Megan Fox Beauty

Megan Fox Shares Her Makeup, Beauty, And Fitness Secrets: Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Times was right when he called Megan Fox a “sex symbol of the highest order”. This Hollywood diva has featured in the “hottest” and “most beautiful woman” lists throughout the years.

Megan Fox Body

Cleansing and moisturizing is her daily routine. She washes her face twice a day and moisturizes her skin with Bulgarian Rose Otto by Epicuren Discovery.

She prefers taking showers instead of soaking in a bathtub like other celebrities do. But she never forgets to moisturize her skin after a shower. And she prefers Cold Pressed Organic Oil (Grapeseed Oil) by Whole Foods moisturizer as it suits her skin very well.

Megan Fox avoids going out in the sun to keep her skin safe. She wears a hat for sun protection. Her sensitive skin reacts to the chemicals present in sunscreen lotions and for this reason, she avoids using sunscreen lotions. But she uses La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen whenever she comes under direct sunlight.

She takes care of her cat’s eyes and for eye care, she uses Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum that she applies to thrive or four times a day, especially after every face wash.

She gets an oxygen facial weekly and makes sure that she gets it at least once a week. Since her busy lifestyle leaves little time for wearing face masks, she steals time for quick facials as and when required.

Megan Fox drinks lots of water even while shooting. It helps flush out toxins. Also, she takes sound sleep to keep her skin healthy and radiant.

Megan Fox Makeup Secrets

Makeup Secrets

Megan Fox prefers minimal makeup as it leaves enough room for her skin to breathe. When needed, she wears only a tinted moisturizer, good mascara, and an attractive lip gloss.

She advises to miss the foundation occasionally and apply Vaseline on cheekbones and eyelids. She follows this rule.

Beach wave is her favorite hairstyle as it gives her hair a fine texture and makes her tresses thicker. She uses Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to get this look.

The American actress is quite conscious about her fashion and makeup. She keeps her makeup soft and natural when her dress is bold. Similarly, she chooses makeup for her other costumes.

She has beautiful eyes and she knows how to highlight her eyes. She shapes her brows delicately and fills them properly so her eyes remain highlighted all the time.

Megan Fox wears lipstick and she loves experimenting with different shades of red like deep wine-red and fresh orange-red. And she gets the perfect shade with Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400.

She uses a light foundation to get her signature look of “red lips and plain eyes”. Also, a little blush is needed to complement the look. You can check her pictures to see her signature look.

She always keeps her moisturizer, concealer, mascara, fragrance, and Jao Hand Refresher. Her makeup kit is made up of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Armani Code fragrance, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, etc.

Megan Fox Fitness Secrets

Fitness Secrets

Megan Fox is an exercise enthusiast. Her fitness trainer Harley Pasternak has prepared a detailed exercise regimen and a 5 Factor Diet Plan so she maintains an enviable figure and remains full of positive energy.

Her exercise regimen includes a 45-minute circuit training session and working on each muscle group. She also performs lateral plank, crunches, Swiss ball, and hyperextensions each for 5 minutes followed by a 30-seconds rest period.

She looks lean and sexy and keeps herself fit and flexible by doing more like Pilates, weight lifting, and cardio workouts like cycling, running, dancing, and so on.

Megan Fox Diet Secrets

Diet Secrets

Megan Fox follows a 5 Factor Diet Plan that involves taking “5 small meals a day”. But it also includes a cheat day on which she is allowed to pamper her taste buds with the food she likes most.

She follows a healthy diet that includes raw and fresh fruits and veggies. She believes in healthy eating instead of dieting. She advises getting enough carbohydrates to keep going.

Silica and fish oil supplements are a staple for Megan Fox. But she avoids processed foods, dairy items, grains, white bread, crackers, etc. She prefers whole foods only.

She starts her day with breakfast and she never misses the first meal of her day. Her breakfast consists of 2 egg whites, 1 oz. of almonds, and a bowl of fresh fruits. Eggs are her favorite and almonds give her antioxidants and vitamin E. with fruits, she gets necessary proteins. A heavy breakfast prevents hunger pangs throughout the day and she doesn’t need quick food.

Megan Fox is fond of salads with apple cider vinegar. It makes tasty food and helps her lose excess fat as well.

It is surprising to know that Megan Fox also takes a fair amount of fat to meet her nutrition requirement.

Taking a heavy breakfast keeps her contended all day and consuming healthy meals gives her the nutrition she needs to stay active all day.

Final Thoughts

Megan Fox is blessed with a beautiful figure, fair skin, and sharp facial features. But the most important thing is she knows how to maintain her figure. She leads an active life and takes healthy food only to get the necessary nutrients. Also, she exercises regularly to maintain her fitness.

Megan Fox Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

• Do little makeup as it allows the skin to breathe fresh air
• Always use moisturizer after washing your face and bathing
• Avoid going out in the sun and use sunscreen only when necessary
• Eat a healthy breakfast to get energy

You learned that Megan Fox avoids using sunscreen because she has an allergy to the chemicals found in most sunscreen lotions. She has her cheat day on which she takes the liberty to eat anything. She is also choosey in makeup. But these are her personal choices. If you want to follow her diet and exercise regimen, you should keep your requirements in mind.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to consult their dieticians and physical trainers before following Megan Fox’s diet and exercise schedule.

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