10 Most Iconic Hairdos Of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful women many times because of her natural beauty and hairstyles. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the actress has set off a hair craze throughout her three-decade-long career.

The Friends actress was always excited to experiment with different cuts in all lengths and styles. And it all started with the TV show Friends where she essayed the role of Rachel. During the show, her shaggy, honeyed bob hairstyle became popular as “The Rachel” cut.

But Jennifer Aniston is quite conscious about the health of her hair and for this reason; she follows a strict hair care routine to keep her locks healthy and shiny. But there is little need to go into the details of their hair care routine as her fans are more excited to know about her popular hairstyles.

Here we’ll discuss the ten most popular Jennifer Aniston cuts. You can try those haircuts but you should keep in mind that you should also follow a healthy hair care routine so you can experiment with different cuts and styles. Simply going for a specific hairstyle won’t make any difference to your look.

  1. All Natural
All Natural

Before “The Rachel” cut, Jennifer Aniston rocked an all-natural hairstyle in a TV show “Edge” she did before “Friends”. Viewers admired her dark brown, long, and charmingly unruly haircut in “Edge”. Simply put, she kept her hair closest to its natural state. There was no additional coloring or highlight used to improve her hairstyle but Jennifer Aniston looked beautiful in her natural hairstyle. And it was a great base for all the haircuts she tried in the latter part of her career.

  1. Long Straight Platinum Blonde Hairstyle
Long Straight Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

See the middle parting that allows her hair to cover her face from both sides but the biggest highlight of this haircut is her hair gently curving into her chin area. The curved ends have a softening effect on the edges of her chin and neck. Also, she has natural highlights that further boost the overall look and feel of the haircut. And this simple hairstyle doesn’t consume much time or require many accessories. Also, it matches well with every face shape.

  1. Rooty Volume With Exaggerated Waves
Rooty Volume With Exaggerated Waves

Jennifer Aniston was caught flaunting her exaggerated waves at the “Meet Joe Black” premiere. The celebrity colorist, George Papanikolas, called her hair a “mega root lift” and suggested using a volumizing product to achieve that look. You need to pull a 1.25-inch curling iron down and through the hair to recreate the waves. Also, use a salt spray to get a beachy texture for your hair. Middle parting of hair will all allow the hair to frame your face from both sides.

  1. Long Straight Ash Blonde Hairstyle
Long Straight Ash Blonde Hairstyle

It is a chic and simple cut highlighted by a middle part that makes it a great haircut for a square face. Also, you need only a small amount of product to keep the fly-away hair in its place. And trimming every 4-6 weeks will help prevent split ends. If you look at Jennifer Aniston, you will admire her sleek, shoulder-length layered hairstyle. She has a square face with an angular jawline and her face looks at its best in this hairdo.

  1. The Magic of Hair Extensions
The Magic of Hair Extensions

All eyes were on the super long hair of Jennifer Aniston at the “Erin Brockovich” premiere. And her fans loved that relaxed boho style. Anyone could get this look by growing out layers – the longer the better – said a hairstylist. The grown-out bangs that are slightly fringed and blended should be cut down approximately 2-3 inches past the jawline and continue to the end of the hair.

  1. Loose Chignon
Loose Chignon

It is a very classy and mature hairdo. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is a great way to pull your hair back without punishing your hair with a tight chignon. And this hairdo suits perfectly to women with bold features. The biggest advantage of this haircut is that it doesn’t require many accessories or adjustments.

  1. Her New Signature Cut
Her New Signature Cut

Flat-ironed and long would be the right way to describe this hairdo. But the biggest highlight of this haircut is it has fewer face-framing layers and the color that is midway between entirely all blonde and brunette. It could be dubbed as bronde. And this face-framing hair is suitable for all face types. If you have long hair and you want to try a new hairdo, you can try his cut. It is the signature cut of Jennifer Aniston.

  1. Red Carpet Beachy Curls
Red Carpet Beachy Curls

Jennifer Aniston was awarded the 2002 Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy for the hit TV show “Friends”. And she appeared in the beachy curls hairdo that later came to be known as Red Carpet Beachy Curls. But imitating this look is challenging as it involves keeping the natural texture of the hair, balancing frizz, and avoiding the dreaded crunchy feeling. Hair experts recommend using a lightweight hair texturizing cream to achieve this look.

  1. Full Curtain Fringe
Full Curtain Fringe

Here you see Jennifer Aniston flaunting her sleek layers framing her beautiful face. It is a simple long hairdo that can be achieved with the help of a styling cream. The advantage of a styling cream is that it will help tame the frizz and add some weight to your hair as well. Also, wear accessories like earrings and do some eye makeup to further improve your look.

  1. Boho Beach-Chic
Boho Beach-Chic

Jennifer Aniston rocked in the 2009 Academy Awards Ceremony in the boho beach-chic hairdo. This hairstyle features a delicate braid but it isn’t easier to hold a baby braid in its place without having a workable texture. Hair experts suggest using lightweight foam to create lightly-defined waves for a tussled look. Everyone at the award function was talking about her new hairdo. But you can further improve the haircut by wearing matching accessories.

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