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Frustrated with your dry hair? Follow these DIY eggs mask for immediate results

The first love of any girl is her hair whether they are short, long and curly. However, you are taking care of your hair perfectly by considering Salon treatments such as hair spa, smoothing, etc. But how long you will take help of saloons?

Getting hair treatments from saloons are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. So here for you, we have rounded up some of the best DIY eggs masks that can help you to keep your hair smooth and shiny for a long time.

3 DIY Eggs Hair mask you should try

  1. Egg Mask

The egg is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and healthy minerals that keep your hair highly nourished and soft for a long time. This egg mask can help your hair get a life to live again. To prepare the mask all you need 2-3 eggs and blend it perfectly. This will cause bad odour, to get rid of it add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Now apply it evenly on your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair with cold water.

  1. Egg and coconut mask

For stronger hair, the combination of eggs and coconut mask can help you to get beautiful and strong hair. To use this mask add one egg yolk in a bowl and one tbsp. Of coconut oil and honey as well. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with water.

  1. Egg and olive oil mask

Egg and olive mask can nourish the hair scalp and give beautiful hair. To prepare this mask all you need to take one egg and one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix both ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water.

Try these three DIY eggs hair masks and you will no need saloon hair treatment anymore.


Foods to eat for healthy and glowing skin

Do you wish to have glowing and beautiful skin? Of course, yes! This is why you reached this page to know what foods are best to better your skin glow.

It doesn’t matter you are a foodie or not, but these foods can swear by. All you need to eat in your daily food regime and you will enjoy the ageless skin forever.

  1. Chocolate

This seems good news for all chocolate lovers. Chocolate is a delicious yet healthy food item which can reduce skin presentations as well as better the skin complexion. The cocoa present in chocolate helps to boost the antioxidants level of the body that flushes out toxic levels and give you better skin forever. Make sure to eat in the limited amount, otherwise, it harms your teeth.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in protein and helps your skin to look firmer and healthier. This is the ultimate way to keep your skin beautiful for a long.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are a great source of fibre that would work as a great defence against the sun. Almonds have vitamin E that provides your skin much elasticity that keeps your skin free from age-related concerns.

  1. Broccoli

It is the best vegetable that includes vitamin C. It helps in keeping your skin supple and beautiful. Also, it improves the collagen production that would better your skin health for a long time.

  1. Garlic

It may not be liked by you, but it has great skin benefits which are must to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

  1. Wheat

One of the best food item to get protein, wheat. It includes skin-friendly antioxidants that can fight against skin damages and promote skin elasticity.

These are six foods you should eat daily for better your skin health as well as the promotes glow.


5 Cheap makeup’s buy to get that flawless everyday look

It is not doubtful to say that no-makeup look is a lie. It is a look that can be achieved with makeup because there’s no-one that wakes up with that glossier level glow. However, you can get that if somehow you manage to get that eight hours of beauty sleep and avoid every kind of stress.

Well, no makeup look doesn’t require much of your efforts. So, just rock that no-makeup looks with the following best suitable tools:

  1. BB cream:

A hydrating sunscreen is a must to get that amazing coverage for your skin. Spawake moisture fresh BB cream is an easy-to-blend product that gives a dewy glow. A BB cream gets absorbed into the skin without giving that cakey look and refreshes the skin and is perfect for daily use for those who want to get a natural-looking base.

  1. A nude lip cream:

When it comes to skin, you don’t need to do a lot daily. And on lips, a nice pinkish nude lipstick can give that soft look. Well, you can also use Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in 58 that come with an applicator on your cheeks too.

Furthermore, th9is application of the same product is not only budget-friendly but also creates a skin-like look every day.

  1. Shimmery eye shadow:

Eyes are the most attractive part of a person and you don’t need to get that shimmer on your eyelids. All you need to do is just apply a neutral shade of Cameleon 5D Wet Eye shadow in 108 Moonlight Silver on your fingertip and blend it on the corners of your eyes.

However, this can also be applied on the cheekbones and cupid’s bow to add an extra glow.

  1. Dark eyeliner:

A great technique of getting tight-lining for a natural no-makeup look is to get brown eyeliner. You can highlight your upper lash line with Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl in Simma Brown thickens it a bit more but without making it looks dramatic.

  1. Mascara:

Mascara makes your eyes look more magnificent and gives a more fresh-faced appearance when you have to go to work. And the most important thing to consider is that it shouldn’t be loud and clumpy. You should always prefer Maybelline’s Hyper curl Mascara for a clean look.

You can manage to get that flawless look with the above mentioned minimal makeup products and amplify your favorite features without putting much effort.

Natural deodorant guide

How to use a deodorant:

Deodorant is one of the effective and most useful product in summers to beat the bad orders it is an essential skin care product to feel all the time fresh. Know some surprising ways to use a deodorant for long-lasting hours? No?