Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Eye sensitivity is a common problem but there is little need to worry about it as you can still do safe sensitive makeup without facing an allergic situation like irritation and watery eyes. First thing is to know what causes allergies to your eyes and second thing is to buy cosmetics that are safe for your eyes.

Also, you need to keep some tips and tricks in mind that can help wear eye makeup without any allergic reaction. But before you proceed, you should get an education on eye sensitivity.

What Is Eye Sensitivity?

Eye Sensitivity

Eye sensitivity is an allergy to foreign products including makeup products. Whenever you touch the areas around your eyes with cosmetics, you feel irritation in the eyes. It is called contact dermatitis. It could be due to an underlying skin condition or you could develop sensitivity to cosmetics over time.

Types of contact dermatitis

Eye sensitivity or contact dermatitis can be classified into allergic and irritant categories depending upon their causes. The classification helps in understanding eye sensitivity.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis: If you are allergic to certain products and those products are included in your cosmetics, you will develop allergic contact dermatitis. As a result, your eyes will become red and itchy. In severe cases, your eyes could swell and you could develop hives.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This condition develops when you use a certain type of makeup product for a long time. It means you will have an allergy to the cosmetics that you have been using for a long. And the common symptoms of this condition are burning of eyes, stinging sensation, and itching. In severe cases, you could have blisters around your eyes.

Eye sensitivity is always associated with makeup products and you should know which products can cause allergies. While your skin can show symptoms to prove allergies to certain products, it is better to know the cosmetics that can trigger allergic reactions on your skin.

Talc: Talcum powder is the real villain. This product can trigger allergies over time. But you can control talc allergy by limiting its use. Or you can try a trick to prevent the allergy.

Preservatives: Products like bronopol or dimethicone are called preservatives and they are found in every cosmetic. And these products could cause allergic reactions to your skin.

Colorants: These are dyes used in eyeshadows and they can trigger allergic reactions like irritation and burning sensation in the eyes.

Fragrances: Cosmetic brands use fragrances to improve the acceptability of their products. But sometimes fragrances could become reasons for increased eye sensitivity.

Now you know what is eye sensitivity and the products that cause allergies. But you shouldn’t feel discouraged to wear eye makeup as there are many ways to protect your eyes from allergies.

For example, you can choose products that are safer and change the way you put makeup on your eyes to remain safe while getting the smokey eye look. You will be able to improve the look of your eyes without worrying about allergies.

Here’re 7 tips that keep your eyes safe from cosmetic irritants while doing safe sensitive eye makeup.

Hypoallergenic Safe Sensitive Eye Makeup

Hypoallergenic Safe Sensitive Eye Makeup

Since you have sensitive eyes, you should choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. These products have ingredients that are for safe sensitive eye makeup. For example, take unscented eye-makeup cosmetics that don’t trigger allergic reactions like irritation. The good thing is that brands have started making safer cosmetics for people with sensitive eyes.

Cream Eyeshadow Over Powder Eyeshadow

Cream Eyeshadow Over Powder Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow as you know contains talk that is a known irritant. It can fall around your eyes and spread to a wider area causing a severe allergic reaction. But a cream eyeshadow over powder eyeshadow can prevent the powder from spreading and causing allergies. If you use talc, you shouldn’t forget to cover it with a cream.

Apply Makeup Safely

Apply Makeup Safely

In addition to cosmetics, the way you apply makeup could affect your eyes. For example, if hard strokes on your eyelids could lead to irritation in the eyes, you need to be gentle with your eyes. The best way to apply safe sensitive eye makeup is with a patting motion. Instead of hard strokes, pat the makeup and blend it well without using too much force.

Use High-Quality Brushes Only For Safe Sensitive Eye Makeup

Use High-Quality Brushes Only

Check the brushes that you use for eye makeup. If they are dirty or have rough bristles, they could cause allergic reactions. You need a brush to put makeup on your eyes, but the brush has to be soft on your sensitive eyes. Use brushes with soft bristles for eye makeup that can prevent allergies.

Keep Your Waterline Safe

Keep Your Waterline Safe

Eyeliner on your waterline can define your look, but there is little need to wear any kind of eyeliner when you have increased eye sensitivity for cosmetics. It is better to keep your waterline safe from irritants. Or you can wear the eyeliner just below your waterline.

Keep It Simple

Keep Simple, Safe Sensitive Eye Makeup

Try keeping things simple like putting on limited makeup because wearing many cosmetics could irritate your eyes. For example, it is better to go eyeshadow-free instead of wearing eyeliner when you know that you have increased eye sensitivity. In other words, you should avoid exposing your sensitive eyes to cosmetics. It is better to use cosmetics in a limited amount.

Remove The Makeup Thoroughly

Remove The Makeup Thoroughly

Never forget to remove your makeup especially eye-makeup at the end of the day. And you should remove all traces of makeup from and around your eyes. You should use a quality makeup remover or cleansing balm to clean your eyes of makeup. And this has to be done before going to bed.

Final Thoughts

Wearing eye makeup with increased eye sensitivity could be intimidating. You know every cosmetic product has irritants, but the good thing is that there are ways to keep things safe. You can choose safe cosmetics and change the way you put makeup on your eyes to prevent allergies. Finally, you should remove all traces of makeup from your face especially your eyes at the end of the day.

Disclaimer: People with sensitive eyes should be careful while putting makeup on their eyes. The above tips give no guarantee of safety from eye sensitivity.

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