Five Tips To Fight Hair Loss

Problem of hair loss is common in both the sexes and hair loss treatment is also common. Both men and women suffer hair loss due to many reasons including stress, dandruff, nutritional deficiencies, illness, thyroid, hormonal imbalance and oily scalp. Use of chemical applications and heat application are also reasons for hair loss. In male, baldness could be due to hormonal factors or hereditary.

Let’s discuss hair loss causes and treatment

Is hair loss and hair breakage similar?

While it is common for 50 to 100 hair strands to fall daily but there is nothing to worry until the hair are replaced. But the slow rate of replacement is a cause of worry. On the other hand, breakage results when the hair shaft breaks. It could happen due to use of rubber bands, heat applications, split ends and dryness.

Whether you are suffering from hair breakage or thinning of hair, you should try finding the obvious reason behind the problem.

Know when to wash your hair

Hair Loss Treatment

When the weather is hot and humid, you should wash your tresses more often to remove the sweat, dirt and oil deposits. Oily hair requires three to four wash a week but dry hair shouldn’t be washed more than two times a week.

Choose the right products

Avoid using harsh products because they can disturb the normal acid-alkaline balance. It could lead to build-up of dead cells and dandruff. If you require traveling long distances then you should wash your hair daily, if required. To remove excess oil from hair, you can use a hair rinse.

Treat oily hair

You should avoid creamy conditioners and use hair rinse or serum to remove the excess oil. Use products that contain amla, shikakai, reetha, brahmi, bhringaraj, arnica, trifala, hibiscus, bael, neem and sandalwood. These ingredients have healing properties. Non-oily herbal hair clinic that contain trifala and brahmi help in controlling hair loss.

Take nutritious diet

Nutritious Diet For Hair Loss Treatment

Add sprouts to your diet and eat them daily. Rich in amino acids, sprouts support hair growth. If your scalp is oily or you have dandruff then you should drink plenty of water.

Clinical treatment for hair loss

It is the last option. Clinical treatment would stimulate hair follicle and improve blood circulation in the scalp. Hair tonics and steamers applied during clinical treatment help greater absorption of nutrients. A nutritious diet can foster growth of hair because hair get nutrients from bloodstream.

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