15 Cute Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

There is little to worry about your medium-length hair as you have plenty of hairstyling options to make your locks look luscious and lengthy. Here are 15 different cute hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Here we go for medium length cute hairstyles….

Twisted high bun with embellishments a famous medium length cute hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles

It is a cute hairstyles decorated with a few embellishments that look like stars shining in a dark night. And it is much easier to make. Simply collect the messy hair in a bun style and lock them with a hairpin right at your crown. Also, you can go ahead with decorating the bun with hair embellishments.

Medium length cute hairstyles – Side-Parted waves with curly ends

Cute Hairstyles-Side-Parted Waves With Curly Ends

Another great way to improve your hairstyle is to add some curls to the ends of your locks. Start with applying mousse to the roots and then curl the ends using a curling iron. Also, part the waves to one side just like the model. And don’t forget to wear a smile on your face before stepping out.

Thin dense textured curls with center part

Thin Dense Textured Curls With Center Part Cute Hairstyles

It is an old-school design, but you can still try this cute hairstyles if you want to wear a different look. But you need to apply mousse to the roots and work on each hair strand to get intense and thin sections of curls and texturize them with hairspray. Also, the middle part should be visible. And the locks should be parted in equal halves.

Middle-Parted beachy waves with pointy ends

Middle-Parted Beachy Waves With Pointy Ends

It is a party look. And to get this messy hairdo, you need wavy hair that you can get with a curling iron. But it isn’t enough as you also need to treat your hair with a texturizing hairspray and combing with a hairbrush. Keep working on your hair until you get shaggy beachy weaves.

Middle-Parted waves with nice headband

Middle-Parted Waves With Nice Headband

It is a Barbie look as Paris Hilton is looking like a living Barbie doll in this hairstyle with a decorative hairband. Another good thing about this hairdo is that it is easier to make. You only need to create some decent waves to your locks and part them to get this look. Also, don’t forget to clip the hair with an adorable hairband as Paris Hilton has done in the picture.

Soft outward curls with puffy crown and Side-Swept bangs

Soft Outward Curls With Puffy Crown and Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are always in trend because they look adorable. You can get this haircut only when you understand the process. First, you need to create the side-swept bangs from the crown. The second is to curl the remaining hair using a large barrel curling iron. And the third is to add some hairspray to the bangs.

Rolled back waves with curly ends and added texture

Rolled Back Waves With Curly Ends and Added Texture

It seems that old-school cute hairstyles are making a comeback. That was a time when women used to put a lot of hairspray on their locks. But this hairstyle looks beautiful. You can see that the model has simply rolled her wavy locks back and got enough hairspray to cover all her tresses. Also, you can’t miss the mousse on the hair. You can also try this hairdo while dressing for a party.

Spiral-Ended Side-Swept waves covering face partially

Spiral-Ended Side-Swept Waves Covering Face Partially

It is a fairy look as the model is trying to hide a good part of her face behind her textured highlighted waves. The advantage of this hairdo is it generates curiosity among the viewers. Also, it is easier to make. You only need to side-part your highlighted waves in such a way that they cover a good part of your face.

Messy wavy medium length cute hairstyles low ponytail with twisted sides

Messy Wavy Low Ponytail With Twisted Sides

You won’t need a comb for this hairdo as it is a messy look with a ponytail that you can create with an elastic band. First, you need to volumize your hair with a mousse and throw your hair at the back for securing a ponytail. Secure the hair at the nape of your neck and then go on twisting hair from both sides to create a pony by securing the hair with an elastic band.

Messy braided ponytail with puffy crown and side sweep

Messy Braided Ponytail With Puffy Crown and Side Sweep

Remember your school days when your mother used to make a braided ponytail for school. The fashion of braided pony is back. Here the model has created a half-braided pony highlighted by a puffy crown, a hair wrap, and a side-swept bang that is long and wide enough to get noticed.

Beautiful boho waves with braided head chain

Medium Length Cute Hairstyles

This model is a bohemian beauty. Her soft and romantic hairdo is adding charm to her facial features, especially her smile. This hairstyle has three parts. First, is the off-centered part that divides hair. The second is curls hanging over her shoulders. And the third is the braid wrapping her head like a chain.

Layered bob with fringes and inward-outward feathers

Layered Bob With Fringes and Inward-Outward Feathers

The feathered hairstyle is making a comeback. Popular in the 90s, this hairdo is again attracting the attention of fashion-conscious women. And the reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. You need to create feathered layers inwards at one side and outwards at on the other. The model has also created thick random fringes.

Low side ponytail with textured waves, bangs and hair wrap

Low Side Ponytail With Textured Waves Cute Hairstyles

It is the girl next door look and you can get it by side-parting your layered tresses and creating a loose low pony at one side. Take another section of from the front and thick curly bang framing your face from the other side.

Sleek smooth layered ponytail

Sleek Smooth Layered Ponytail Cute Hairstyles

It is a simple pony created with the help of serum and you need to apply lots of serum on your hair to get this hairdo. It is popular because it gives a silky and shiny effect to the hair.

Half-n-Half braided wavy ponytail with bangs is medium length cute hairstyles

Half-n-Half Braided Wavy Ponytail With Bangs

Braid your upper hair like Steal Bella by creating a long-layered side bang off your crown, add some braids, and a little volume to get this cute casual look. You would need to add mousse to get volume.

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