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Using too much phone? Here are the best tips to avoid the excess screen time & save your eyes!

How often you watch the screen in a day? Let me guess, 7-8 hours a day? Perhaps yes!

Well, the only thing which keeps us entertain and relax is our mobile phone. As compared to the previous years, the percentage usage of mobile phones has increased this year. This usually affects children a lot, and that is because they get bored. Even some parents involve their children to phones, because of their free time.

In today’s time, children love to play mobile games instead of indoor and outdoor games. Furthermore, they are using it for watching cartoons, art and craft, video calls, and now also for the online study. This can be alright for today, but have you ever wonder how this sudden jump 7-8 hours screen time a day affect your eye health?

So, for your concern as having created this article and mentioned every little detail that you can use itself as well as on your kids.

Why is excess screen time harmful?

Excess screen time can be harmful in many ways such as:

• Reduce Cognitive ability

• Lessen attention

• Affect sleep patterns

• Become addictive

• Pain or swelling under eyes

• Weak eyesight

How are the eyes affected by time?

According to the doctors and eye specialist, eyes get affected in time intervals such as long, medium, and short differently.

Short period– with excessive digital strain or using a screen usually add strain in eyes that further causes redness, irritation, rubbing and fast blinking. Sometimes it causes double vision and blur vision.

Medium period– excess use of phones, computer affect eyeballs to increase its strength, resulting in minus in number.

Long-period– when a person gets addicted … Read the rest

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A Complete Guide on “Eyesight” Low Vision: Causes, Natural Treatments & Expert’s Advice!

In this modern era everything is now done on the computer and mobiles, therefore, the blue light which emerges through creates a low vision. Well, not only computers the age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma is responsible for the low vision. This may also result from brain injury, cancer and inherited disorders of the eye.

Few definitions of low vision by experts:

  • When the person has vision activity between 20/70 and 20/200.
  • The ratio of 20/70 describes the low vision.

Generally, low vision is a reason that is not correctable with the prescription eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, or even surgery. It is not a complete blindness. it is just a loss of vision where your retina doesn’t form the clear vision of far and near objects.


If you’re the person who is really frustrated with the low vision so, now you’ll be excited to know that here we are going to give you complete guidance on how you can treat your low vision with natural remedies and doing few changes in a lifestyle.

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What are the causes of low vision?

  • Traumatic brain injury

This can be lost as the results of head injuries, brain damage, and stroke. It reduces visual acuity, vision, eye misalignment, glare, and confusion. It causes difficulty in reading, headaches, dizziness, and balance problems.

  • Macular degeneration

It is a disorder that affects the retina, light sensitivity at the back of the eye where images are focused. It causes Blurred vision, Deteriorate formation of object this may cause difficulty in reading and blind spot in the central area of vision.

  • Amblyopia

It is a condition where visual system feels to develop normally during childhood. It creates a blurry vision that occurs one or both eyes, but it can not be treated by the … Read the rest