19 Mojito Drink Made With Rum, Vodka, Lime, Soda, Mint And Ice

Mojito is a quick drink made with refreshing ingredients that include rum, lime juice, mint, soda water and ice. Fruits like berries, apples, orange, mango and bananas can also be added to enrich the flavor and increase the number of nutrients

Largely a mint-based drink, mojito can be prepared in different ways like with vodka and gin. Also, it allows ample freedom to experiment with more ingredients.

Here’re 15+ ways of making best mojito drink and all these ways are quite popular.  

Best Mojito Drink

Classic Mint Mojito Drink

Take fresh mint leaves and muddle them with lime juice and fine granulated sugar in a glass. Add ice and fill the glass with white rum. Garnish it with used lime before serving.  

Coconut Mojito Pitcher

Prepare the base with mint, lime juice and simple syrup. Pour coconut water and white rum to the base. Add ice to the drink and stir to combine the ingredients

Strawberry Mojito Drink

Muddle mint and strawberries in a ice filled cocktail shaker and pour citrus rum, lime juice and simple syrup the shaker. Shake it until all the ingredients are mixed garnish it with strawberries and mint

Blackberry Mojito

Blackberries are muddled with light rum, lime juice and simple syrup to make this drink. The glass is filled with soda water and garnished with fresh mint leaves.

Raspberry Mojito

Prepare a mixture of whole raspberries, mint, lime juice and sugar. Add ice to another cocktail glass and pour rum to the ice. Leave the ice for 15 minutes before adding it to the raspberry mixture. Top the drink with club soda before serving.

Vodka Blueberry Mojito

Mix blueberries with mint and syrup and add some lime juice to it. Also, add some vodka for added flavor. Shake the juice thoroughly and serve it cool with ice cubes.

Mango Mojito Drink

It is a perfect blend of mango, rum and lime juice. Mint is also added to the ingredients. Finally, it is garnished with mango slice and served with ice.

Prairie Cucumber Mojito

The base for this drink is made with mint leaves and lime. And the mixture of prairie cucumber flavored, lime juice and organic vodka is added to the base. Finally, the drink is topped with soda water before serving.

Watermelon Cucumber Mojito

It has more of mint. First, watermelon pieces are muddled with cucumber chunks in lime juice and the mixture is stirred in mint leaves until it gets the flavor. And it is served cool with crushed ice and vodka. Also, there is more mint on the top. 


It contains diplomatico planas, coconut milk and simply syrup as main ingredients. All the ingredients are mixed with pebbled ice and served cool with more ice and soda. Mint is used for garnishing

Soursop Mojito

Take a glass and start adding the ingredients. Start with lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves. And fill the glass with ice to the top. For flavor, pour rum over the ice. Also, add some soda the drink. Garnish it with mint and Thai Basil Flower.

Cape Cod Mojito Drink

Collect Bully Boy white rum, GrandTen Cranberry liqueur, fresh lime juice and simple syrup at one place. Now take a glass and press mint leaves gently in the glass. Go on adding all the ingredients and fill the glass with fresh ice to the top. Garnish the drink with mint.

Queen’s Park Swizzle

Mix rum, lime and simple syrup with fresh mint leaves. Add crushed ice to the ingredients and swizzle the drink. For garnish, use bitters and mint leaves

Monk-Ey Around

Add coconut juice, orange juice, lime, banana and rums in a tin and fill it half way with ice. Now shake well for a couple of seconds and fill to the top with crushed ice. Pour it in a glass and garnish with mint leaves and edible flower.

Cliffside Cuban

First crush mint leaves in lime juice and simple syrup. Add Bacardi Silver and Pamplemousse Rose Liqueur to the mint juice. Shake the ingredients well and pour into a glass. Add Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine to the drink and garnish it with candied grapefruit and mint sprig.

Clara Bow

Add mint leaves, lemon juice, Grenadine, St. Germain and Bulleit Bourbon in a shaker and shake it with added ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a coupe for serving. 

Across the Pond

Combine mint and cucumber with lime juice, simply syrup, St. Germain and gin into a shaker. Mix the ingredients well and pour the drink in a glass with added cucumber crunches. 

Sunrise Mojito Drink

Muddle apples, passion fruit and mint leaves in simple syrup and rum. Add some soda and ice to the ingredients and shake well. Serve the drink in a glass garnished with green apple and mint leaves.

Magic Mojito

Combine rum with mint, lime juice and simple syrup in a shaker. Add ice and shake it vigorously. Prepare a martini glass with a cotton candy for serving the drink. Pour the cocktail over the candy and garnish it with mint sprig

This list could be longer but the above-mentioned drinks are more popular across the globe. If you know about a new type of mojito drink, don’t hesitate in sharing your flavor with us. Or you can try a new type of drink by mixing different ingredients and flavors 

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