Can you swim in Jell-O Pool?

The biggest challenge for Engineer- Can you swim in Jell-O Pool?

The Jell-O pool is an interesting idea for extreme fun. When you think of this actually, that’s really obdurate, but it’s quite cool to try something new. Isn’t it?

Jell-O has boiled to dissolve and refrigerator to set. It’s really difficult to do in a big pool.

Good news!

A Former Engineer, Mark Rober made possible and assembled the world’s largest Pool of Jell-O. The idea behind the manufactured Jell-O pool is only to create something new for children and youth.

Well, everyone knows some idea is interesting and loaded with extreme enjoyment, but they are quite difficult to present them in reality. The Jell-O pool is one such idea that has been tried by almost everyone, but they failed.

Mark Rober has years of a dream to build a Jell-O pool. After doing homework on Jell-O and its scientific points as temperature, hardness and firmness of Jell-O, how hot and cool temperature Jell-O need for firmness.

After six month planning and with his hard work plus intensive labor, he finally made it.

This was not an easy task. Jell-O requires to heat it to very hot temperature before cooling it. It does not like you just put the powder in water to heat and use the refrigerator to set. We have to make a pool.

This required six 55-gallon drums with both heating and hose system. With limited time he found perfect weather to boil to set down. It took an intensive week to put it all together. Finally, the results speak and Jell-O Pool is created.

Children and youth find this pool amazing for fun. It is a good idea which is better than a million Orbeez water balls.  

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