Beauty Comes From Within Says Demi Lovato

It will be an injustice to Demi Lovato to say that she is a popular singer, songwriter, and actress as she’s a hugely popular star with over 140 million followers on Instagram and over 53 million followers on Twitter. By numbers, she’s the twenty-third most followed person on Instagram and the tenth most followed woman on Twitter.

There are many things to know about Demi Lovato but most people search for her beauty tips and fitness secrets. They want to know how she maintains her beauty and fitness despite having a busy schedule.

Here I’m presenting some of her best-kept secrets about her beauty and fitness. She keeps sharing her secrets in interviews and during media interactions. I’ve arranged those revelations in a readable manner.

Beauty Tips By Demi Lovato

  1. Love Yourself
Love Yourself

Demi Lovato’s advice to women who always complain about their body type, skin tone, and skin condition is to love and treat your body. You should be happy with whatever body type and skin tone you are born with. When you start treating yourself, you feel confident, and you look confident, you look beautiful.

  1. You Are What You Eat
What You Eat

Demi Lovato knows what is good for her skin and what to avoid. For example, take oily food that she avoids because it makes her break out. But she consumes fish oil pills to get Omega-3 which is good for her skin. She also has her skincare line ‘Devonne by Demi’ for beauty-conscious women.

  1. Drink More Water
Drink More Water

Water hydrates the skin and well-hydrated skin looks beautiful. Demi Lovato drinks plenty of water regularly to keep her skin hydrated. She even suggests her fans try water therapy to get back their glow.

  1. Say No To Perfumes
Say No To Perfumes

Demi Lovato doesn’t like perfumes because they smell bad. Actually, it is the chemicals that produce a false fragrance that is short-lived. It comes fast and then disappears in the air. Instead of perfumes, she prefers essential oils. Lavender is her favorite essential oil because she finds its smell soothing and relaxing. Her skincare line has plenty of essential oils available for her followers.

  1. Deep Condition Your Hair
Deep Condition Your Hair

Conditioning after washing is a must as shampooing could leave your scalp dry. Demi Lovato makes sure she conditions her hair every time she washes her hair. And she always goes for deep conditioning. Also, she wears a Wella hair mask to keep her hair healthy and shiny.

  1. Groom Your Eyebrows
Groom Your Eyebrows

Demi Lovato grooms her eyebrows herself because she doesn’t trust anyone after a tragic incident. Once a lady took off her brows completely and it left Demi Lovato traumatized. Since then, she has groomed and shaped her brows on her own. But she advises her followers to be cautious while doing and shaping their brows.

  1. Allow Pimples And Acne To Heal Naturally
Allow Pimples And Acne To Heal Naturally

You will hate seeing pimples or blemishes on your skin but it doesn’t mean that you should go picking on them. Pinking your pimples will leave your skin traumatized with a bad scar that could take months to heal. If you have pimples, you should treat them gently so they heal naturally.

  1. Face Wash For Oily Skin
Face Wash For Oily Skin

Her advice for oily beauties is to keep your face clean of excess oil. Three times a day washing is sufficient to rid your face of excess oil. She also recommends an oil-free moisturizer with a gentle non-stripping cleanser to prevent the oil from coming back on your face. Her point is that since the skin needs water and not oil, a water-based moisturizing agent will do well for your oily skin.

  1. Treat Wrinkles With Zinc Oxide
Treat Wrinkles With Zinc Oxide

Demi Lovato suggests a sunscreen lotion that has zinc oxide because this mineral gives maximum protection from the sun responsible for developing wrinkles later in life. You won’t develop wrinkles until you are young but fine lines and creases will start appearing on your skin once you cross a young age. It is for this time that you need zinc oxide. Sunscreen lotions with zinc oxide have excellent anti-bacterial properties and it is lightweight as well.

  1. Remain Makeup Free
Remain Makeup Free

Demi Lovato prefers living makeup-free whenever possible, especially when she isn’t working. If you check her Insta selfies, you will find that most of her pictures are in a natural look. She focuses more on skincare instead of on makeup. There is little need for makeup when you look more beautiful in a natural look.

Demi Lovato takes care of her skin to look beautiful and she uses makeup only when necessary. She has her beauty line that contains the products she relies on. But she also has fitness tips for her fans. She wants to tell how she takes care of her fitness so she looks attractive.

Demi Lovato’s Fitness Principles

Demi Lovato’s Fitness Principles

She believes in following a workout regimen because it has a positive impact on physical and mental health. There was a time when Demi Lovato struggled with eating disorders. And she still remembers working out in a gym for long hours. The lesson she learned was eating healthy is the key to staying fit.

Demi Lovato Workout Routine

Demi Lovato Workout Routine

She worked over 4 days a day in a gym to bring her body into shape at the height of her eating disorders. Today she works 6 days a week and does a variety of exercises including strength training, MMA, and cardio. Her trainer, Danielle Martin, has chalked out a detailed workout program for her.

Her work routine includes all the activities she likes most. She likes MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and both these activities are in her workout routine. Also, she takes a rest on Sunday to recharge her tired self and prepare her body and mind for another hectic week.

One thing that can be said about Demi Lovato’s dedication to workout is that she never misses a workout routine. She knows how beneficial a workout is for her body and mind.

Disclaimer: Demi Lovato follows the skincare and workout routines that work for her. But it might not work for you. So, it is better to consult specialists before using any skincare product or starting any exercise.

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