You Shouldn’t Stop Exercising During Periods For Following Reasons

Do you exercise during your periods? If no, then you will, after reading this blog. Menstruation is a monthly cycle in a woman’s life but it hurts when you bleed.

You have cramps and you feel sluggish. And thinking about exercising during periods could be irritating. But, believe me, it won’t. Of course, you won’t go to a gym or exercise behind closed doors. Also, your gynecologist won’t suggest high-intensity exercises like CrossFit but the benefits of exercising don’t stop just because you are in periods.

Before you jump to any conclusion on exercising during periods, you should know the science behind exercising….

Exercising triggers brain to release a specific type of chemical called endorphins that further releases the feel-good chemical dopamine and relieves pain and suffering.

If this reason isn’t sufficient to encourage you to think of exercising during periods, then you need to go through the full list of benefits of exercising in the menstruation cycle.

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Dr. Christopher Holligsworth links the sluggish feeling of periods to the low level of progesterone and estrogen during the entire length of the period phase. So, avoiding exercises won’t save you energy or make you feel better but you can take periods to be an opportunity to try something new.

Advantages of exercising during periods

1: Decrease PMS symptoms

Regular aerobic exercises can lessen symptoms like fatigue and mood swings that you often experience during your menstruation cycle.

2: Tap into your endorphins

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Brandon Marcello, Ph.D. calls endorphins, a natural painkiller and suggests increasing your endorphins level with exercising. The release of this brain chemical will elevate your mood and make you feel better from the inside. Also, you will feel relieved from uncomfortable periods.

3: Experience more strength and power

According to a study, you could feel greater gains during the first two weeks of your periods. And it will start from day one of your periods. The science behind the increased energy is due to the low levels of female hormones.

4: Enhance your mood

Dr. Lindsey Mathews, founder, and CEO of BIRTHFIT and a leading strength and conditioning coach suggests exercising in periods. He argues that exercising increases blood circulation that enhances mood. Also, exercising tends to alleviate painful symptoms like cramps and back pain.

5: Combat painful periods

If you experience dysmenorrhea or painful periods, you should do some exercises that can reduce the severity of the painful symptoms. Light activities like walking at a slow pace will help in controlling the painful symptoms of periods.

What exercises are good during periods?

You should take periods lightly as they are part of your life and monthly occurrence. It is better to continue with your regular exercises if you don’t have uncomfortable symptoms. But if you experience painful conditions like severe cramps, headache, back pain, and sluggish feeling then you should choose lightweight activities like shorter bouts of aerobic exercises.

Also, you can try yoga and Pilates before two or three days up to your period. These activities will give fast relief from conditions like breast tenderness, muscular fatigue, and soreness.

Tips for exercising during periods

1: Do the exercise you like most

You will feel more comfortable doing exercises you can do easily. Certainly, it isn’t the right time to practice a difficult move but you shouldn’t avoid exercising as it can enhance your mood. For advice, you can ask your gynecologist. Or discuss exercises with your friends and colleagues.

2: Focus on the benefits

Exercising in periods will enhance your mood in addition to relieving the painful symptoms. Also, there could be more benefits of exercising in periods. If you have a health goal like weight loss, you should focus on how exercising could benefit in achieving your health goal. The objective behind focusing on benefits is to get motivation.

3: Pick the right period product

Your period product will work like a tool as it will help in exercising. If the product you use during periods isn’t comfortable, you won’t feel motivated. Search the market to choose the best product that can help in your periods. The right period product will help in focusing on exercises.

4: Take it easy

Menstruation is normal as it is a part of life. It is time to rest, relax, and connect to others with the same life and feeling. Listen to what others have to say about their periods and share your feelings with them. Tell them that you are exercising even in periods and that they should also try controlling uncomfortable symptoms of the periods with exercises.

5: Listen to your body

No two periods are similar. For example, you could feel more comfortable in one cycle and have more pain in another. You can try finding reasons for this change in the severity of symptoms. But it is time to listen to your body. Exercising can lessen your pain and suffering to a level where you have comfortable periods.

Precautions to be taken with exercises during periods

• Avoid overstretching your body and mind for exercising
• Take it easy and go slow instead of doing fast movements
• Exercising in a closed room or a crowded gym could add to you the discomfort
• Always use a new period tool for exercising

What if you have severe symptoms during periods?

Periods aren’t something that you don’t know about or your can anticipate or take note of. You know when you have periods but you don’t use the knowledge. You should prepare your body and mind for exercising before periods.

For example, you should switch to light exercises a few days before periods so that you can continue exercising in periods. Similarly, you can choose the activities that you are more comfortable with instead of those for which you need training and practice.

Also, you should try exercising in nature where you have greenery and fresh air. The natural setting will work as a mood enhancer in uncomfortable periods.

Disclaimer: Exercising in periods is just a piece of advice and you should make any decision on exercising in periods only your medical condition and severity of symptoms.

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