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Kegel Exercise Positions

4 Kegel Exercise Positions And How Are They Beneficial

Ever since you heard about the Kegel exercise for female and its benefits, you’ve been doing them every day. But the thing is, you haven’t noticed a difference. Does it mean you’re doing them incorrectly? Keep reading, if you want to know what’s going on, exactly.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise positions help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and if you don’t know where and who these muscles are then you should first identify your pelvic muscles.

  1. Try to stop your pee while urinating only to learn how it feels as it could lead to urinary tract infections.
  2. Delay your fart or passing gas when you need to. Your pelvic floor muscles will be stretched and contracted to shut the outlet for the gas to release.
  3. Place a finger into your vagina and squeeze it with the muscles around the vagina. You should feel the pressure on your finger.

The muscles you move during these activities are the pelvic floor muscles you strengthen with Kegel exercise positions. Beginners should start only after finding their pelvic floor muscles. It will help them notice the muscles and notice the difference over time.

How Kegel can impact your quality of life?

With women Kegel exercise routine, you’ll never face issues such as:

  • Leaking pee
  • Urge to pee frequently
  • Leaking poop
  • Pelvic
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Best Fish Oil Supplement

The Top 10 Fish Oil Supplements From Ocean’s Treasures

Natural fish oil is renowned for its cardiovascular benefits. It helps reduce triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and improve overall heart health. In an era where heart disease remains a leading cause of mortality, these benefits are crucial.

Natural Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their numerous health benefits. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, these supplements offer a natural way to boost your heart, brain, and overall health. But with a multitude of fish oil brands available, it’s essential to choose the right one. While traditional fish oil supplements are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, there are plant-based omega-3 supplements available, often derived from algae. These can provide similar health benefits without using fish-derived ingredients.

Some of its great importance in our life is discussed below: –

  • Brain Function: Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil benefits, such as DHA and EPA, play a pivotal role in brain development and cognitive function. In an increasingly competitive and mentally demanding world, maintaining optimal brain health is essential.
  • Inflammation: Fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are invaluable in combating the chronic inflammation associated with various health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, and obesity.
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Buddhist Vipassana Meditation

What You Will Learn In A 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Course?

Vipassana meditation is a Buddhist way of meditating but it is widely followed by people of all faiths. It involves seeing things as they are or special seeing. Here you don’t focus on a task or image but focus on your inner self in a non-judgemental way.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation technique to understand its benefits

Vipassana Meditation Technique

  • Start early in the morning to get calm and tranquillity and devote 10-15 minutes of the day to meditation
  • Set your yoga mat in a quieter area like your study or terrace where you can sit in the state of meditation for some time without any distraction
  • Sit on the mat with your legs crossed and back straightened. Engage your core and relax your body and mind to dive into the state of meditation
  • Close your eyes to connect to your inner self and breathe normally
  • Focus only on your natural breath and how you feel while inhaling fresh air
  • Be mindful of the natural breathing pattern and observe the thoughts coming to your mind without reacting or judging those thoughts
  • Observe the thoughts and the distractions caused by those thoughts. Not attempt to react or control the thoughts to let them subside on their own
  • Keep observing the thoughts and return
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Yoga Workout For Osteoporosis

Strengthening Bones: A Comprehensive Guide To Exercise And Osteoporosis Management

Osteoporosis is a very severe condition in which the bones of an individual gets very weakened and narrows that in turns affect the quality of a life and also increases the chances of bone fracture. There is a very strong belief and suggestion by numerous of physiotherapist that, effective daily workout and exercise can help in declining the severe effect of this note, we are going to tell you about those various exercises and strategies to compete with the effect of osteoporosis and win the battle against it.

Workout For Osteoporosis

Yoga, with its emphasis on gentle movements and flexibility, offers a holistic approach to workout for osteoporosis managing osteoporosis. Specific yoga poses can help in enhancing bone health without causing excessive strain on vulnerable bones. Poses like the tree pose, cat-cow stretch, and gentle twists promote balance, flexibility, and core strength, all while minimising the risk of fractures. Regular practice of these poses can contribute to better bone health over time.

Workout Routine For Osteoporosis

Crafting a workout routine tailored to osteoporosis requires careful consideration of safety and effectiveness. Begin with a warm-up that includes light cardio and gentle stretches to prepare your muscles and joints for the main workout. For the core, focus on exercises like seated marches, seated leg lifts, and abdominal bracing. In a HIIT routine, opt for low-impact movements such as marching in place, step-ups, and seated … Read More

Yoga Poses For Kids

Yoga Playtime: Fun And Mindfulness For Kids

> Yoga is an Indian spiritual art; it is an old age-art which provides millions of people in this world a better state of mental and physical health. The importance of Yoga in human life is to manage stress-level or we can say that mental health. Basically, it helps the human to think properly and in self-realisation. The main purpose of yoga for kids is to improve health and better well-being. It is the combination of physical health and mental peace. Always Yoga took its better position to provide human better health. It is not just about the exercise; it provides mental peace and self- realisation. As we know how many health benefits Yoga has provided us.

Yoga For Kids

Due to the many ways children can benefit from a regular yoga practice, some schools have begun to integrate yoga into their curriculum, programs, and philosophies. However, this change has only been made in a fraction of schools worldwide, and a lot of kids do not receive the opportunity to do and learn about yoga.

Yoga for kids is also taking importance in a kid’s life. Nowadays, kids are busy to doing their regular curriculum, maximum time in scrolling phone, seeing cartoon and get irritated at that time Yoga plays important role to stop their irritation level and mental health. Some schools aggregate Yoga steps for kids in … Read More

Pre Workout Meal At Home

Powering Your Performance: The Ultimate Pre-Workout Diet Guide

The Importance of a Pre Workout Diet, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, you’ve probably heard the term “pre workout diet” floating around the fitness world. Fueling your body before hitting the gym or engaging in physical activity is crucial for optimal performance and results.

But the benefits of a pre workout diet go beyond the physical. They inject a sense of enjoyment and humor into the fitness world, making it more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. Who wouldn’t want to laugh while working on their abs?

Pre Workout Diet

Furthermore, these pre-workouts foster a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts. Picture a group of individuals with pints in hand, laughing and encouraging each other as they embark on their fitness journey. It’s a social experience that breaks down barriers and creates lasting connections.

Of course, it’s important to note that a pre workout diet and an overall active lifestyle should complement beer belly exercises. It’s not a magical solution that will erase all beer-related consequences. Moderation and consistency are key.

So, whether you’re a self-proclaimed beer aficionado or simply someone looking for a fresh and unconventional approach to fitness, a pre workout diet might be the answer you’ve been searching for. Raise your … Read More

Best Dementia Workout

Empowering Minds: Understanding Dementia And Nurturing Cognitive Health

Dementia is a very rare neurological condition .It majorly affects cognitive functions, memory, and day to day activities. While there is no cure of dementia by a particular medicine , research suggests that regular exercise can help in improving the wellbeing of individuals who are affected from dementia and quality of life for individuals living with dementia exercise. Regular and proper Exercise can help in regulating cognitive function, reducing behavioural symptoms, enhancing mood, and maintaining physical function.

Dementia Exercise

Dementia Walking Exercise

Dementia Walking Exercise

Walking is a simple and dementia exercise activity that provides numerous benefits for individuals with dementia. It improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and enhances balance and coordination. Taking regular walks in a safe and familiar environment can also provide a sense of independence and prevent mood swinging.

Tai Chi Dementia Exercise

Tai Chi is a quite gentle and slow-moving exercise that combines flowing movements with deep breathing which can be collectively called as meditation. It has been very beneficial in improving balance, reducing falls, and in promoting relaxation and widely helps in stress reduction, which can be beneficial for individuals with dementia.



Dancing is not only enjoyable but also an effective way to engage both the body and the mind. It … Read More

belly fat exercise

Tackling Belly Bulge

Are you tired of the proverbial beer belly that seems to have made itself at home around your waistline? It’s time to raise a glass to a new fitness trend that promises to tackle this amusing yet stubborn problem head-on: beer belly exercises.

Yes, you heard it right. Fitness enthusiasts and beer lovers are tapping into a unique approach to shedding those extra pounds accumulated from indulging in their favorite brews. This unconventional workout routine combines the love for beer with the determination to achieve a trimmer physique, creating a harmonious blend of fun and fitness.

Beer Belly Exercises

Gone are the days of feeling guilty about enjoying a cold with friends. With beer belly exercises, you can turn your guilty pleasure into a catalyst for positive change. Imagine raising your glass, not just to the taste of that hoppy goodness, but also to a healthier and more toned version of yourself.

The concept behind beer belly exercises is simple yet ingenious. It involves incorporating beer-related elements into your beer belly workout routine to engage the specific muscles often neglected by traditional practices. From keg lifts to pint curls, these exercises target the abdominal area and strengthen the arms, shoulders, and core.

But the benefits of beer belly exercises go beyond the physical. They inject a sense of enjoyment and humor into … Read More

Cervical Pain Treatment[:id]Cervical Pain Treatment

Yoga For Cervical Pain

If you have pain in the neck and you are looking for the best cervical pain treatment then try yoga. Cervical pain can’t be cured overnight because the problem likes in your lifestyle.

Wrong sitting posture and keeping your neck in one position for a long time are the most common causes of straining the neck muscles resulting in stiffness and pain. A painkiller medicine can provide relief for some time but the pain will come back as soon as the medicine loses its effect.

The advantage of yoga exercises is that they work from within. Exercising de-stresses muscles reduces inflammation, develops mobility, and eases pain. Also, the results are more long-lasting than those achieved with medicines.

Practice These Yoga Asanas For Cervical Pain Treatment

Child Pose (Balasana)

Child Pose (Balasana)

It calms down the tensed nerves causing neck pain and relaxes the spine.

How To:

  • Come down on your heels with your hips resting on the heels
  • Lower your body to touch the floor with your forehead, and extend your hands with palms flat on the floor
  • Gently press your chest on your thighs while taking deep breaths
  • Hold the position for up to 3 minutes
  • Slowly get back on to your heels and relax
  • Repeat the pose a couple of times

Extended Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

It stretches the spine and brings fast relief from Read More

Chest Workout For Women

10 Freehand Chest Workouts For Women

How many hours of workout do you give to your chest at home?

Chest exercises are important for everyone, especially women who want perkier breasts and no sagging. Working on your pectoral muscles will straighten your posture, strengthen your shoulders, support the connecting muscles, and sculpt your body from tip to toe.

Benefits Of Chest Workouts For Women

Benefits Of Chest Workouts For Women

Improved Posture

Women doing desk jobs should be careful about their posture as working all day at the desk, especially computers shorten the chest muscle fibers and lengthen the back ones leading to posture deformities. But there is little to worry about your posture if you are doing chest workouts regularly.

Perkier Breasts

Chest exercises will shrink your breasts is a myth as there’s no scientific proof to back this claim. On the contrary, chest exercises work as non-surgical methods of breast augmentation. Chest exercises will improve your posture and augment your breasts as well. And you won’t need any uncomfortable supporting bra to lift your breasts.

Breathe Easier

Chest exercises will open and strengthen your pectoral muscles so you breathe easily. Lengthening the chest fibers will improve breathing and oxygenation to all your muscles. In other words, you will be able to take deep breaths without feeling any commotion in your chest. Pectoral exercises will improve your breathing pattern in the long run.

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