15 Palazzo Styles For Work, Leisure, Shopping, And Wedding

Before you go shopping for palazzo pants, you should know what this dress is and what difference it could make in your appearance. You can call them trousers or leggings with extra width. But most palazzos are shorter in length.

Palazzo Pants

They are ultra-comfortable trousers that have extra width. Also, they are airy as the added width allows air to penetrate inside. The palazzo pants first came into trend in the 1960s and soon they caught the attention of fashion-conscious women. Over time dress designers introduced many changes in palazzo pants.

While most palazzo pants come in ankle-length height, some pants are kept longer. Similarly, some palazzo pants are a little less-wider than others.

Here’re 15 types of palazzo pants you can upgrade your wardrobe with

  1. Cropped Folk Palazzo Trousers
Cropped Folk Palazzo Trousers

It is an exciting piece of palazzo pants that look stylish in dark color with floral prints shining on a dark background. But the most beautiful part of these wide-cut pants is their bottom that is designed with borders and enhanced with matching golden print. It can be paired with light-colored tops and flats.

  1. Wide-Legged Palazzo Trousers
Wide-Legged Palazzo Trousers

It is a business suit and it could be the first time that you will ever put on a palazzo for office. But it works well as office attire. Whether it is a client meeting or group discussion, you will look fabulous in these wide-legged trouser-style palazzo pants. For the office, you can cover it with a matching blazer. Or you can go with top only if it is a weekend office party.

  1. Black Palazzos And Off-Shoulder Top
Black Palazzos And Off-Shoulder Top

Try black palazzos with a white off-shoulder top instead of your regular dark skirt and white top. You will see the difference in transformation. The wide-legged palazzos will give you the convenience of a skirt while covering your skin. Also, the off-shoulder top will give you a more comfortable feeling.

  1. 3/4th Palazzos And Bodysuit
Palazzos And Bodysuit

The beauty of these checkered palazzo pants is their 3/4 length that looks more stylish than others. Also, it allows you to flaunt the color, design, and brand of your pumps. Pair the palazzo pants with a figure-hugging bodysuit and throw a formal blazer, if you are going for a business meeting.

  1. Floral Sharara Palazzos
Floral Sharara Palazzos

When you are in the mood to get a classic look for a formal party, you should try floral Sharara palazzos. It is a floral design that looks beautiful in rust color. For a completely classy look, you can tame it with a dark-colored turtleneck t-shirt and accessorize the dress with tribal jewelry. And don’t forget to make a slick high ponytail before leaving for the party.

  1. Palazzos And Short Kurta
Palazzos And Short Kurta

Put on palazzo pants and a short but matching kurta to get ready for work, a business meeting, or a party. To complete your flattening look, you can wear platform heels or wedges. It is the smartest outfit you can wear in the shortest time possible. Also, you can go with bare minimum accessories with this dress.

  1. Palazzo Pants And Long Kurtis
Palazzo Pants And Long Kurtis

Palazzos give comfort and they are stylish as well and for this reason, they have replaced leggings. Even most fashionable women prefer wearing palazzo pants instead of leggings as they get the freedom to choose their tops. You can pair your palazzo pants with any kind of top including short Kurtis, turtleneck t-shirts, and off-shoulder tops.

  1. Powder Blue Palazzos With A Tube Top
Powder Blue Palazzos With A Tube Top

Consider this fabulous dress, if looking for a late evening party. The powder blue palazzo pants with a sparkling white tube top will make you stand out in the crowd. Wear minimal jewelry and subtle makeup with this dress. In footwear, you should choose wedges that will hug your feet perfectly.

  1. Flowing Palazzos And A Halter Top
Flowing Palazzos And A Halter Top

Why compromise on style, when you have flowing palazzo pants to wear for summer fashion. These palazzo pants are ultra-comfortable and they can be paired with any top including off-shoulder, turtleneck, halter neck, and ruffle tops. Just make sure that the top doesn’t add weight or dimension to the overall design.

  1. Patterned Palazzo Pants
Patterned Palazzo Pants

If you want to add a definition to your style then go with patterned palazzo pants that look different. Choose ankle-length palazzo pants that leave much room to flaunt the footwear that you can choose from a wide range of designs including gladiators, sandals, and even sneakers.

  1. White Palazzos
White Palazzos

White palazzo pants with a matching shirt can give you an all-white look without requiring heavy makeup. Also, you would need minimal jewelry to complete the look. It will make you look different even in a large gathering.

  1. Striped Palazzos And Crop Top
Striped Palazzos And Crop Top

Ankle-length palazzo pants are always good for outdoor activities especially beach sports. Where other trousers and lowers could get dirty, palazzo pants remain neat and clean. The striped palazzo pants with a crop top and sliders will get you ready for a beach gathering.

  1. Straight Formal Palazzos
Straight Formal Palazzos

The straight-cut palazzo pants look closer to regular trousers as they are a little less broad than regular palazzos. And the straight-cut design gives these palazzos a stylish look. To enhance your personality, you can pair the palazzo pants with an off-shoulder or spaghetti top.

  1. High-Waisted Beige Trousers
High-Waisted Beige Trousers

You will like these high-waisted floral pants after trying all kinds of palazzo pants. It makes a complete dress when coupled with a matching top. See how the model is dressed and get ready for a weekend outing with friends.

  1. Palazzos For Wedding
Palazzos For Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion for which you need a stylish dress and you will certainly not consider wearing palazzo pants. But this palazzo jumpsuit is an elegant wedding dress. It is a complete suit and it will look more beautiful with sparkling silver jewelry. Also, you will need minimal makeup with this elegant wedding dress.


Palazzo pants are here to stay as they kept changing in shapes, sizes, colors, prints, and dimensions to suit the individual needs of the users. Today, palazzo pants are considered a must-have addition to every wardrobe.

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