Most Beautiful Girl

Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova was just 9 when she was a popular magazine called her “the most beautiful girl in the world” & one of the youngest model. The magazine was Women Daily and the year was 2014. The editor of the magazine minced no words in pronouncing his judgment on Kristina Pimenova.

But it didn’t surprise her or her family or fans as she’s been gifted with unparalleled beauty.

Today she’s one of the youngest models in the world but she’s attracted the attention of big brands including Armani, Burberry, and Roberto Cavalli. And these are the names that could make anyone envious of Kristina Pimenova.

Kristina Pimenova: The Most Beautiful Model In The World.

Most Beautiful Model

Family Background

Kristina Pimenova’s father Ruslan Pimenov was a former footballer and her mother Glikeriya Shirokova was a former model. So, here you can trace her modeling history to her mother who inspired her to model at a very young age when most parents leave their kids free to explore the world.

Kristina Pimenova's Family Background

Kristina Pimenova started modeling before her fourth birthday and the credit for introducing her to the modeling agencies goes to her mother. And it can be clearly said that her mother was more excited about her becoming a model because four is too early for a child to think about her career.

Being a former model, her mother had seen the fashion industry from close. Also, she knew that her daughter is born for modeling. It was her good judgment about her daughter that encouraged her to push Kristina into modeling at a fairly young age. She was in her fourth year of life when she became a child model.

It all started with a photoshoot

Started With A Photoshoot

If a report published on a website is to be believed, Kristina was wary of facing the camera and that her mother took her to a photoshoot just to help her overcome the fear of the camera. But the photo shoot turned out to be a big event in her life.

Kristina Pimenova bagged many projects for advertisements and signed commercial contracts with leading brands after the photoshoot. Excited by Kristina’s photos, her mother sent the pictures to a modeling agency, President Kids. The agency was too mesmerized to see Kristina’s photographs. It quickly shared her pictures with its clients that approved Kristina for their ad campaigns.

Her physical appearance

Most Beautiful Model Physical Appearance

Hot and gorgeous are the right words to describe the beauty of Kristina Pimenova is blessed with. Her stunning figure measures 32-24-34 inches approximately. And it is really stunning given her tender age. She is into her teens when most models struggle to gain attention.

Kristina Pimenova stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and she has maintained an ideal weight of 55 kg. Her tall figure underlines her presence and her body measurement can hold the attention. But there is more to her beauty than meets the eye.

Kristina has long shiny hair of dirty blonde color that matches perfectly with her skin type and shape of the body. But the most noticeable feature of Kristina is her eyes. She’s a blue-eyed girl. Her face looks innocent.

Her mother made no mistake in recognizing her beauty and choosing modeling as a career. But there could a difference of opinion in prodding a young kid to do modeling when she should be left to focus on her studies and play with her friends. Also, her mother faced flak from social media for posting Kristina’s pictures on social media.

Kristina’s Schooling

Most Beautiful Model Schooling

While her mother was criticized for pushing her into modeling at an early age, but her mother never interrupted her studies. Kristina Pimenova was enrolled in a local High School in Moscow, Russia from where she completed her elementary training. And when the family shifted to the US, Kristina was enrolled in a local High School in California.

Kristina Pimenova is still in the California High School and she’s doing well in her studies. She isn’t asked to compromise on her studies to focus on modeling. On the contrary, she’s doing well in both fields.

During her childhood days in Russia, Kristina learned rhythmic gymnastics and even participated in a local tournament and won the gold medal in her age group. And it was no less than a feat for the young Kristina and her family.


Kristina Pimenova Modeling

Kristina Pimenova was introduced to the fashion industry as a child model and she was just short of her fourth birthday at that time. But she took little time in understanding the modeling concepts and soon received the attention of modeling agencies and fashion magazines.

Women Daily was the first to recognize the model inside Kristina Pimenova and it took little time in announcing her world’s most beautiful girl in 2014.

In 2015, Kristina Pimenova graced the cover page of Vogue Kids and in 2016, RTL television aired a documentary about Kristina’s journey in modeling. Media reports said that Kristina conquered the fashion industry at the tender age of 9.


Kristina Pimenova Acting

Kristina Pimenova has a deep interest in the movie and she wants to see herself as a successful actress. Also, she’s interested in learning film direction and pursue a successful career as a film director. Luckily, she also got an opportunity to play a post-production part in the movie Creators: The Past. It is an Italian fantasy film where Kristina played the role of a singing child.

Also, Kristina was selected for a horror thriller, The Russian Bride. And she’s quite excited about this movie as she will co-star with the renowned American actor and director Corbin Dean Bernsen.

Public Life Of Most Beautiful Model

Kristina Pimenova enjoys a vibrant social life with millions of followers on social media. A popular face on leading fashion magazines, she commands a large following in age group. It is her popularity and acceptance that made her a hot favorite of brands.

Net Worth Of Most Beautiful Model

While it is difficult to get the actual figure of her net worth, but it is reported that she’s made $3 million from branding and advertising. She earns from brand endorsements and it shouldn’t be surprising to know that she’s one of the highest-paid models in her age group.

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