10 Stunning DIY Hairstyles For Long Hair

Women love long hair but many of them fear that styling full-length hair could be a hassle. But little do they know that there are plenty of ways to style long locks. And that these long hairstyles are simple to make at home. In other words, having long hair is a blessing as it provides you an opportunity to change your hairdo every day.

Continue reading the blog, if you want to know about long celebrity hairstyles. Here you will find new hairstyles for your full-length locks. If you are a DIY person, you can easily choose a new haircut for your straight and smooth hair.

  1. Rolled Up Long Hair Bun
Rolled Up Long Hair Bun

It is a classic hairdo just perfect for middle-aged women, especially working women. It is a good haircut for the office because it matches well with formal and office wears. The bun suits an oval and a diamond face shape well. This hairstyle remains in trend during the summer and spring seasons. Simply make a ponytail, tuck two sections of the ponytail under it, roll the rest of the locks around the top, and pin the bun well with bobby pins and elastics, and you are ready to go within a couple of minutes.

  1. Half Top-Bun with Loose Hair
Half Top-Bun with Loose Hair

The top half bun looks great with half hair down. And it isn’t difficult to make this hairstyle. You simply need to make a half bun with the half section of your crown hair and secure it with bobby pins. The rest of the locks could be left to flow down. And this effortless haircut matches well with oval, diamond, and rectangular faces. Good for women in their 30s, this hairdo blends well with casual tops, shirts, jeans, and shorts. You can try it for social gatherings, outings with friends, and dinners.

  1. Full Double Braid Look
Full Double Braid Look

Braids are never out of trend. Also, there are many ways to improve the braided look. Here you are seeing a full double braid but it is effortless. You simply need to the middle part of your locks from tip to toe and start braiding from the crown to make a full puffy double braid. Inspired by African American fashion, the double braid look is great for women in their 20s or 30s. You can try this hairdo with formal and casual outfits. It is good for casual gatherings, small functions, and office parties.

  1. Tight Braid Pony Look
Tight Braid Pony Look

Tight braid pony is a celebrity hairdo as it is a signature style of most divas. They flaunt this look during award functions and stage performances. If you love braids and want to try new hairstyles, you can wear the tight braid pony look. It looks bold but it is effortless to make. If you are in your 30s and want to wear a sleek strapless gown for a cocktail high-end party then you should try making a tight braid pony. It suits well to round, oval, and heart face shapes.

  1. Pixie Top Bun
Pixie Top Bun

The pixie haircut is quite popular among young women in their late 20s and early 30s but not many of them are aware that long hair can also be styled in a pixie cut. Here you are seeing a pixie top bun and I believe you will certainly not want to miss this hairdo. It looks superb and elegant at the same time. Wear this haircut with maxi outfits while dressing for wedding receptions and other such events. It looks well on diamond, oval, and heart faces.

  1. Bright Highlights for Long Hair
Bright Highlights for Long Hair

If you love highlights then try the idea of highlighting the ends and edges of your hair. And you can go ahead with this haircut with any hair color you have at home. Or you can buy some popular shades including magenta, bright pink, purple, red, and yellow. Color the ends and edges of your locks and make them curly. Women up to their late 40s can try this look. It matches well with most edgy dresses including casuals, suits, and skirts. And it will be a great choice for late-night dinners.

  1. Hair Leave over with Funky Headband
Hair Leave over with Funky Headband

This hairstyle looks funny due to a hairband but it suits well on young women in their early 20s. The advantage of this hairdo is that it doesn’t involve much hair styling or accessories. Also, it can be coupled with casual attire including shirts, jeans, and skirts. And it is evident from the description that it is suitable for casual outings with friends and family. It matches well with heart, oval, and diamond faces.

  1. Sleek Roll Braid Look
Sleek Roll Braid Look

If your everyday schedule leaves little time for hairstyling then you should try this sleek roll braid look. Simply roll your braid from the neck to the length of your hair and you are ready to go. It is effortless and looks great, especially for women in their late 20s. Good for casual outings and office parties, this hairdo blends well with ethnic outfits, jeans, and casual tops. If you have a round, oval, square, or heart face, you must try this look. The advantage of this braid is that you can make it lose or tight according to your needs.

  1. Haircut for Long Frizzy Hair
Haircut for Long Frizzy Hair

It is an ideal way to flaunt your frizzy and messy hair that keeps flowing down your back. The magic is done with a comb that can remove all knots and tangles formed between the strands. Also, you can make it smoother by adding a hair serum and leaving the hair on one side. You can wear this hairdo with formal dresses and is good for office and friendly gatherings.

  1. Layer Haircut
Layer Haircut

If you want a youthful look without much hype, edgy, and trendy processes, you should try this layer cut. Simply comb your long hair to remove tangles and leave the hair after the middle parting. Wear this hairdo over tops, jeans, skirts, and knee-length dresses. It is great for friendly outings, office parties, and dinners. It suits well on an oval, diamond, and heart faces.

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