7 Awesome Websites to Buy Beauty Products in India

Virtual world denies physical barrier but you need a website to connect to the web physically. And if you are a fashionista, the need of a fashion website becomes more important. Here’re the sites where you can find all the international beauty products you find in rave reviews.

1. Feel Unique

This UK based website is one of the largest stores of beauty products in Europe. It boasts of more than 15000 products in stock and it makes free delivery to India for orders over 60 GBP. Also, the customers get 15% off on their first orders.

Feel Unique

2. Beauty Bridge

The USP of this site is discount and free samples. Visitors get 3 free samples for trial and buyers are offered products at a discounted price. This online retailer always gives discount.

beautybridge logo

3. Cult Beauty

For those who want to follow celebrities would like buying cosmetics from this site. This retailer tells which cosmetics have achieved cult-status and which cosmetics are hot favorites of celebrities. Also, it offers free returns.

Cult Beauty

4. Look Fantastic

This e-store almost every brand in stock with free international shipping facility. Also, it offers free gifts with every purchase and 10% off for new customers.

Look Fantastic

5. Shopmissa

This retailer offers everything from leading brands to new launches at $1. The offer is too good to believe but it is true. In addition to cosmetics, it has jewelry and accessories.


6. Purplle

This website is presently focusing only on India and it offers every cosmetic from drugstores to leading fashion brands. International beauty productsnot available in India can be found on this site. Also, it promises an attractive price.


7. Natural Mantra

It is a great website for buying beauty products because it has a large collection of natural, ayurvedic and other eco-friendly cosmetics. Also, the site has a panel of skin specialists that fashion conscious people can approach for beauty solutions.

Natural Mantra

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