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Sparkle your black liner

Give Your Boring Black Liner Dramatic Yet Hot Look This Love Season

The season of love is trending and if you are going for a special date, then your ultimate goal is to look stubbing and hot. So, how do you get this look?

Makeup is your answer, but don’t you think it’s high time to bring change on regular makeup? Just imagine you are wearing the same blusher, regular liner, and lip shade, think will you look different? Not at all my friend.

You’re are getting ready for your special day, so try some hottest makeup trends on a liner that may help you to look gorgeous. Well, of course, your dress matters a lot when it comes to putting makeup. If you are wearing bold Red Dress or black classic outfit then having Cat or winged eyeliner goes perfect.

If you’re one who would like to try something new, then this blog is dedicated to all you ladies. In this tutorial, we have shared the best liner trends that you can apply without the help of an expert. With this, we will show you how you get dazzled hot look by just adding a twist in your regular black liner.

1. Sparkle your black liner

Sparkle your black liner

The Delhi based makeup artist gives this unique look. All you need to draw cat or wing eyeliner then add one stroke of sparkle on it. Make sure you are using a glitter eyeliner on … Read the rest

Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra

Want To Get Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra? Here’s How

Inspired by the shimmery eye makeup of actress Priyanka Chopra, many women try sporting metallic shades on their eyes but most of them failed even after recurring attempts. While Priyanka had her beautician for eye makeup, you can follow five rules to pull off that makeup.

Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra

1. Control your excitement

Many women go overboard with the glitter without knowing that it could take the tone of eye shade a few levels up then needed. You should first check the product on your hand to avoid wearing flashy makeup. Also, you can use a black liner and a coat of mascara to highlight the lids.

2. Choose the right glitter

Choose the right glitter

Why not invest on sticks and pencils that could provide a better definition. The objective is to choose the right product for your eye makeup and you should make no compromise in choosing the best product.

3. A piece of advice

You should know that glitter has sharp corners that could hurt your eyes especially cornea, if they enter the eye. You should try glitter only when you are confident that you can manage glitter. Or you should go with sticks and creamy products that are easier to apply. If you wear contact lens, you should avoid glitter makeup.

4. Make the colour pop

Your shimmery eye makeup would pop, if you prepare the lids with a base. The options you have include using a nude shadow or keeping it white. … Read the rest

smashing hot Eye makeup trend

Mermaid Tears is the Smashing Hot Eye Makeup Trend that Every Girl Should Wear

When it comes to eye makeup you just love to do this. After all, smoky eye shadow, sharp black eyeliner, and decent color eye shadow give you sexy appearance. Don’t you think it’s time to try something new? Catching up with the latest beauty makeup trends not just sounds awesome, but also gives you a fresh look that may make you sexy even more.

I know, trying new colors on the eyes can make you unhappy too. But what if those colors create magic in your look?

smashing hot Eye makeup trend

If we talk about the latest eye makeup trend 2019, Mermaid Tears are awesome to try. Even numbers of cool-girls are using this eye makeup hack. And you should try this.

Trending eye makeup colors

Recently, the eye makeup is on the boom. The bright colors are trending everywhere. Makeup artists and numbers of cool girls are opting for these colors and enjoying the new look.

smashing hot Eye makeup trend

Bright colors are used as tear ducts, which we called Mermaid Tears. This looks stunning while wearing. This gives fresh-faced beauty and keeps you more stylish.

How to create Mermaid Tears?

Your first job is to find the perfect bright color that suits you. If you find trouble in selecting a color, just do one thing. Take a color near around eyes and see what looks best, make sure you are seeing color in front of the mirror.

The next is you need a perfect applicator. Choose small size brush that gives a proper finish. If … Read the rest

Pink Kajal Janhvi Kapoor

Pink Kajal- How to Use it Like Hottest Celeb of B-town Janhvi Kapoor

The pink color is known for lipstick and blusher, but nowadays Pink Kajal is taking the cosmetic market to a peak. If you love to do an experiment in make-up or want to try something new, then this pink Kajal can give you a bold look.Well, pink sounds odd, but this latest trend comes into existence from B-town Celeb Janhvi Kapoor. She looks stunning and gives inspiration to girls.

Janhvi spotted with pink eye Kajal makeup in the bridal make-up magazine.She looks stunning in her picture with neon pink Kajal, highlighted cheeks, soft pink lipstick, and simple look.

On the marketplace, there are various brands available for wearing Kajal in which the most popular is Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. This is well-known for great stroke, dramatic look, and staying hours. The other brands like Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Paris, and many more are also on the peak.

Pink kajal in Janhvi Kapoor

To applyLakme Eyeconic Kajalfollow the given steps:

1. If you are trying to use this risky pink color for your eyes, choose a brighter pink shade that suits on your face. Janhvi picked a light pink shade which gives her face rich glow.

2. To make your eyes look bright after this Kajal, make sure you have counter all blemishes under the eyes as dark circles and fine lines.

3. For natural finish must use light mascara for the decent look and define the lashes perfectly.… Read the rest

The Eye Makeup Tricks That Will Make Appearance Young Instantly

Eye makeup is crucial to look younger and tempting. No matter who you’re. Makeup is little tricky especially if you’re a beginner.

Applying eyeliner I feel most difficult. You need sleek, winged, dark or sometimes Smokey eye look and that only befalls when you’re a little expert.

Don’t worry, if you’re beginner or expert must read out following eye makeup tricks that come across by experts. Just follow the simple tips and get beautiful look forever.

  1. Prime your lid

Your first task is to apply primer on lids to get a smooth texture. This increases bendability, which ensures eye shadow never fall or smudge. This keeps your eyes crease free and give a perfect finish.

How to use a primer?

  • Remove excess dirt and oil form eyes with cleanser or pressing dry sponge over lids.
  • Apply oil-free primer according to your skin tone.
  • Must apply dusting powder to create a smooth surface for eye shadow.
  1. Always pick right brush for every task

The power of choosing the right brush is magical and give a smooth finish to your task. This also enhances your makeup finish and provide an intense definition. If you need to work with different tasks like shimmer, eye shadow, Smokey look, etc. choose the right brush accordingly.

  • Blending brush

It is perfect for applying shadow and create definition. Must pick out branded brush for high durability and perfect outcomes.

  • Smudging brush

If you need Smokey eyes or soften eye shadow, smudging brush is perfect to get the … Read the rest

Glossier New 2-In-1 Bubblewrap Cream for Eyes &Lips

Glossier recently launched the new moisturizer Bubblewrap eye+lip plumping cream for gentle care. This product delivers extra care and protection to lips and eyes that it looks smooth and gorgeous. It is one of the best skincare work on tiny and little areas under the skin.

Well, you may find numbers of moisturizer for lips and eyes from different beauty brands, but Glossier new beauty range surely provides you fantastic results that you’re looking for. Lips and eyes are delicate parts of the skin, therefore, it required chemical-free products that go inside and improve dermal structure.

Bubblewrap 2-in-1 moisturizer is a superb beauty product that every girl should add in her makeup kit. This is specially formulated with organic ingredients that work on a deep level and increase the moisture content under the skin to give complete 24 hours protection.


  • Keep skin hydrated
  • Quickly absorbed formula
  • Provide healthy and fresh skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Safe for contact lens user’s
  • Paraben-free and cruelty-free

What ingredients are used in Bubblewrap?

Bubblewrap comes with organic composition. This has a combination of hyaluronic acid with strong hydrators such as avocado and Squalane. This also includes antioxidants to fight with free radicals and prevent damages. Blueberry extract is good to hydrate the skin and give a soft texture.

Your dark circles disappear and lips look moist and free from dryness. All used properties are clinically tested and safe for all skin type.

What customer’s saying about it?

Well, more than 94% of customers are satisfied … Read the rest

Glossier Glitter Gelee: A Multi-dimensional transparent gel to enhance eye appearance

Nowadays, eye makeup looks incomplete without glitter. Wearing glitter boost your mood and confidence. This gives bold and star look to your personality. If you love to wear glitter then don’t miss out Glossier Glitter Gelee. It is a perfect, long-lasting and intense gel that gives you a bold look.

This one-step glitter gel can wear anywhere whether it is for eye corners, complete eye or upper lids as a highlighter. This multi-dimensional transparent gel leaves a jewelled effect that gives you everything that you need. It is a comfortable, smooth and transparent gel that doesn’t look cakey or heavy.

For complete eye makeup finish with confidence, Glossier glitter Gelee really a good product.

Glossier Glitter Gelee

Key advantages:

  • Long-lasting wear
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Lightweight gel
  • Use it anywhere
  • Give a unique look
  • Give 12-hours stay
  • Boost Mood
  • Available in 4 different shades

About Brand

Glossier Glitter Gelee has been introduced by famous international brand Glossier. All their products are amazing to boost real life of women. This brand promises to deliver the best beauty products that actually work. All their products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, nut free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested.

What ingredients are used in it?

Well, Glossier Glitter Gelee made up of all natural ingredients. This contains aqua, Acrylate Crosspolymer, sodium hydroxide, PVP, chamomile Recutita, sodium carbonate and more.

How to use?

For best finish must use fingertips for applying the gel. Use Detailer brush to give an intense finish and dab glitter on the skin. Remember … Read the rest

Loreal paris million lashes sabyasachi collection

Complement your eyes with L’Oreal X Volume Million Lashes Sabyasachi

When it comes to makeup, eyes play a crucial role to give a stunning and tempting look.  For enhancing the eye beauty, Mascara comes first to add volume, bigger lashes, and finish appearance.

If you love to add volume, intensity and sharp finish, don’t look anywhere instead of L’Oreal X volume Million Lashes Sabyasachi. Sabyasachi is on limited edition, but it sold out to a great extent because of a precise collection.

L’Oreal X volume Million Lashes Sabyasachi is an amazing beauty product that enhances the famine confidence, and now they don’t need to restrict on false lashes. Look out its short and simple review.

Loreal paris million lashes sabyasachi collection

Whom L’Oreal X volume Million Lashes Sabyasachi best for?

All of us can use this product. No worry of side effects because it is made of scientifically proven ingredients. You just apply this application and see the magic.


  • Classy look and packaging
  • Perfect for all
  • Add high volume
  • Give bigger lashes with a completely natural finish
  • Brush is sleek
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof & smudge-free


  • Limited edition
  • Can buy only from online stores

How to use it?

To add intense or dramatic look, apply the double stroke of it evenly to both eyelashes. Use eye curler to give bold effect.


I must say you’re a lucky one because it is now in stock, but you have to hurry up because it is heavy in demand.

Customer’s reviews

L’Oreal is the Makeup brand name that every lady wants. This product got 4.6 … Read the rest

Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette

Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette Review

Give Your Eyes Bold Look With Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette!

We all know that how much eyeshadows are crucial for tradition to a modern look. Ladies spend hours to explore the best palette that goes for dress, face and so on. Yet, you’re not happy or probably looking for the best matte color palette that goes for all. So, your wait is over.

Maybelline launches the new eyeshadow palette for a modern woman named, Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette. This has 13 beautiful rose gold color that infused to give a bold and custom look to any woman. These shades are highly blendable and easy to apply. These offer a matte finish for a long time. If you want to try a different look, must try out Blushed Nudes Palette.

Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette

Why choose Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette?

This palette is specially designed for today woman that offers eye make-up beyond your imagination. This has a matte finish, no smudge, and water-resistant properties. For creating versatile looks and show stopper model, then go of this only!

Key Benefits 

  • Highly pigmented
  • Give full coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Last-long finish
  • Waterproof

Does it safe for all skin types?

Yes! It is safe for all because all the used ingredients in this are clinically tested and known for delivering high-quality outcomes. This includes Talc, Magnesium stearate, calcium sodium borosilicate, silica, Tin oxide and much more.

Customer’s reviews

According to the research, Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Read the rest