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Adding Kohlrabi To Your Diet Will Give You Following Benefits

Kohlrabi is good for your health. It is a cruciferous vegetable but replete with nutrients not found in other vegetables of the cruciferous family. It generally grows in the spring or fall and is consumed fresh. But it can be stored for a couple of weeks so you can add it to your diet.

Storing Kohlrabi

Take fresh pieces of kohlrabi pieces. Choose heavier pieces that are free of cracks. Pack them in a perforated plastic bag and store them in a refrigerator. You can store kohlrabi for two weeks. If you want, you can preserve chopped kohlrabi in perforated … Find more

Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage: Is It Good For Your Skin?

Lymphatic facial drainage massage is a great way to maximize the detoxifying effect of the lymph system that constitutes an important part of the immune system of the human body. And applying proper lymph draining techniques could improve your skin health.

Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

It is a therapeutic massage therapy that involves draining lymphatic fluid through lymph nodes. The therapy removes toxins from facial tissues and prevents skin problems like breakouts and dryness on the skin. On the positive side, the massage would give your face a lovely bounce. It will also balance out the connective tissue called fascia.… Find more

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Eye sensitivity is a common problem but there is little need to worry about it as you can still do eye makeup without facing an allergic situation like irritation and watery eyes. First thing is to know what causes allergies to your eyes and second thing is to buy cosmetics that are safe for your eyes.

Also, you need to keep some tips and tricks in mind that can help wear eye makeup without any allergic reaction. But before you proceed, you should get an education on eye sensitivity.

What Is Eye Sensitivity?

What Is Eye Sensitivity

Eye sensitivity is an allergy to foreign … Find more

Unibrows Waxing

Why Unibrows Grow And How To Remove Them?

Joining eyebrows with unwanted facial hair growing over the nose is called a “unibrow” or “monobrow”, and it is frowned upon in most societies. It is a genetic problem, but there are natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

If you have a unibrow and you want to get rid of the monobrow, you can try a natural way like plucking the unwanted hair. Or you can choose to remove the facial hair permanently.

Here’re the ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair

  1. Plucking

Take a tweezer and start plucking the unwanted unibrow hair one by one. It … Find more

Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With A Bronzer

How To Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With A Bronzer?

Longing for a celebrity-style sun-kissed glow over your face. If yes, then take a bronzer and apply it to the areas where the sun would naturally touch your face. But avoid applying the bronzer all over your face as it will make it appear muddy.

Reasons For Using A Bronzer

While contouring would highlight your facial features, a bronzer a little warmth and glow to those features. Since you will apply bronzer on the areas where then the sun would naturally touch, your face will get a sun-kissed glow. Also, it will make your skin appear healthier. And you can … Find more

Halo Eye Makeup

Beginner’s Guide For Halo Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a lot and for this reason, the first thing you see are eyes. Also, eyes need special attention during makeup for a similar reason. And there are many ways to improve the eyes.

For example, you can groom your eyebrows, add more lashes to your eyes, or make a halo in each eye. For the halo, you will need to work on your eyes. You need to do primer, eyeshadow, and then glitter to create a halo. While it isn’t a difficult job, but you will need some tools and training.

Here’re the things you need to creating Find more

Queer And Trans People Need Inclusive Gyms

Why Do Queer And Trans People Need Inclusive Gyms?

Finally, people with special, women of colour, and those belonging to particular groups like trans have got their personal space to exercise, socialize, and cherish meaningful connections with fellow members.

Inclusive gyms that celebrate people with bodies typically that feel discriminated at conventional gyms are cropping up across the globe. They are making people with special needs, colour, sexual orientation, and religion happy.

If you are someone who wants to exercise but fear discrimination in gyms, then you should cheer up as you can go to an inclusive gym where there is no discrimination.

What is an inclusive gym?

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Brain Gym Exercises

10 Brain Gym Exercises For Kids, Students, Executives, Housewives, And Everyone

Brain exercises can increase your brain function including reading, comprehension, reasoning, and creativity. Also, it can prevent the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases in aging people. The advantage of these exercises is that they can be performed at home.

10 brain gym exercises to boost your brain function

  1. Marching In Place

It is a low-intensity exercise that is great for warming muscles. Also, it improves breathing and coordination between limbs.

Marching In Place

How To:

• Stand straight with your head straight, shoulders rolled up, chest up, and feet hip-width apart
• Start with raising your right … Find more

Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

10 Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Summer isn’t the right time to wear makeup or it would be more appropriate to say that you need to change the way you wear makeup keeping the summer heat in mind.

As soon as you step outside, the hot sun will start baking your makeup. Skin produces excess sweat to cool off but the excess moisture could drain the layers of your makeup. Also, the melted makeup can enter your skin pores and create more problems.

Here’re 10 reliable ways of doing makeup in the summertime

  1. Face Wash With Oil Control Properties
Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Buy a face wash that can soak … Find more

Exercises To Build Your Obliques And Strengthen

12 Exercises To Build Your Obliques And Strengthen Your Core

Obliques are important muscles that support your core movements and strengthen your spine so it remains straight and stable. It is for this reason that most exercises focus on obliques.

Here’re the 12 exercises that can build your oblique muscles. These exercises are simple but they work well for obliques, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and thighs.

  1. Side Planks

The exercise will build your obliques and also improve your core, shoulders, and hips.

Side Planks

How To:

• Lie on your right side with your body from head to toe in a straight line
• Lift your body with … Find more