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European beauties are more natural and beautiful than Hollywood Beauty. I have made the list of top 10 beautiful European actresses that I admire a lot.

Beautiful European actresses are worldwide famous and extremely talented as like other film industries divas. So, let us talk about beautiful European Actresses.

Adriana Ugarte

adriana ugarte 2201
Adriana Ugarte en los Premios Cosmopolitan en Madrid. 588/Diego Puerta/Cordon Press Adriana Ugarte at the Cosmopolitan Awards in Madrid. Cordon Press

Adriana takes the first spot on top 10. She is extremely beautiful and talented Spanish actress. She impresses her audience with her strong roles. She was nominated for Best New Actress in 2007. She won Spanish international acting awards.

Alicia Vikander Is Beautiful European Actresses


Personally, I like Alicia a lot. She is adorable. She has played a popular serial in Sweden. She has also won Best Swedish actress in 2009 for her English picture. She was named as a Shooting star. Her natural beauty and talent gave her second place on top 10 in the list of most beautiful European actresses.

Emilia Clarke

She is extremely talented and played phenomenon role in Game Of Thrones. She is known as Nickname Khaleesi. She was one of the desired women for American men’s for a few years. She has got awards for her throne series.


She loves to crack jokes and has a passion for drama.

Olimpia Melinte

She is a Romanian Beauty who gained a lot of attention in the year 2014 for her double role in Romanian-Spanish Co-production Cannibal.

Romanian Beauty Olimpia Melinte

She learned Spanish and took massage lessons. She also played productions like Seven acts if mercy.

Cansu Dere

European Actress Cansu Dere

She is one who is famous for her acting skills. She is a brand image of famous cosmetic brands L’Oreal and Avon in Turkey.  Her beauty was admired in 2000 when she was runner-up of Miss Turkey.

Laura Chiatti

Italian Beauty Laura Chiatti

She is in Italian Beauty who known for her successful movies, The Friends at the Margherita café. She got an award for Miss Teen Europe. She was starring in TV for Commercials.

Melisa Sozen

Melisa Sozen

Melissa is a strong, beautiful and talented actress in turkey. She described herself as the justified winner of Palme D’Or trophy on UK telegraphs.

Adele Exarchopoulos

French Actress Adele Exarchopoulos

She is a famous French actress who won the Plame D’Or award for her role.  She was born in Paris. She pursues her passion since her age 12.

Rachel Hurd-Wood

Beautiful European Actresses - Rachel Hurd Wood

She is a famous British actress. She has won an award for most beautiful faces by critics in there consecutive years. Also, she spotted as top 10 beautiful actresses of Europe.

Beautiful European Actresses-Nora Arnezeder

Beautiful European Actresses Nore Arnezeder

Nora was born in France. She is a talented musician and a beautiful actress. She also studied dance. Her a lot of work gained attention worldwide.

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