Hattke wedding Vows

Or if we consider the role of marriage, this was done by only parents. Nowadays, most marriages are love and even parents allowing their children to do this. Also, the best part of today’s marriage culture is, both couples share equal responsibilities whether it is financial or other errands.

These things are changing the goal of marriages and even couples are dedicated to sharing love and true bond with each other.

Here are the few Vows that can help the modern couple to stay and live happily married life.

1. Promise to give Space

Promise to give Space

It doesn’t matter you are married or not, Space is important. For the ideal marriage, giving space to your partner is essential. Your partner has other life too and he/she needs quality time so you both can live a relationship with no restrictions.

2. Promise to value his/her work

Promise to value his/her work

Gone are the days when the female is just a piece of house. Nowadays, both couple is working. Hence, you should make a promise to respect his/her work. If she is earning more than you, so as a male you do not need to feel ego issues. You … Read the rest