10 Glamorous Arabic Eye Makeup Looks

Trendy Arab Eye Makeup

Arabic eye makeup is recognized from bold colors. Arabian women use more black color in their eyes. Also, they keep the eyebrows thicker. But you can discard their makeup as traditional and look for a more modern and lighter version of Arabian women. Today women prefer lighter eyebrows and brighter shadows.

Arabic Eye Makeup

Let’s see some Arabian women in their modern avatars and try to understand their eye makeup

Classic Look

Classic Look

Let’s start the tutorial for Arabic eye makeup with a classic look. Also, it is most popular because of its simplicity. Its biggest advantage is it suits all types of eyes. Also, you need little time to do this makeup. You can choose to focus only on your eyelids or coat the lashes with quality mascara. You can further improve the look of your eyes by lining your eyes with an eyeliner.

Kajal Eyes

Arabian women know how to make the best use of kajal. It is natural and hence considered safe for daily use. Another exciting thing about kajal is it is easy to apply. You can easily find kajal eyeliners being sold in cosmetic shops and websites. To get an Arab girl eye makeup with kajal is to line your eyes with a kajal eyeliner of your choice.

Improved Brow Bone

Improved Brow Bone

This Arabic eye makeup is spectacular and you will recognize it after checking the pictures. You can click pictures before and after the makeup to notice the difference. You will certainly find the difference significant. For makeup, you only need to highlight your brow bone. Also, improve the lower regions of your eyes to get the perfect look.

Golden Eyeshadow

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5 Steps To Sleepy Eyes Makeup Look

sleepy eyes makeup look

Ever since the sleepy eye makeup look started trending on TikTok, many websites have started giving tips, tricks, and hacks to get this look. Also, fashion enthusiasts are trying every possible way to embrace their fatigue. What is your “sexy” eye makeup is a sign of physical and mental fatigue for others. You can even say that it glamorizes signs of fatigue.

Sleepy Eyes Makeup Look

Nostalgic people connect the sleepy eyes makeup look to the 90s era when most people had sleepy eyes due to drug abuse. But today debt has replaced drugs. People are in debt but the economy is crippling and there is no time to take a rest. Their eyes look sleepy because they never get enough rest.

What Are “Sleepy Eyes” In Makeup?

Trendy Sleepy Eyes Makeup Looks

Let’s understand the concept of “sleepy eyes makeup look” with examples. The objective of eye makeup is to elongate the eyes by drawing lines. Eyes should look bigger and wider. Also, the eyelashes should have more length. For eye makeup, you use eye-shadows and mascara. Also, the focus of the makeup remains on the upper area of the eye.

For a sleepy eyes makeup look, you need a darker shade and focus more on the under-eye area. Also, there will be no elongation of eyes or lashes. It is so because you want to make your eyes look sleepy and it is possible only when make your eyes small and cover them with dark shades. Just imagine how your eyes will look with dark circles and heavily burdened with sleep.

Let’s Make Sleepy Eyes

Makeup Essentials:

  • One bottle of neutral-hued eyeshadow
  • A small, pointed, and sleek eyeshadow brush
  • A fluffy blending brush
  • A black eyeliner (gel, liquid, kohl, or pencil)
  • A dark pencil or kohl eyeliner
  • A
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