Learn To Shower, Condition, And Detangle Your Hair

Learn To Shower, Condition, And Detangle Your Hair

How do you shampoo and condition your hair? If you are still following the age-old process you learned from your grandmother then you might be damaging your hair. Shampooing is necessary for your hair and so is a conditioning, but you should know the right way of shampooing and conditioning.

Shampooing Tips

Shampooing Tips
  1. Steam your hair and scalp to remove oil and dirt by wrapping a towel soaked in hot water around your head for 20 minutes.
  2. Massage your scalp and hair with your finger pores for a couple of minutes. It will loosen up the dirt and root out the weak hair strands.
  3. Always take shower with cool or lukewarm water because hot water could remove the natural oil from your hair and scalp and leave the pores open allowing all the moisture to escape. But cool water will lock the moisture so your hair and scalp retain the natural oil.
  4. Always use sulfate (SLS) and paraben-free shampoo as both these chemicals are harmful to your health. While paraben works as a preservative, sulfate is needed for creating lather but both these chemicals cause allergic reactions.
  5. Shampoo should be applied to the scalp to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup but rubbing shampoo on the hair will strip it of all the natural oil and protein leading to dull and lifeless hair. And a quarter-size amount of shampoo is sufficient to produce enough lather to clean your scalp and preserve the natural oils on the hair.
  6. Produce leather by gently
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Benefits Of Coconut Water For Your Hair

5 Proven Benefits Of Coconut Water For Your Hair

Coconut water is good for your hair and overall health as it can help fight many health issues. But little do you know that massaging coconut oil on your scalp and hair could give you fast relief from itchy scalp, dandruff, and dry hair. It has nourishing properties that will nourish your scalp and hydrate your hair. Also, you can enhance the potential of coconut water by adding more ingredients to it.

Advantages Of Coconut Water For Hair

  1. It hydrates hair

Coconut water can keep your hair hydrated without weighing them down. It can nourish dry strands by penetrating deep inside the hair shafts. It will make your hair appear refreshed and voluminous. Your hair needs hydration and the best way to keep your hair hydrated is to use coconut water spray.

  1. Prevents Breakage

The well hydrated and nourished scalp will enhance the elasticity of your hair strands and prevent breakage. You only need to massage your scalp and hair with fresh coconut water twice or thrice a week to get the best results. You accidentally break your hair while washing but it won’t happen once your hair has elasticity.

  1. Soothes Irritated Scalp

Coconut water has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm itchy, dry, and flaky scalp. If you add ingredients like aloe vera gel or honey to it, you can make it more useful. Massaging your hair and scalp with coconut water will keep your scalp cool.

  1. Reduces Dullness

Coconut water will hydrate your hair so … Read more

Incentives Of Ponytails Over Other Hairstyles

21 Incentives Of Ponytails Over Other Hairstyles

Ponytail has been in fashion since 2000-1500 BC. Images of women with hairstyles matching ponytail have been found in Greek artifacts and artworks. But the acceptability and popularity of ponytails increased only after the Barbie doll. Celebrities including Sandra Dee further popularized the hairstyle by sporting ponytails in public life.

If you are dressing for the office, try a sleek low ponytail. For a party look, you can try a messy ponytail or a high ponytail, if you are going for the first date. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is a ponytail for every need, occasion, reason, and mood.

Another advantage of a ponytail is it is easy to wear. You don’t need much hairstyling to make a ponytail. Also, this hairstyle doesn’t require many accessories like clips and rubbers. It is a complete hairstyle that you can make in many ways.

Here’re 21 impressive ponytail hairstyles you can try for different needs

Neat Ponytail Hairstyles:

Neat Ponytail Hairstyles

Simply pull your tresses behind neatly and tie them with an elastic band to make a ponytail. It is a neat hairstyle that consumes little time. Working women should try ponytails as they often get little time to devote to styling their hair.

Royal Hairstyles:

Royal Hairstyles

Worn mostly by queens and ladies of European kingdoms, the ponytail was once considered a royal hairstyle. The royal ladies introduced many changes in a ponytail from high on the head to low over the neck and … Read more

Hair Coloring At Home Made Easy

Hair Coloring At Home Made Easy

There is little need to spend money on a parlor treatment to get your hair colored when you can color your hair at home. It is easy and exciting, and you get total control over the process. Also, you’ll enjoy shopping around for hair colors, highlighters, brushes, and other coloring accessories.

How To Color Your Hair At Home?

The process of hair coloring has been divided into three convenient steps

• Getting Ready
• Hair Coloring Essentials
• Time For Rinsing

Getting Ready for at home hair color..

  1. Shampoo Your Hair
Shampoo Your Hair

Washing helps hair secret natural oils that make a protective shield around hair strands and help in binding the color with each strand. Wash your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before hair coloring at home and avoid conditioning as it could obstruct the binding process.

  1. Choose A Color
Choose A Color

It is better to stick to the two shades rule of choosing a hair color. Depending on your choice, you should choose two shades darker or lighter than your original hair color. Also, the chosen color should complement your skin tone.

  1. Cover Yourself With A Color Cape
Cover Yourself With A Color Cape

Buy a dark color cape to prevent things from becoming messy while you color your hair. The cape will catch those spills that can fall on your skin and clothes.

  1. Brush Your Hair
Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair thoroughly to open all knots and tangles that could have formed while washing and drying. These knots … Read more

Wispy Bob

10 Short Haircuts That Are Both Bold And Sexy

If you are worried that short hairstyles won’t look good on your face then think again. There are tens of bold & short sexy haircuts that you can try. And the most amazing thing is that you can wear these hairstyles at home with much ease and convenience.

Look at how celebrities choose their hairstyles and try to follow their haircuts. You will be surprised to know that most celebrities choose short hairstyles that you can try as well.

Here’re 10 best bob short sexy haircuts

Curly Bob Short Sexy Haircuts

Curly Bob Bold & Sexy Short Haircuts

Actress Vanessa Hudgens is wearing short-length messy waves of hair and she looks fabulous in this haircut. And this hairstyle only needs blow-dry hair treatment. Use a round brush to get extra volume and then create subtle waves with a curling wand. To create natural-looking waves like Vanessa Hudgens, you need to curl a large section of hair on low heat and brush out the loose curls. The long curly hair left behind gives the feel of a bouncy, tousled bob. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for thick hair.

Angular Bob

Angular Bob Hair Style

The sexy Victoria Beckham looks gorgeous in this angular bob that is short at the back but long at the front. It is an asymmetrical style but it compliments her beautiful eyes. This haircut would suit well on round faces as the long hair strands create an illusion of a long face by creating a frame. Wash your hair and let them dry naturally. Apply a dime of … Read more

Simple And Beautiful Hairstyles For Kids

4 Simple And Beautiful Hairstyles For Kids

Kids, especially toddlers, need help in making hairstyles. Here moms can help in making beautiful hairstyles for kids. If you are a mother of a naughty toddler or a grown-up kid with long hair, you should try some different hairstyles that improve the visual appearance of your kid.

Here’re four different simple & beautiful hairstyles for kids for medium and long hair

Beautiful Bunched Up Knot Hairstyles

Bunched Up Knot

The girl child looks adorable in these bangs and knots. Also, the cute hairstyle is adorned with beautiful hair clips and pins. It is easier to make hence busy moms won’t have any hassle in making the bunched-up knots for their toddlers.

How To:

• Poll all the locks at the back with a wide-tooth comb
• Leave the bangs as they can’t be pinned or tied
• Part the front part of the hair from the middle and carefully bring all the tresses to the back
• Collect the remaining hair at the top of the head
• Hold the hair strands tightly so there remains no loose or fringe hair
• Bunch up the hair at the top towards one side while holding the hair stands
• Knot the bunch of hair and secure it with a hair elastic
• Use colorful pins and rubber bands to highlight


This hairstyle is easier to make. You only need to backcomb the locks and old them tightly. But don’t put too much pressure on the hair … Read more

Hairstyles For Working Women For 2022

12 Hairstyles For Working Women For 2022

If you are bored of wearing one type of haircut again and again then you should try something different. And you will be surprised to know that there are a dozen of hairstyles for working women that you can try for business meetings and conferences. Also, you will get a choice between bob haircuts, long hairstyles, and retro haircuts.

Here’re 12 different hairstyles for working women.

Go through each hairstyle and choose those that suit your face shape well.

Sleek Long Bob with Curves and Side-Swept Bang

Sleek Long Bob with Curves and Side-Swept Bang

Bob is a popular haircut that every woman wears in one way or the other. And it is possible because bob allows creativity. Here the model is flaunting her long straight bob hairstyle. This haircut features slightly bent edges and a deep side-swept bang. The biggest highlight of this haircut is the bags covering a good part of the forehead. It shifts focus from the forehead to other features of the face.

Short Volumized Bob with Graduated Fringes

Hairstyles for Working Women-Short Volumized Bob with Graduated Fringes

It is a short bob but it is big on popularity. And you will be surprised to know that most working women prefer wearing this short bob. Its advantage is that it is easier to make. But you can also improve its appearance by adding volume to it. For decoration, you can simply pull out some fringes from the crown. The fringes would cover your forehead and make your haircut look voluminous.

Loose Highlighted Waves With Messy

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Avoid Using Conditioner

7 Ways To Treat A Smelly Scalp

Does your scalp smell bad? If yes then this blog is for you for the smelly scalp treatment. First, you should know the reason for the bad smell. If you don’t wash your hair, the scalp will smell bad. Or excessive sweating could be a reason for a smelly scalp. Also, environmental pollution, hormonal changes, and medical reasons could cause a smelly scalp.

The second thing is to know how to cure a smelly scalp and the good thing is that you can easily cure your smelly scalp at home.

Here’re some reliable treatment options and tips for treating a smelly scalp

  1. Essential Oils

a) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Smelly Scalp

Freshen your hair with tree tea oil that has a pleasant smell. Also, its antimicrobial properties will control the microbes causing a bad smell from your scalp.

How To:

• Mix 6 drops of tea tree oil with 1-2 tsp of jojoba or sweet almond oil
• Blend the oils well and apply the mixed oil to your scalp and hair
• Leave the oil on your scalp for at least 30 minutes
• Rinse your hair and scalp with lukewarm water
• Do it 1-2 times daily for better results

b) Neem Oil

Essential Neem Oil

Neem oil has excellent antimicrobial properties that will eliminate the microbes continuously replicating on your scalp and causing a bad smell.

How To:

• Mix 5-6 drops of neem oil with 1-2 tsp of carrier oil of your choice
• Blend the … Read more


Remove White Facial Hair In 9 Ways

Are you worried about the growth of white hair strands over your upper lip or chin and don’t know how to get rid of those unwanted hair strands? If yes then keep reading as this blog is about facial hair removal.

There is little need to go into the reasons for the growth of white hair on your face, but you should know how to remove them safely. Also, the hair removal process should be painless and long-lasting.

Here are 9 ways of facial hair removal


Epilation Facial Hair Removal

An epilator is an electric hair remover that removes white hair from its root. While it pulls out hair, it isn’t painful. On the contrary, it is more convenient than waxing. Also, it is more effective than shaving white facial hair.

How To:

• Soften your facial hair with lukewarm water
• Apply moisturizer to the area where you want to use the epilator
Glide the epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth
• Rinse off your face and pat dry

Note: Epilation works on the hair of the size of ¼ of an inch.


Tweezing White Facial Hair

Tweezing white hair is a manual process of unwanted & white facial hair removal. It is slightly painful, but you can go slow to reduce the pain. Its advantage is that it provides relief from white hair for at least 4-8 weeks.

How To:

• Get a pair of tweezers made of stainless steelRead more

Short Hairstyles For Women With Long Tresses

5 Short Hairstyles For Women With Long Tresses

Long hair is considered a blessing, but sometimes you want to keep your hair length shorter for styling. Would you like to trim your locks like bob cut or ponytail? Your answer would be no. Why cut long tresses that you have maintained with many efforts? So this is the blog for short hairstyles for women with long tresses.

Is There Any Short Hairstyles For Women?

Yes, there’s. And it is better to look for hacks that can make your hair strands appear shorter. Luckily there are five hairstyles that you can make with your long hair and those hairstyles will make your tresses appear shorter.


Curls Hairstyles For Women

Curly hair looks shorter naturally. Since curls consume the maximum length of hair, it appears shorter. So, the best and the safest way to make your long tresses appear shorter is to make them curly. And it is easier to curl long locks using curlers.

Note: Using heat rollers could expose your locks to prolonged heat that isn’t healthy for your tresses. But there is little to worry about curlers.

First, wash your hair to remove oil, dirt, and grime. Washing would make your tresses elastic and it would be much easier to curl them the way you want.

Second, choose the size of hair curls and take the hair curlers of the right size. And use the curlers in proper alignment to prevent your curls from running in different directions.

Third, sleep … Read more