10 Times Amy Lee Caught Without Makeup

Amy Lee

Born: 13 December 1981, Riverside, California, U.S.
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Years Active: 1995-present
Height: 1.60 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Skin Tone: Pale Skin
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Body Measurement: 34-28-35

It was in early childhood that Amy Lee developed a passion for piano but took the music seriously on under the influence of classical music. From an early age, she knew that music was her future. Lee started writing poetry at age 10 and won the Songwriter Icon Award from the National Music Publishers Association after 17 years in 2008.

Lee developed a fashion style inspired by Victorian-era clothing and gothic makeup that made her popular as a ‘gothic rock superstar’ and a ‘style icon’. Today she designs most of her attires, especially those worn in music videos and concerts. Also, she’s conscious of her beauty and overall health.

In 2011, Lee made a startling revelation about her wardrobe. First, she allowed the media to peep inside her wardrobe and then said she liked to design her dresses because only she knew what she wanted to wear. She said she liked ‘asymmetrical things’ and had a little bit of chaos in her outfits.

Amy Lee is a popular singer who has graced the covers of almost all leading international fashion magazines. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she looks beautiful in every dress. But there is little information available about her makeup. Just like dresses, she must be independent in her makeup selection.

The recent pictures of Amy Lee prove that she wears makeup but it is also true that she looks more beautiful when goes out without makeup. And there have been many instances when Lee was caught and photographed without makeup. But she never objected to anyone clicking her pictures when she had no makeup.

Let’s see how Amy Lee looks in natural beauty

  1. Naturally Beautiful
Naturally Beautiful

It isn’t a close shot but you can see her green eyes clearly in the picture. Also, the pale tone of her skin looks improved in the image. It is the best picture without makeup because it has brought her natural beauty. And it can’t be said that the singer has little need to wear makeup while giving stage performances.

  1. Looking Eye2Eye
Looking Eye2Eye

The confidence seen in the eyes of the singer isn’t a product of photography but developed by years of practicing. Amy Lee lives music. She always and only thinks about music. She has her hair open for the picture and she’s a little bothered about her makeup. Music is her life and during her school days, she would often jam with musicians at her house.

  1. Oldie

It is the real beauty and it can be said that the picture was clicked in her early teens. Also, it could be taken just before a music video or concert. The way Amy Lee is smiling at the camera shows that she wants to express her confidence that she looks beautiful even without makeup. But she didn’t forget to bring her long locks forward. Her locks seem to be framing her rectangular face.

  1. Interacting With Media
Interacting With Media

Amy Lee has high cheeks that are prominent features of a rectangular face. In this picture, she looks dressed and ready to hit the stage. But she hadn’t done any makeup. And I must say that she looks her best in this natural pose. She has green eyes, pale skin tone, pink lips, and black hair. She has groomed her eyebrows and combed her hair but she didn’t need any makeup.

  1. Recording Without Makeup
Recording Without Makeup

Yes, she didn’t make up during a recording session. But what you see here is a natural beauty. Amy Lee looks beautiful in a pink top because the color of the top matches well with her skin tone. Also, her neatly tied hair allows full exposure of her facial features including high cheeks, a broad forehead, and a broad smile. She is without makeup but looks very beautiful.

  1. Shy Amy Lee
Shy Amy Lee

Another old picture from her collection shows another side of Amy Lee. The singer who looks confident while facing the camera looks a little shy in this image. But it is an old picture and it could be from her struggling phase. But it can be said that the singer is naturally beautiful. The way the singer is standing seems like she was working on a musical instrument at the time of photography.

  1. Outdoor Shooting
Outdoor Shooting

One thing that can be said about Amy Lee’s fashion is that she loves long and flowing hair. The picture was taken during an outdoor shoot and there are reasons to believe that the dress she’s wearing has been designed by her. While she could go makeup-less but she won’t forget designing her dresses.

  1. Happy To Be Clicked
Happy To Be Clicked

Someone caught Amy Lee without makeup and clicked the moment before she was gone. Also, the singer was happy to be clicked by an amateur photographer. Lee has let her hair flow freely in this picture too. But it seems that she quickly brought her flowing locks forward in a face-framing position to improve her look.

  1. Shopping

Like any other woman, Amy Lee loves shopping and sharing her shopping experiences with others. Here she’s showing what she has bought from the market. She has plus-size footwear in her hand and it is not for her. And the way she’s indicating the shoe shows that she’s curious about that piece of footwear.

  1. Making A Statement
Making A Statement

Amy Lee has millions of fans and they miss no opportunity to meet their favorite singer. But sometimes Lee comes out to meet her fans and allows them to know more about her. This picture is taken during such an interaction. And here Lee seems a little bit conscious about the look. She has tied her hair carefully with a hairband. Also, she’s focusing on the table. It seems she’s reading a statement for her fans and media.

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