10 Pictures That Illustrate Life Of Princess Margret

Princess Margaret the younger sister of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a fashion icon for the women of her time, her pictures illustrate everything about her. Her family life wasn’t as vibrant as her social life was, but she never complained about her family. She continued to lead the fashion throughout her life.

Let’s see the life of Princess Margaret through her pictures

Fashion Icon

Princess Margaret was a fashion icon for the British people. They called her fashion, “The Margaret Look”. Also, the princess was a “Royal Rebel” due to her choice of fashion accessories that were in contrast to her sister’s lifestyle. Margaret’s choice of mod accessories includes brightly-colored headscarves and glamorous sunglasses. Also, she was a big fan of Christian Dior’s designs. The cream gown he designed for Margaret’s 21st birthday is still considered an iconic part of the fashion history of England.

Princess Margaret Fashion Icon

Duke Of York

Born on 21 August 1930 at Glamis Castle in Scotland, Princess Margaret was fourth in line of succession to the British Throne. But her life changed dramatically at the age of six when her father, George VI who was Duke of York, became the king. This incident took her sister to be presumptive and Margaret to the second in line to the throne. In 1952, her sister ascended the throne with the death of her father. And the queen made Princess Margaret was made Earl of Snowdown in 1960.

Princess Margaret Family Portrait

Princess Margaret Family Pictures

Princess Margaret was in love with Group Captain Peter Townsend, who divorced his wife, Rosemary, to marry the princess. But the Church of England refused to accept her relationship with a divorced man. Later Princess Margaret married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. But they divorced in 1978. They had a son David and a daughter Sarah at the time of divorce. The picture shows the happy moments of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones. The princess is wearing a round hat and holding her newborn daughter Sarah.

Princess Margaret In Search Of Positivity

In Search Of Positivity

Divorce brought much negative publicity to her, but it had nothing to do with her influence on fashion those days. And this controversial member of the British royal family continued to reign the fashion world despite her tumultuous personal life. Here she’s posing before the Eiffel Tower and the dress she is wearing had been designed by the fashion house of Dior. According to newspaper reports, that was an exclusive dress designed for the princess that was also a fashion icon.

Princess Margaret Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace

Throughout her life, Princess Margaret was known for wearing luxurious fabrics and accessorizing her dresses with diamonds and pearls. The pearl necklace visible in this rare colored photograph of the bygone era belongs to Her Majesty Queen Mary, the grandmother of Princess Margaret. She received this priceless pearl necklace as a gift from her grandmother. She continued to lead a fashionable life even after her divorce and, according to a French-British international monthly magazine, Marie Claire, the princess refused to compromise on her lifestyle later in life.

Princess Margaret Diamond Necklace

Princess Margaret Pictures Of Diamond Necklace

This close-up photo gives a glimpse of her personality and the confidence she had in her influence on the fashion world. Here the make is minimal and the hairstyle is simple. But Princess Margaret didn’t forget to wear a diamond necklace to complete her look. And you can see that the necklace design blends well with skin color. The photo was taken while the princess was sitting comfortably on a luxurious couch and she gave a cute smile to the photographer who took the shot from her right. She turned her head towards the camera focused her eyes on the lens and smiled.

Princess On A State Tour

On A State Tour

After World War, Princess Margaret with the royal family embarked on a state tour of Southern Africa. It was a three-month-long visit and it was the first time that Princess Margaret visited any country. On coming back to England, she said that she remembered every minute of the visit. The picture shows Princess Margaret inspecting the troops and taking salute during her state visit to Kenya. As a beautiful young woman with vivid blue eyes, Princess Margaret enjoyed socializing with high socialites post World War. The press also portrayed her as one of the most celebrated socialites of the world post the war.

Princess Margaret Royal Family

With Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Princess Margaret had a very amicable relationship with her sister, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. And this picture is a testimony to their good chemistry. It is a rare picture taken during a play where Elizabeth essayed the role of Alladin. The two sister looks very similar as they have similar dresses, necklaces, and hairstyles. Princess Migrate standing right to Elizabeth looks much relieved.

Princess With Her Sister

Pictures Of Princess Margaret On Time Magazine

Time Magazine’s 13 June 1949 issue carried the picture of Princess Margaret on its cover page. In the image, Princess Margaret is seen carrying an umbrella. Her dress looks formal and she’s without formal makeup or accessories except the red lipstick to highlight her beautiful lips. But the beauty of the image is the flowers that seem to be posing in the background. It seems that they want to get clicked with the beautiful face of Princess Margaret. There are a total of four flowers in red and white. Time Magazine publishing her image on its cover page is proof of her influence in the world of fashion.

Princess Margaret On Time Magazine

Royal Relations

Relations always remain young as seen in this photograph. Here Princess Margaret is seen sitting in a cart with her sister Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The picture was taken during an official celebration. Princess Margret in a parrot green dress with a matching floral hat looks like a fashion icon. Her age is hidden behind her broad smile. She wasn’t well during her last days and she had also undergone a lung operation. But this photograph says a different story about her health and life. Princess Margaret was young from the heart.

Princess With Queen Elizabeth

Princess Margaret breathed her last on 9 February 2002, in the King Edward VII’s Hospital, London. She was 71 at the time of her death. According to her wishes, her funeral was kept private only for friends and family at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

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