10 Steps To Nail A Smokey Eye Makeup Like A Pro

The more you want to know about smokey eye makeup, the more you find it elusive. In principle, it sounds simple but becomes elusive in practice. The thing here is to control too much smoke. The trick is to know how to smoke your eyes with the right mix of colors.

The most convenient way of creating smokey eyes is to smudge your eyeliner pencil. The aura your eyes will get is called soft smoke. But if you find it too simple to use, you can go through our detailed guide on creating smokey eye makeup.

Here I’m listing steps to create smokey eyes and the latest trends

Olive Toned Smoke

Olive Toned Smoke

If you want to color your hair red, you can use the same color theory to create olive-toned smokey eye makeup for a more radiant look. The olive-looking reflection on the eyeshadow will amp up the fiery red color of your hair. Here you need to focus more on your lash lines. You can use your regular black lash liner to highlight your lash lines.

Coffee Smoke

Light brown and coffee shades look more natural. The first step for this smokey eye makeup is to clean your skin, especially around the eyes with a quality oil-free cleansing agent. It is necessary to remove all traces of oil and dirt in the creases.

Coffee Smoke Makeup

Clean skin allows the color pigments to sit decently and develop the right smokey effect. Also, the makeup retains its brightness for long hours.

Latte Smokey Eye Makeup

Latte Smokey Eye

A smokey eye makeup doesn’t have to be dramatic. Keeping the shades matte and close adds dimension and depth to the eyes without going for full smoke. Add a little primer to your eyes after cleansing to even out the creases and lines around the eyes. This step becomes necessary for women with oily skin. Let the primer dry before starting the makeup.

Golden Hour Smoke

Golden Hour Smoke

If you want to get a timeless look then go for the golden hour smokey eye makeup. Here you will need sunset hues that add dimension to the eyes. The primer is dried and it is time to use a concealer to hide ugly dark eye circles. It is also an important step as any dark spot or circle could downplay the smokey effect. Also, always use appropriate color-correcting concealer.

The Pop Of Pink

The Pop Of Pink

As you get used to creating smokey eye makeup, you will start creating effects like pop of pink. A dash of pink at the center of the eyes is sufficient to brighten the smokey effect. But it is better to stick to the basic shades in the beginning. It will help keep the smoke minimum instead of giving a burning effect to the makeup.

Spotlight Smokey Eye

Spotlight Smokey Eye

Add a spotlight effect to your smokey eye makeup by choosing darker shades of eyeshadow for the corners. Also, add some shimmer in the middle of the eyes. But you need the right tools to add the spotlight effect. Blend is your best friend when it comes to creating smoke. You need a set of brushes including an eyeshadow brush, blending brush, and small tipped brush to spread the color pigments well.

Berry Smoke

Berry Smoke Eye Makeup

Berry smokey eye makeup is quite popular these days. Berry eyes with sheer berry cloudy lips create an aura difficult to achieve with any other makeup. Here your eyeshadow brush can work like a magic wand and transform your sleepy eyes into bright smokey eyes. Remember to use a tapered brush for corners and a fluffy brush for color blending.

Deep Burned Orange Smoke

Deep Burned Orange Smoke

When burned orange hues are used as a base for a pop of colors, they create hazel eyes. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this smokey eye makeup looks breathtaking. The secret of this makeup is to blend to contour the eyes. Brighten the skin around the eyes and shade your brow bones with a quality highlighter to brighten the look. Make sure that all hues are blended perfectly.

Rose Smoke

Rose Smoke Eye Makeup

If you are looking for a more dramatic smoke effect, you should go for berries and reds. Keep your face clean so the rose effect is seen all over your face. Also, color your lips in the matching shade. You shouldn’t take much time to create this dramatic smokey eye makeup. One precaution you need to take with all smokey effects is creating the ultimate wings. Beginners often find it tricky but you can use a pen or brush eyeliner for this effect.

Subtle Negative Space

Subtle Negative Space

This smokey eye makeup gives an illusion of negative space due to the use of darker eyeshadow along the cut crease. Here the darker smokey effect is elongated to create the illusion. But beginners are advised to keep their looks as simple as possible. You should play with a maximum of two colors at a time and avoid going for darker shades because you could create too much smoke.

Conclusion – There is no straight way of creating smokey eye makeup as it is all about playing with colors. But beginners need to follow a pattern to avoid burning their eye makeup with too much smoke or dark shades. Many women take smokey makeup to be dark but little do they know that smoke is more of an effect than makeup. Also, you need to learn to select your tools such as a tapered brush to create corners and a fluffy brush for eyelids.


Q: Which Smokey Eye Makeup Involves Lighter Shades?

A: Coffee Smoke

Q: Which Smokey Eye Makeup Looks More Vibrant?

A: Deep Burned Orange Smoke

Q: Which Smokey Eye Makeup Has Little Smoke?

A: Latte Smokey Eye

Q: Which Smokey Eye Makeup Is In Trend?

A: Berry Smoke

Q: Which Smokey Eye Makeup Is Beginner-Friendly?

A: Golden Hour Smoke

Disclaimer – The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to consider pros and cons of eye makeup before trying sleepy eyes makeup.

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