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Best Beauty Tips and Tricks You’ve Gotta Try

With the world revolving around beauty pageants and Miss world’s, each and every girl out there wants to look her best. They invest so much time and money for their beauty. But you will find a lot of beauty hacks to help you look wonderful.

We have compiled a list of beauty tips for your skin and hair to make you look the best.

Stop Your Eyeliner

Does your eyeliner dependably deteriorate while putting it on? Our allies recommend beauty tips like forsaking it in the cooler for 15 minutes going before applying your beautifying agents.It should skim along your lash line consistently after that.

In case you’re out of shaving cream, foam your legs with conditioner rather than the cleanser. The conditioner will relax the hair on your legs, making it simpler to shave (and it will leave your skin feeling additional luxurious). This is an ideal skin care routine you can follow to keep your legs smooth.

Wash Hair With Beer Or Vinegar

Washing your hair with brew reestablishes dampness to your locks while utilizing vinegar will raise the stakes in sparkle. Absorb your hair either fluid (not in the meantime) for a couple of minutes, at that point flush with chilly water.

Turn Up The Heat

For curlier, flirtier lashes, the masters at You Beauty recommend warming your lash styler with a hair dryer for five to eight seconds already contorting them.… Read the rest

nivea fresh revive 3 in 1 dry shampoo review

Nivea Fresh Revive 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo Dark Review

This one is a great option for all sportsmen and especially for those who are mostly doing touring jobs because it gives you the same freshness and looks to your hair as you get after washing hair. It is a decent dry shampoo from the Nivea. This gives extra cleansing without any irritation to your scalp.  It is an exclusive product which is available for 3 skin type such as light, medium, and dark. It is suitable for the dark skin type so you do not feel any side effect and irritation after applying it.

Nivea Fresh Revive 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo Dark is Amazing Refreshing Shampoo


Nivea Fresh Revive 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo Dark is a right decision to deal with because it will be a perfect partner if you are going for the family trip and picnic as well. It gives refreshing hair without any oil or Dirty texture. It is a lightweight formula that never makes your scalp exaggerated. You do not need to worry about anything because it is already a Dermatologist recommended brand.

nivea fresh revive 3 in 1 dry shampoo review Now, Look Out Some Of Its Amazing Pros:

  • Perfect Substitute

It is a perfect substitute for the daily shampoos even it is good who do not want to wash their hair daily or after the interval of 2 days. For your laziness and sometimes for your genuine problem you can replace your normal shampoo with this dry dark shampoo to wash your hair.

  • Quick

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the body shop vitamin c energizing face mist review

Here’re 10 Best The Body Shop Face Creams

Availability of a wide range quality skin care products makes the Body Shop the best site to shop for a face cream. It offers the SPF 15 rich Pomegranate Firming Day Lotion for a clear wrinkle-free face; mineral-rich Seaweed Oil-Control Overnight Gel for oil balancing and Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion for age free skin.

It’s necessary to go the range of creams if you want to compare Body Shop cream with others

  1. Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion: Suitable for all skin types, it protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays

Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion


  1. Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream: Ideal for combination skin, this gel formula gives a matte, shine-free complexion with its oil balance formula.

seaweed body care day cream

  1. Aloe Soothing Day Cream: Formulated without additives, this gentle moisturizes sensitive skin with its pure community trade aloe.

the body shop aloe soothing day cream

  1. Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30: Great for daily use, the SPF30 moisturizer hydrates and protects the skin from sun and pollution.

vitamin c glow protect lotion

  1. Aloe Soothing Night Cream: This velvet aloe night cream restores nourishes, softens and soothes sensitive skin with pure trade aloe oil.

aloe night cream

6. Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalizing Cream: This silky daily cream is rich in three precious seed oils – black cumin, camellia and rosehip.

oils of life™ intensely revitalizing cream

  1. Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream: Made with three plant stem cells, this velvety cream can delay eruption of first signs of aging with organic babassu oil and other ingredients.

drops of youth™ youth cream

  1. Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet: This Vitamin E rich moisturizer keeps skin nourished all the day. It gives 24h hydration for a cooler and softer
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5 Reasons for Using Antioxidant Skin Care Products

Antioxidants are what your skin needs more than anything else. You might have heard about chemical properties of antioxidants and read how they are good for skin care but it is much easier to understand benefits of antioxidants with examples.

Here’re top 5 benefits of antioxidants

1.Pollution control: It is surprising to know that pollution causes maximum damage to the skin. The pollutants could trigger the signs of aging like dark spots under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. If you go through theskin care tips, you will find mention of pollution as the biggest threat to skin. But antioxidants can defend your skin from pollution.

2. Firmer skin: Regular use of antioxidants would improve skin health and make you look younger even in advance age. Aging would have little effect on your skin when antioxidants are present in the skin.

3.Removes wrinkles: A wrinkled skin is a sign of aging but, in reality, more than aging, it is a sign of lack of care and nutrients. With antioxidants, you can supplement your skin withthe necessary nutrients and get back the lost glow and shine.

4. Safety from scar: Rigid scar tissue could make your skin look dull and lifeless. This tissue has a different structure that makes it stand out from other tissues. And it is only antioxidants that can prevent the formation of scar tissues.

5. Sun protection: If you don’t want the sun to bake your skin then start using antioxidantsskin care products. The … Read the rest

How Is This Antioxidant Lip Balm Different From Others?

The Organic Pharmacy claims that its antioxidant lip balm has many advantages for beautiful lips. And the pharmacy uses the long list of organic ingredients of the balm to support its claim. Also, it shows some initial reviews in favor of the product.

This product looks good in 7ml milky white pack with the branding of The Organic Pharmacy on the top. Also, it packs a long list of organic products.

Size & Packing

It is a white tube of 7ml balm and this color suits to the product that is 100% organic. It’s a handy design that fits decently in hands. The balm is applied directly from the tip of the tube. You only need opening the removable cap of the tube to apply the balm on your lips.


• It contains shea butter, pomegranate, rose hip and vitamin E that protect lips from pollutants and also restores damaged skins on the lips.

• Deep nourishment of the ingredients relieves dry and chipped lips.

• Shea butter is absorbed by the skin and with the butter, the skin takes necessary vitamin supplements including A, E and F. This nourishment increases collagen production that gives plump and hydrated lips.

• The antioxidant properties of the balm reduce environmental effect and impact of aging from the lips.

• Presence of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids makes the balm suitable for itchy skin. It prevents the emergence of fine on lips in the long run.

• The balm works like … Read the rest

7 Awesome Websites to Buy Beauty Products in India

Virtual world denies physical barrier but you need a website to connect to the web physically. And if you are a fashionista, the need of a fashion website becomes more important. Here’re the sites where you can find all the international beauty products you find in rave reviews.

1. Feel Unique

This UK based website is one of the largest stores of beauty products in Europe. It boasts of more than 15000 products in stock and it makes free delivery to India for orders over 60 GBP. Also, the customers get 15% off on their first orders.

2. Beauty Bridge

The USP of this site is discount and free samples. Visitors get 3 free samples for trial and buyers are offered products at a discounted price. This online retailer always gives discount.

3. Cult Beauty

For those who want to follow celebrities would like buying cosmetics from this site. This retailer tells which cosmetics have achieved cult-status and which cosmetics are hot favorites of celebrities. Also, it offers free returns.

4. Look Fantastic

This e-store almost every brand in stock with free international shipping facility. Also, it offers free gifts with every purchase and 10% off for new customers.

5. Shopmissa

This retailer offers everything from leading brands to new launches at $1. The offer is too good to believe but it is true. In addition to cosmetics, it has jewelry and accessories.

6. Purplle

This website is presently focusing only on India and it offers every cosmetic from drugstores … Read the rest

Sugar All Set to Go Translucent Powder Review

There are many translucent powders available in the market. But research reads that not one brand fits all. If a brand fits the Asian skin, then another brand may fit the European skin.

Sugar launches its revolutionary All Set to Go Translucent Powder which majorly fits all skin types all over the globe.


  1. Absorbs oil from the skin leaving a shine on the face after applying to makeup,
  2. Long stay and gives a lasting effect on the face
  3. Acts as a concealer to hide visible ageing lines and facial pores
  4. Perfect look for all skin types
  5. Safe for use, as it does not affect the makeup applied
  6. A light weight powder
  7. Lasts for a duration of nine long hours
  8. With competitions from other brands, it is the Sugar and spice that makes every woman appear nice!


  • Mini Compact Square shaped jar with a puff soft enough for the most sensitive skin type.
  • Mirror, with a comparison to other brands which do not provide the same.
  • Travel friendly size


  • Does not consist of:
  • Parabens Oil
  • Mineral or relevant oil
  • Free from chemicals like D5
  • Does not contain any nano ingredient
  • Does not test on animals
  • An Italian formulation


  • Face talc
  • Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate
  • Polymethyl Methacylate
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Hexylen Glycol

Product Cost

Five hundred and 550 INR

Quantity and size

7  grams

Best before Usage

Duration of about two and a half years from the date it has been manufactured.

This product is reasonably priced as compared … Read the rest

Meghan Markle’s Beauty and Daily Diet Plan Secrets

Meghan Markle’s Daily Diet – Exploring what the future Royal Do every day

Here are some favorite foods and go-to meals that comprise Meghan Markle’s Daily Diet:

Meghan Markle’s  Some Images

  1. Hot Water & Lemon

Everyday morning, her first drink is hot water with freshly squeezed lemon. Enjoying a cup of hot water and lemon has been linked to better digestion.

  1. Steel-Cut Oats combined with Agave Syrup and Banana

Markle’s says that the healthiest way to cook steel-cut oats is a very easy for any home cook. Agave syrup is blameless as long as you branch beyond a fitting serving size.

  1. Acai Bowls

Markle frequently chooses to eat freshly blended Acai bowls combined with plenty of fresh sliced fruits and toppings.

  1. Daily Green Juice

Green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for her. She likes her green juice to a late-afternoon cup of coffee.

  1. Grilled Fish Tacos

Markle loves to enjoy fish tacos by including a flaky white fish topped with grilled onions and peppers along with a pinch of lime juice.

  1. Grilled Steak

Markle chooses to enjoy a hearty yet healthy steak along with a trick she applies to enhance any flavor profile you might be working with i.e. a splash of lemon juice. She says that the lemon helps to really bring out the steak’s flavor.

  1. Hearty and Healthy Pasta Dishes

When Markle tucks into a bowl of pasta, there is a delicious way she makes the starchy meal healthier and more nutritionally redeeming. Her secret to a delicious … Read the rest

Meghan Markle’s facialist shares an effortless routine that can be tried out at home for glittering skin

Meghan Markle has undeniably an attractive and glowing skin. She attributes the same to her best-loved facialist, Nichola Joss based in London. Nichola is renowned for her approach to facial massage, a less complicated practice she believes is essential to every skincare regimen, which softens fine lines and brightens tired skin.


Meghan who is a longtime client has attributed her radiant complexion and “carved” cheek bones and jawline to Nichola.  There is a reason she is in high demand around the award season whenever any celebrity would wish to look A-plus, says Meghan.


We hereby present below a simple beauty tips routine suggested by Nichola that will optimize skin restoration, nourish and feed as well as repair, regenerate and restore.

The skin care tips as recommended by Nichola are as follows:

Allocate some time in the morning

She suggests refreshing the pH balance of your skin with a toner or exfoliating solution. Following this, she advises people to put their actives on i.e their serums, antioxidants, and peptide, things of that sort. She then advises to take 10 minutes to get your hair dressed, and to have a little time in between. Following this you may put on your moisturizer and your SPF, and now you are all set for makeup.

Double cleansing at night

It is highly ideal to double cleanse when you get back by the end of the day. In the first cleanse, she suggests using an oil, which will remove topical dirt, grime and … Read the rest

Kylie Jenner talks about her beauty secrets and the reason behind using 2 shades of Mascara

Kylie Jenner has shared some makeup tips to put a complete stop to all other make-up tutorials, and almost done a 11-minute video with Vogue United States that details her summer make-up look. Kylie Cosmetics, the trusted beauty brand of Jenner is estimated to be worth a billion dollars by 2020.

Here is a lesson from the beauty blog of Jenner to Vogue:

Eyes first always, and then the base

Like a professional, Jenner applies her eye make-up as the first step, and notes that a fall out from an eyeshadow could ruin your base if you do foundation before the eyes. As she wipes off the excess and moves on she says that the eyeshadow falls down and then your face will not be attractive anymore.

Do your lips with eyes closed

Jenner bets the audience that she can line her lips with her eyes closed, taking to her pout with nude coolers. Jenner says this, before doing just that and lining her lips precisely.

Baking is everything for Jenner

The reality star says that she cannot do her make-up without baking, while applying a lighter powder to her jawline in order to set and brighten the bottom half of her face.

Jenner’s daily routine comprise of 2 shades of Mascara

Jenner goes with Dior’s Diorshow black mascara on her top lashes and reveals that she prefers brown on the bottom lashes, feeling that black is “excessive”. She feels that it is actually against the rules in the last … Read the rest