Cool Ideas For Pool Parties

A pool is a party venue or it will be better to say that you can turn a pool into a venue by decorating it. And you don’t spend lavishly on pool decoration. Depending on your budget and are available, you can host a big birthday party or a small bachelorette party.

If you are planning a party then you should go to a pool where you can enjoy the weather, soak in some Vitamin D, and have a great time with water floatables.

Preparing For A Perfect Pool Party

Perfect Pool Party

Clean the pool and the lounging area for the party. Also, carry out whatever small repair work the pool needs to get ready for the party.

Send Invitation: Prepare the list of guests you want to invite to the party and send them invitations. Design the invitation in such a manner that it gives an idea about the event.

Decoration: Pool decoration is different as it doesn’t need lighting or balloons. You need pool furniture and umbrellas to provide shade to the guests. But don’t overspend on decoration as food and drinks are more important.

Food & Drinks: For the pool party, you need cool beverages and appetizers. Also, keep the party theme and individual tastes of guests in mind while selecting a menu. In food, you can keep appetizers, snacks, and drinks.

Decoration Ideas For A Pool Party

Decoration Ideas

Focus on decoration as it will set the mood and encourage your guests to have a gala time under the open sky. For decoration, you can choose a specific theme.

Bohemian Look: It is a super-relaxed set up for a cocktail party. And you only need to arrange some cushions and pillows around a long table to get this look. It will suit bachelor parties.

Beach Theme: A pool can’t be converted into a beach but you can try giving the feel of a beach by covering the chairs with beach towels and creating artificial waves in the pool.

Formal Evening: If you want to keep things simple, you can plan a formal evening where your guests can join you in formal dresses. It is how working professionals like to party. If it is a weekend party, you can make it a formal evening.

Punch And Floats: Give some fruit punches to your guests with some soft drinks of their choice. Also, decorate the party tables with seasonal flowers.

Sunscreen Stall: Treat your guests with hydrating sprays and body mists during summer parties. Also, provide them sunscreen as protection from the sun. But you should take it as an added part. It isn’t necessary.

Ice-Cream Parlor: Your guests will expect ice-creams at the pool party and you shouldn’t disappoint them. Arrange some unique flavors and serve the flavors in waffle cones and hot chocolate sauce.

Pool Birthday Ideas

Pool Birthday Ideas

Celebrating a birthday by a pool is exciting as you can do many things to treat your guests. Here’re some cool ideas for your pool birthday.

Balloons: Decorate the pool with plastic balls and balloons. Also, toss some balloons and inflatables in the water to encourage kids to jump in the water to get the balloons.

Glow Sticks: Placing glow sticks on the pool bottom will glow the water and make it look colorful. Also, you can hang some glow sticks in the bushes. Glow sticks will be a nice addition to your night party.

Snacks: Arrange a wide range of snacks including fruit salad, dips, chips, corns, and everything that can make your guests crazy. And don’t forget to keep cool beverages so your guests don’t remain thirsty.

Bachelorette Party Idea

Bachelorette Party Idea

The pool is the right place to have a gala time with your bachelor gang. There are many ideas to spice up your pool party.

Inflatables: Prepare the pool with inflatables like pool rings and unicorns to enhance the theme. Also, you can add some glow floats and inflatable drink coolers. Explore more options in inflatables for your pool party.

Customized Swimsuits: Choosing a party dress with tags like a girl’s gang will make the party more exciting. Also, it is a great idea to click swimsuit pictures with your bachelor gang. Similarly, you can choose dresses for the men’s gang.

Food & Drinks: Serve the food and drinks that your bachelor gang likes most. But avoid going on too harsh on drinks. Also, use small cups so the guests don’t overdrink.

Spa Time: If budget allows, you can hire pedicure, manicure, facial, and body massage services for the guests. Or you can simply arrange massage chairs for them. Or you can keep lounge chairs for the guests to rest and relax.

Food Ideas For Pool Party

Food Ideas For Pool Party

Food and drink can make or mar your party. First, there should be sufficient to eat and drink. Second, the guests should find the food mouthwatering. Here’re some food ideas for a great pool party.

Appetizers: Serve appetizers to guests on their arrival and keep the food table full of lip-smacking delicacies like grilled zucchini, chicken roasts, salsas, or chips are other good options.

Desert Savory: Dessert is a must for a pool party and you have the option of serving homemade dessert. If you are a good cook, you can take the pool party as an opportunity to impress your guests with your skills. Black current ice cream can be made at home and you can add berries to it. Also, you can serve jelly, funny cupcakes, and popsicles.

Final Thoughts

A pool party is a great idea if you want to celebrate your birthday or it is a simple get-together of friends. The advantage of pool parties is that they can be arranged in a short time and they don’t need much investment. Also, you can enjoy a pool party both day and night. The biggest advantage of pool parties is that you don’t have to wait for an occasion. If you are in the mood to have a party, you can invite your friends and enjoy partying by a pool.

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