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Health Benefits of Curry Powder

Unknown Health Benefits of Curry Powder which you should know about

In Indian food, curry powder is one of the important ingredients that add flavor and taste to the dish. Some dishes are not completed without this core element. Moreover, the ingredients used in curry powder are mainly handpicked that further comes with various health benefits.

This includes Chilli powder, ground coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and pepper. All these are loaded with healthy benefits that become double when you use it in curry. The combination of both can reload the wellness of a person.

Here are the surprising health benefits of curry powder

Health Benefits of Curry Powder

Curry powder is a high-quality bomb of Indian flavors as well as wellness benefits. When you consume it frequently, it will turn your life immediately by adding up great health. Turmeric is the key component that makes curry superb and offers you the following benefits:

1. Boost Digestion

For healthy digestion turmeric is not only the responsible ingredient, but it aids by the blend of other herbs include in it. This will help to keep the stomach relax from gas, acidity, and infections. Furthermore, it cures diarrhea and vomiting issues.

<3>2. Prevent cardiovascular damage

The curry powder includes sweet basil as well as cardamom that work as a vasodilator. This work as reducing the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and poor blood pressure.

3. Prevent bacteria formation

It includes coriander which has anti-bacterial properties. … Read the rest

Scarlett’s Diet Secrets

Scarlett Johansson Fitness Secrets: How to get a toned body like Scarlett

The Hollywood celebrity Scarlett Johansson is very famous for her fitness regime. The Avengers Actress has a very fit and toned body. For this movie, she toned her body in a very excellent form and she looked superb in the skin fit black cat suit outfit in this film.

For attaining this shape she worked very hard and looked smoky Hot. So, here we share her fitness regime included her Workout routine and diet routine.

Scarlett Johansson Fitness Secret

Workout Secrets:

Monday Routine-

• 15 min Treadmill Warm-up

• 20 min jog

• 20 Speed Lunges

• 10 reverse lunges

• 10 jump squats

• 10 Medicine ball Slams

• 10 lat pulldown with resistance Band

Tuesday Routine-

• 15 min treadmill warmup

• Squats(4 exercises)

• Bicep Curls

• Shoulder press

• Dumbbell chest press (Swiss ball alternating)

• weighted Walking Lunge with Glute Squeeze

• Band Rows(use cable rows)

Wednesday Routine-

• treadmill , a warm-up for 15 mins

• Diagonal Walks with mini bands(10 sets per sides)

• Butterfly steps(5 to 10 each Direction)

• Lifted heel squats(15 reps each side)

• Reverse lunge with Dumbbell press

• Side to side speed Skaters

• T-push-ups

Thursday Routine-

• 15 min workout on the treadmill

• Dumbbell Squats and press

• Biceps into an overhead press

• pushups into side planks

• pull-ups

• Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

• Stomach Crunches X 50

• Alternating Bicycle Crunches X 50

• Plank with Knee … Read the rest

Signs of Obsessed lover

Signs of Obsession: 3 Signs of Obsessed lover, who’s not in love with you

Everyone wants a special one in their life. You are very lucky if you have such a person in your life whom you care about and who cares about you the most. If you have a perfect man in your life who loves you, support you and the best part is he is the man you dream of.

But nowadays, some people obsessed with their lover and torture her partner in a very bad manner. They use to ghost them, chase them and suffocate them. The person who never give their partner free time or doesn’t like they spend their time with anyone else except them like family or friends.

Signs of Obsessed lover

So, here we share some signs of obsessive lovers:

• When they become too clingy

I know it feels so good if your special one is on your side always and spend a lot of time with you in your starting relationship but when later on they do the same thing becomes too much. Because everyone needs their alone time or like to spend their time with their friends and family.

If your partner doesn’t understand this then it means that they suffer from a mental health issue. So, when it going to be too late you must apart from that type of lover that’s better for you.

• When he continues to text you in every 15 minutes

It feels so amazing if you get the first-morning message and lastly good night text from your sweetheart. But it … Read the rest

Eating fish and drinking red wine

Eating fish and drinking red wine will give you smooth and flawless skin

On seeing other girls or women having smooth and white skin like marble and rosy pink glow in their face, we feel so jealous that why our skin is not like their skin! So, to get beautiful and flawless skin is very easy. As you work hard to lose your weight and stay toned similarly you have to strict to hard work for attaining smooth skin. If you eat the right food then it directly affects the health and aging of your skin.

So, here we share some hacks that help you to get flawless and smooth glowing skin:

Eat Fatty fish

Eat Fatty fish

Fat is very important to attain healthy skin. Fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, and salmon are brilliant for your healthy skin. These fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for maintaining healthy skin. These omega-3 fatty acids are useful to keep our skin supple, moisturized and thick.

The deficiency of this fatty acid may cause dry and dead skin. These fats in fish reduce puffiness, which generally causes acne and redness. Omega fats in fish also make your skin less delicate to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Fatty fish is the major source of vitamin E, it is the essential antioxidant for healthy skin. It protects your skin from inflammation and free radicals.

Drink Red wine

Drink Red wine

Red wine contains the compound that comes from red grapes skin named as resveratrol. It is the compound containing a wide range of benefits … Read the rest

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

The best weight loss method is to take a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. These two methods are an important method to stay fit and help to achieve a healthy and fit body.

As we all know if you want are not in shape and want to lose weight, you must eat healthy, and low-fat food. With this, you have to do workout regularly.

The time of exercising and the time of eating also affect your body and weight. So it is very important to schedule diet and workout chart properly. For the better result, you must exercise before Breakfast, this could double your ability to burn fat.

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Is working out morning burn fat faster?

Recently, we studied that workout before eating can lose much weight and burn more calories than workout after eating. The foreign researchers supervise the experiment on many overweight men and ask some of them to exercise before eating a morning meal and other to work out after eating lunch or dinner. And decide that exercise in the early morning before eating anything can help to lose the double amount of weight and burn calories.

The experts also declared that workout during vacant stomach had a better response to insulin and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes. So that eating before exercise can bring a lot of positive changes to our full health.

So, if you are ready to work out before eating anything then keep these important tips in your mind-

• … Read the rest

Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment

What is Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment?

Sinusitis is a disease in which the sinuses are blocked with phlegm and become inflamed. This disease affects all the age groups and sex also. The children suffer from viral infections and cold leads to sinusitis and as well as for Asthma patients. This medical condition lasts for 12 weeks cause lots of irritation and discomfort.

What are the causes of Sinusitis?

It is a very common medical problem caused mostly due to cold, infection, pollution and allergies. Sinusitis has only four stages acute, sub-acute, Chronic, infected. It also increases due to eating wrong food like spicy, oily, too cold, too hot or dry that are indigestible and very heavy and cause stultification of three doshas. The other factors cause this is dry weather, natural urges of tears sleeping late and night and mostly sleep more in daytime.

Sinusitis and How to prevent this with Ayurveda treatment

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

• Runny or blocked nose

• Feeling of heaviness

• Sneezing

• Headache

• Facial tenderness

• Sensitivity to light and sound

• radiating pain in temples

And it leads to body ache, fever and has greenish-yellow nasal Discharge.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for sinusitis1


Most people know hi symptoms but then also ignore it but it is not good to avoid this. They take OTC which gives only short time relief but this problem exasperates in a long time. The Ayurvedic treatment involves the expanding and liquefied of aggravate body energy and also you must use the Ayurvedic diet and herbs with some therapies of the nasal cavity. … Read the rest

Melt Away your Fat Follow these 4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight

Melt Away your Fat Follow these 4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight

It’s hard to find only one workout which almost loved by many people in the fitness industry. But there is only Swimming is the best workout loved by everyone. As we all know that swimming is also known as the leisure exercise which is enjoyed by every age group people.

And it also gives so many benefits. The most important benefit is you can lose weight through this exercise.

It also builds endurance and enhances the lungs. This is a unique workout without getting sweaty and it is a form of strength training also.

So, Here we share some Tricks of Swimming which helps you to lose weight:-

4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight


• The Right Posture

As we all know there are so many different ways of Swimming and each may have different health advantages and also buns different amounts of fats. But the best and effective stroke of all is the butterfly stroke because if it is done accurately you can burn your large amount of fats and calories only in 10 minutes.

• The Correct Diet

The most important thing is if you want to lose weight you have to choose the best workout plan like swimming as well as the right kind of food i.e healthy food. While swimming a lot of energy is consumed and cold water gives rise to your appetite. To avoid overeating and choose green vegetables and protein shake after swimming.

• The Right Extremity

If you are a benchmark is to use the kilos then … Read the rest

Natural Appetite Suppressants That work to lose Weight

5 Effective Natural Appetite Suppressants That work to lose Weight

Losing weight is a very difficult process that anyone can think. But when you go naturally, it takes less time to attain a perfect figure. The Natural Appetite Suppressants that break on your hunger can prevent overeating which causes weight gain.

Natural Appetite Suppressants That work to lose Weight

So, here we introduce top 5 Natural Appetite Suppressants that help to lose weight:

1. Spice it up to your Food– obviously, this may surprise you that spice can also be used as natural Appetite Suppressants because spicy food can help to eat slow and help to feel sooner.

2. Sniff Peppermint– when we smelled a Peppermint every 2 hours for 5 days then it contains only 1,800 fewer total calories that rated they’re and weak the hunger level. For the Appetite Suppressants benefits, you must chew the Peppermint gum, burn the Peppermint candle or drink the Peppermint tea for best results.

3. Use Chia seed as a Topping

Chia seed with yogurt and granola topping snack in a glass

The Chia seeds are full of fiber. So we suggest you sprinkle the seed on yogurt or oatmeal, you can also add the topping of Chia seeds on the pancakes and smoothies. These seeds go into your stomach and swell up to 9 times their size and full your whole tummy for a long time. These are healthy soluble fiber with no side effects. There is also some more soluble fiber like oats, legumes, flaxseed, and asparagus which work the same as Chia seeds.

4. Include an apple a Day in your Diet-

Include an apple a Day in your Diet

The Bauer say that an … Read the rest

The Best 5 Air Purifying Indoor Plants which Detoxify Air

For reducing the Air pollution from your living space you have to choose the right plants which should purify the air inside your house. It’s that, your indoor plants not only look beautiful but helps to clean or purify the air you breathe in.

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, there are various plants detoxify your house from various pollutants, dust, germs, and airborne toxins. 

To give your house a healthy living there is a list of Air Purifying plants which make your home feel fresh:

1. Barberton Daisy- if you are looking for beautiful plants as well as effective plant then must choose the Barberton Dairy. This is a very effective plant that clean all the toxins like trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde found in your indoor household materials from synthetic fibers to paints, etc. Always keep that plant in a room containing some light and soil to keep moist all the time.

2. English Ivy- This is the crawling plant or a vine that crawling up in the wall of your house. It is also like all purifiers plants which are used for effective cleaning of carcinogenic substances from the air of your house. It also helps to Combat the mould level in your indoors.

3. Snake Plant- This plant is also known as Mother-in-law Tongue having tall, green flames like leaves. It is very useful to filter the formaldehyde from the air and prevent us from several breathing allergies. It helps breathe at night while we are sleeping.Read the rest

Dry Brushing The secret of healthy and Glowing Skin

Dry Brushing: The Secret of Healthy and Glowing Skin

Dry Brushing is used to remove all the dead cells off your body. This give you softer and brighten skin. The benefits list of dry Brushing is very long such as it improves circulation, makes your skin glowing, toss out toxins, etc. In facts, some celebrities are a fan of this beauty treatment.

So, here we have shared some facts of Dry Brushing and how to use it.

How to use it?

• First, you should start it at your ankles and gently brush your body with some care in a circular motion towards your heart.

• You should continue your Brushing and while you reach your stomach you should brush your tummy in a counter clockwise direction.

• Now while reaching your back and arms you must brush towards your heart.

• Then take a bath and rinse off. Now apply body moisturizer on your body.

Note- You don’t use dry Brushing on your face.

Dry Brushing The secret of healthy and Glowing Skin

Advantages of dry Brushing

• Exfoliates- Soft dry Brushing peel all the dead cells from your skin and make your body feel better

• Increases Circulation- In general we can say that anything that restorative the crest of the skin will increase the blood circulation. So it may also help to improve circulation.

• Get Rid of Cellulite- There is no particular treatment of cellulite But with the dry Brushing, you can help you to get rid of all this.

So, this is a very smooth and glowing skin treatment with such good Benefits, … Read the rest