Little Known Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely used for healing sunburn and wounds. Also, it is good for treating skin and hair problems like acne, blemishes, hair fall and dandruff. But it is just the start of the health benefits of aloe vera. For example, aloe vera juice could be helpful in reducing constipation and weight and managing diabetes.

Advantages of aloe vera for different ailments


Aloe vera is a natural laxative hence can speed up bowel movement to allow easy excretion of stool. Taking 2-3 tsp of aloe vera juice with same quantity of water empty stomach in morning is enough to ease constipation. 


Aloe vera increases body metabolism resulting in quick weight loss. Taking 2-3 tsp of aloe vera juice with water in morning empty stomach for three months could give exciting results.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1&2)

Aloe vera helps in diabetes management by improving glucose and insulin level in the blood. Also, its antioxidant properties prevent cell damage associated with diabetes. Taking aloe vera juice with water in morning empty stomach can help control diabetes in a better way.

High Cholesterol

Aloe vera can reduce formation and accumulation of bad cholesterol and in this way prevent blockage of arteries in the long run. It contains phytosterols and other compounds like glucomannan, fructose and glucose that are helpful in cholesterol management.

HIV Infection

Aloe vera builds immunity and in this way help in fighting the HIV infection. A study on animals found that aloe vera builds white blood cells that fight infection. 


Aloe vera can work like complimentary therapy in cancer treatment. It builds immunity by increasing number of white blood cells that could be helpful in controlling cancer cells. Also, it can minimize side effects of chemotherapy.


Aloe vera contains biochemical compounds that can help in diffusing stress and depression. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Aloe vera juice can help ease IBD by improving digestion. But there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Precautions with aloe vera

Prolong use of aloe vera could induce diarrhea. Also, it can trigger allergic reaction in people that are already allergic towards garlic and onions. It can also reduce blood glucose and cause low potassium levels.

How to take aloe vera?

Aloe vera is best consumed in juice form. Or you can take aloe vera capsules. For skin treatment, you have creams, lotions and ointments. It can also be mixed in shampoo, conditioners and moisturizers.

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