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Rebel Wilson’s Diet Plan

Rebel Wilson’s Diet Plan – Lose 35 Pounds In Just A Few Months

Rebel Wilson, the comedy star, was proud of her fat body. She started her journey to comedy with the SBS comedy series Pizza and then appeared in the sketchy comedy series, The Wedge. Also, she produced a successful musical comedy series Bogan Pride. But it was just a start as she had many tasks to accomplish.

Her Personality

Rebel Wilson was a plus-size actress but she had no complex about her fat body. On the contrary, she said that she got the first opportunity to appear on the silver screen because of her fat body. But she decided to lose … Continue Reading

Delicious Weight Loss Drinks

15 Delicious Weight Loss Drinks For Health Conscious People

Are you ready to accept the weight loss challenge with nutritious drinks? It is easier to lose weight with drinks you can prepare at home. And you will be surprised to know that you can even up to 10 pounds in only 2 weeks.

Below are the 15 nutritious drinks that can aid your weight loss efforts

  1. Belly Shrink Citrusy Drink

It has grapefruit that improves insulin sensitivity. It has pomegranates that reduce inflammation, lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. Also, it has organic honey that reduces cardio problems and improves gut health.

Belly Shrink Citrusy Drink


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Step Aerobics To Boost Your Cardio And Neuro Health

10 Step Aerobics To Boost Your Cardio And Neuro Health

Step aerobics is great for your cardiovascular health and weight loss treatment. And the good thing is that you can easily do step aerobics at home without requiring any weight or resistance bands. Also, they are easy to learn and practice.

Advantages of step aerobics:

• Improve body composition
• Boost mobility
• Strengthen neuromuscular functions of the legs
• Increases oxygen uptake
• Improves sleep quality especially post menopause
• Reduce anxiety and depression
• Help maintain balance
• Burn calories
• Tones muscles
• Increases flexibility

Here’re 10 step aerobics exercises you can practice at home and get … Continue Reading

12 Weight Loss Diets

Taking the right diet can make weight loss a breeze. And there are many diets you can follow to achieve your weight loss goal. And you will be surprised to know that you can even choose a quick weight loss diet with which you can easily shed considerable weight within a short time.

Here you will find the 12 most popular weight-loss diets

  1. GM Diet

General Motors created a week-long diet plan with FDA to help its employees lose weight quickly. It is made restrictive to achieve quick results like losing 10-17 pounds in a week. It involves living on … Continue Reading

Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks Exercise

10 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks Exercise

Jumping jacks is an ideal exercise because it works for the whole body. Also, it is good for your heart, muscles, bones, and even brain. It can help in weight loss, improving flexibility, building stamina, and relieving stress.

Let’s discuss the benefits of jumping jacks and the right way to do jumping jacks

  1. Healthy Heart
Healthy Heart

Oxygenated blood flows from the heart and carbon dioxide-loaded blood flows towards the heart. In jumping jacks, the heart works faster to meet the oxygen requirement of the body. In other words, jumping jacks exercise the heart muscles and keep them healthy in the long … Continue Reading

Matcha Green Tea Is Good For Weight Loss

Matcha Green Tea Is Good For Weight Loss But It Has Side Effects

Matcha green powder tea is good for weight loss because it has more antioxidants in comparison to other green tea brands. It is ten times more potent than the regular green tea you drink.

Matcha tea plants are kept under shade to increase their chlorophyll levels. The making process includes steaming, drying, and stone grounding the leaf buds to make green tea powder.

While dieting and exercising is the right way to lose weight, drinking matcha tea can increase the rate of weight loss. It will boost your metabolic rate, provide instant energy, and make you feel full all day.… Continue Reading

SlimFast The Right Diet Plan

Is SlimFast The Right Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

SlimFast diet is a replacement meal plan instead of strict adherence to dieting and exercising that could be excruciating for your body. Here your regular meal will be replaced with a full course of the nutrient meal that will boost your metabolism, curb hunger pangs, and promote satiety.

Let’s see how the SlimFast diet works…

The SlimFast diet is called the 3-2-1 plan and it includes 3 snacks, 2 shakes, and 1 meal of your choice. And this low-calorie diet plan will kickstart your metabolic process from day one. Also, the healthy snacks and shakes won’t let you down all … Continue Reading

Twisting Exercises

5 Twisting Exercises That Work Well For Whole Abdominal Muscles

Burning belly fat is the first step in buildings abs but it isn’t a simple weight loss process as abdominal fat could be stubborn. You need to do something different to move your abdominal muscles so that they become lean. It is where you can try twisting exercises.

Twist your abdominal muscles with or without weight to melt the belly fat and build your abs. And there are plenty of twisting exercises you can try at home.

  1. Russian Twist

The Russian twist is an exercise for abdominal muscles but it works for the entire body. It involves balancing the posture … Continue Reading


Know What Is The First Thing To Do In A Gym And Other Tips For Beginners

If it is your first day in a gym, then you need to be extra careful about your exercise regimen. First, you should understand the right forms of various exercises, and second, start with light activities so you don’t harm your body and lose interest.

Here’re five tips for beginners or those returning to the gym after a long break due to personal reasons or injury

  1. Set your breathing right

Get hold of your breath before exercising. The breathing process has to be normal. For example, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

  1. Push-ups or high
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What Are The Herbal Uses Of Rose?

Rose as an herb has been used in traditional Indian medicines for managing different ailments related to digestion, skin conditions, eye care, and soothing senses.

Health benefits of rose

Rose powder or jam (gulkand) is good for managing digestive problems like hyperacidity and diarrhea. Regular consumption of gulkand will boost your digestive system and improve your appetite.

Men with sexual dysfunction like libido and premature ejaculation should take half tsp of gulkand twice a day to improve their sexual power.

Rose water is good for skin rejuvenation. It has astringent properties that make it a … Continue Reading