How Many Calories A Person Should Consume In A Day? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Are you health conscious? Do you want to lose or gain weight? It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are here to know about daily calorie intake. We will provide detailed information on calories, how many to consume, and everything. So, you will lead your life healthy forever

First, let us understand the calories. It is the most misunderstood term by people. Usually, when we think about calories, we think about how fattening the food is. But actually, it means how much energy you are receiving from eating food. For example, if you are consuming much food in a day this means you are consuming high energy that usually puts you to gain weight and vice verse

In scientific terms, calories are the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of gram water with 1 degree Celsius. 

If your motive is to choose calories for dropping your pounds then it is must look for the food items that have low calories or if you need to gain weight, one should eat high-calories. Moreover, it is important to know how and at what time we are eating calories, as this work differently in the body and energize us. In other words, calories are essential to staying energetic throughout the day

Let’s discuss important facts about daily calorie intake 

  • Calories intake depends on age, height, sex, health, and wellbeing
  • The regular calories intake for female 2000 and for men 2500
  • Adding high caloric breakfast can reduce weight faster.
  • The ideal caloric intake depends on the muscle-fat ratio as well as age.
  • A healthy meal of fruits and vegetables contains 500 calories to speed up energy level and wellbeing.

Ideal intake of daily calorie for men and women 

The ideal intake of calories depends on various factors Such as age, physical activity, Metabolism and more. If you want to know the exact amount of calories you should eat must read the table given below. 

Daily Calorie Intake For Men & Women

Well, there is no big difference in intake of calories intake for male and female. It’s all up to how much you are taking work from the body. Also, it is important to note male has a larger body by height and weight both as compared to female. The average-sized and 30 age women need 2200 calories per day whereas male needs 2600 calories. Male needs more calories just because he burns 400 fat a day, which is higher than a female.

Fruits which are high in calories 

  • Banana- these are high in calories along with potassium that helps in improve RBC cells.
  • Mangoes- one cup of mangoes contains 100 calories and vitamin C
  • Coconut- a 100 gm coconut has 330 calories that act as an energy booster.
  • Dried fruits- one gram of dried fruits like date have 228 calories that act as a true energy booster.
  • Grapes- these are best antioxidants and have calorie value. One cup of grapes has 70 calories.

Foods which are high in calories 

  • Meat (leg chicken)- meats have high calories. Such as one gram of leg chicken has 475, whereas other meat like lean cuts ham has 369 calories, beef pot 360 calories, etc. 
  • Fish- per fish has 350 calories if fillet and per 100 gm 206 calories. 
  • Tofu- one cup of tofu has 363 calories and per 100gm 144 calories. 
  • Dairy products- Milk, cheese, yogurt etc have high calories. Milk 298 calories, cheese 216 calories and yogurt 149 calories. 

How many calories you should eat to burn fat?

If you are trying to lose weight by just deficit calorie intake then you should switch on zero caloric food instead of cutting it. Eating low calories fruits and vegetables can help you to achieve your goals successfully. 

Here, we have shared the complete list of almost zero calories food to add and drop pounds.

1. Apple– as per U.S studies, a cup of apples have 57 calories that are more likely to stay healthy

2. Beets– per cup of beets contain 59 calories and 13% potassium. It is the most beneficial fruits in the market. 

3. Broccoli- it is rich to balance body health and fight with cancer-related symptoms. It’s one cup contains 31 calories and 100% vitamin C. 

4. Carrots– a cup of carrots contains 57 calories and act as a superfood for weight management as well as improving eyesight

5. Grapefruit: it is the most popular citrus fruit that contains 52 calories in a cup. 

6. Onions– These are well known to burn fat faster and it’s each cup contains 47 calories. If you want to know more about low-calories food, see the given image. 

Low Calorie Foods

How many calories you should eat to gain weight?

If you are one who needs to put on weight then you just eat high-calorie food to better health, shape and wellness of your body

1. Dry fruit– adding nuts in your regular diet can help in gaining weight. It’s one cup have 180 calories along with protein and fibre

2. Olive oil– it has monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that better blood circulation and increase muscle mass. One tablespoon of olive oil has 119 calories.

3. Sweet potatoes– one cup of sweet potatoes contains 180 calories and 6% fibre. This also helps to add more minerals and vitamins in the body

4. Rice- brown rice is a rich source of getting high calories. One cup of cooked rice has 216 calories. 

5. Legumes– lentils are if different types and have high calories. Suppose you are eating black beans, it contains 227 calories in 15 grams of beans. 

These are high calories food which can help you to gain weight. Make sure to eat in the limit. Over consuming is not just a good idea for healthy living and body maintenance

How to count on daily calorie intake?

Whether you are losing or gaining weight, you need to watch on calories per day. You can write down regularly. If it seems difficult, you have many apps to install. The apps can check on calories and remind you about your eating habits. 

Here, I am sharing some good apps that could help you. 

1. My Fitness Pal

It is one of the best calories to calculate app trending online. It will suggest the correct amount of calories one should consume according to height, age, sex, etc. If you don’t have time to write and make calories chart regularly then FitnessPal is the best. 

2. FatSecret 

It is a free and most used calorie counter app. This will show you monthly view along with daily calorie consumed report. FatSecret allows you to track your overall health and wellbeing every minute

3. Cron-O-meter

This app quickly tracks your health, daily calorie intake, and weight. It is the best app where bar chart shows the breakdown of carbohydrates. This is best known to track micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and other elements

You have countless options in apps to choose, but these 3 are the best to have. Besides this, I personally you to opt for the healthy schedule and do track your calories itself. This will sharpen your brain and can really help you to stay healthy and conscious.

Wrapping Up 

So, this is a complete guide on calories. We hope this would help you.  Well Calories intake in a day, all ups to your goal. And also on various factors such as age, sex, and more. You just get connect with the best health expert who can guide you on your fitness as well as calories.  Good luck! 

Food GroupCarbo’sCalories
Milk (higher % of simple carbohydrates; less nutrient dense)
Chocolate milk (1 cup)26208
Low fat (2%) milk12121
Pudding (any flavor) (1/2 cup)30161
Skim milk (1 cup)1286
Yogurt (fruit-flavored, low fat) (1 cup)42225
Yogurt (frozen, low fat) (1 cup)34220
Beans (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Black eye peas (1/2 cup)22134
Garbanzo beans (chick
peas) (1 cup)
Navy beans (1 cup)48259
Pinto beans (1 cup)44235
Refried beans (1/2 cup)26142
White beans (1 cup)45
Fruits (higher % of simple carbohydrates; less nutrient dense)
Apple (1 medium)2181
Apple juice (1 cup)28111
Applesauce (1 cup)60232
Banana (1)27105
Cantaloupe (1 cup)1457
Dates (dried)(10)61228
Fruit Roll-Ups (1 roll)12
Grapes (1 cup)28114
Grape Juice (1 cup)2396
Orange (1)1665
Orange Juice (1 cup)26112
Pear (1)2598
Pineapple (1 cup)1977
Prunes (dried)(10)53201
Raisins (1/2 cup)79302
Raspberries (1 cup)1461
Strawberries (1 cup)1145
Watermelon (1 cup)12
Vegetables (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Carrot (1 medium)831
Corn (1/2 cup)2189
Beans, Lima (1/2 cup cooked)20108
Peas, green (1/2 cup)1263
Potato (1 large, baked, plain)220
Sweet Potato (1 large)28118
Three-bean salad (1/2 cup)2090
Grains (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Bagel (1)31165
Biscuit (1)13103
Breadsticks (2 sticks)1577
Bread (white)(1 slice)1261
Bread (whole wheat)(1 slice)1155
Cereal, ready to eat
(1 cup)
Cookie (oatmeal raisin)(1)962
Cornbread (1 square)28178
Cream of Rice (3/4 cup)2195
Cream of Wheat (3/4 cup)2096
English Muffin25130
Fig Bar (1)10
Graham crackers (2 squares)1160
Granola bar (honey and oats) (1 ounce)19125
Hamburger bun (1)21119
Hot dog bun (1)21119
Noodles (spaghetti)(1 cup)34159
Oatmeal (1/2 cup)1266
Oatmeal, Quaker instant, flavored (1 packet)25110
Pancake (4 inch diameter)1041
Pizza (cheese)(1 slice)39290
Popcorn, plain (1 cup, popped)626
Pretzels (1 ounce)21106
Rice, white (1 cup)223
Rice, brown (1 cup)232
Saltines (5 crackers)1060
Tortilla, flour (1)1585
TriscuitsTM (3 crackers)1060
Waffles (2, 3.5″ x 5.5″)17130

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