A Dozen Hair Extensions To Buy In 2021

A hair extension can add length and volume to your thin hair if you are struggling with thinning of hair. And you won’t need to visit a salon for adding extensions. They are clipped in on natural hair but the clips remain invisible.

Made of 100% human hair, using hair extensions is a great way to get healthy and strong locks. And there is no harm in wearing the extensions for a long time. Also, they can last up to 12 months that is enough time to get a good return on your investment.

You can wash your extension hair to keep them clean. Also, you can trim and even dye the extensions to give them natural look. Since they are human hair, you can treat them like your original hair.

Buy one from the following hair extensions

  1. Sassina Halo Hair Extensions (Brown/20-inches/120g)

It is made of 100% Remy brown human hair but the best thing about this extension is that it doesn’t require taping, gluing, or weaving with the locks. It has an invisible wire that makes it easy to wear under natural hair. And you will love its straight and silky texture that becomes slightly wavy after washing. But it is slightly overpriced.

  1. Moresoo Remy Hair Extensions Clip (Ash Blonde/22-inches/50g)

These clip-in extensions feature natural, pure, and healthy hair strands that feel soft and smooth on touch. Their ergonomic design fits the scalp easily without causing an unnecessary burden on the natural locks. Also, they remain invisible under the original tresses. This pack contains seven hair extensions with different widths to give full head coverage. But the hair strands are thin.

  1. Goo Goo Hair Extensions (Dark Brown/20-inches/120g)

These extensions feature 100% human hair that can be shampooed and conditioned to get the perfect natural look. You can even color the extensions to match your original hair. The handmade wefts need no taping or gluing for wearing. Also, there will be shedding of hair from extensions. But you could find them stringy and thin.

  1. Easyouth Remy Human Hair Extensions (Black/22-inches/100g)

These are clip-in extensions but their clipping mechanism is made safer for original hair. It is made of steel and each extension features a different clip. Together these seven hair extensions sit comfortably on natural hair giving length and volume to thin hair. Since the extensions are crafted with double weft, they are durable. Also, you can curl, dye, or straighten the extension according to your needs.

  1. Munx Clip-In Hair Extensions (Chestnut Brown/22-inches/120g)

These clip-in hair extensions have many advantages like they are double wafted for durability and strength. Also, they feature 17 hand-sewn clips of stainless steel that make it convenient to use the extensions without damaging the natural hair. Another advantage of these extensions is their human hair that is kept in natural condition. The only disadvantage of these extensions is their chunky highlights.

  1. S-note Clip In Hair Extensions (Wine Red/24-inches/80g)

These clip-in hair extensions are made of unprocessed Brazilian human hair that can be used as natural hair. For example, they can be trimmed, permed, and treated according to individual needs. These extensions are long enough to give full head coverage and their pre-sewn silicone clips give comfort and prevent slipping. Also, the extensions have a standard weft that prevents shredding. But they are very thin.

  1. Benehair Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions (Black/24-inches/80g)

These clip-in Remy hair extensions feature stainless steel clips that make it easier to wear and remove the extensions. And they can be used straight, curled, permed, dyed, and textured. It is a set of 8 hair extensions that can make your head look full of healthy and bouncing hair. Also, they can be washed and air-dried to retain their natural look.

  1. La Betti Clip In Hair Extensions (Platinum Blonde/22-inches/70g)

These clip-in hair extensions feature 100% human hair that can be shampooed, straightened, curled, permed, trimmed, and dyed to suit individual needs. Also, they feature steel clips that make it easier to clip in and remove the extensions. They have double wafts that provide them added strength and durability. The only drawback to these extensions is they have brittle hair.

  1. Ubetta Human Hair Clip in Extensions (Ash Blonde/22-inches/70g)

These clip-in hair extensions promise a natural look and feel with 100% human hair. These double weft extensions give length and volume to thin hair. Also, they can be shampooed, air-dried, and styled to improve their look and feel. Their high-quality stainless-steel clips provide stability to the thick tufts. These clips remain invisible and they are safe for use as well. There will be no damage to your hair or scalp with these extensions.

  1. Valiilo Clip in Hair Extensions (Brown/22-inches/70g)

These soft and straight clip-in hair extensions perfectly blend with natural hair. And their high-density metal clips make clipping in and removing the extensions a breeze. The clips remain invisible and cause no harm to hair or scalp. The extension hair has double wafts for added strength. You can wash the extensions to keep them clean or curl or style them to suit your needs.

  1. Hairro Clip In Hair Extensions (Ash Blonde/18-inches/70g)

These clip-in hair extensions are for quick use. It is a set of 8 extensions made with 100% human hair that can be washed, trimmed, and used like original hair. Also, they feature 18 stainless steel clips for wearing. These clips are safe and easy to use. Another advantage of these extensions is their lightweight. Also, they can last up to 12 months giving you more value for your money. The only drawback to these extensions is they have thin hair.

  1. Licoville Long Straight Clip in Human Hair Extensions (Blonde/20-inches/70g)

These clip-in hair extensions allow the convenience of wearing without melting, tangling, or tearing your original hair. They are made thick and soft from root to end to allow users to use the extensions the way they like most. For example, you can wash, dye, and curl your extensions. The extension hair looks bouncy as the cuticles are directed in one direction. But the clips provided are thin.

Disclaimer: The products listed in the blog are selected independently according to user reviews. But no claim is made regarding their efficacy. The readers are advised to act according to their conscience.

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