Treat Your Corns And Calluses With These Home Remedies

It is easier to deal with painful corns as there are many ways to heal corns and calluses. In addition to various creams and lotions, you can rely on home treatment for foot corn that can give excellent results in a short time.

Let’ discuss several home remedies for treatment of foot corn…

• Applying fresh lemon juice on the center point of the corn will ease the pain and suffering. Repeat this process until the center is hardened and falls out.

• Apply garlic paste on corn’s surface for a night and wash the paste in morning with warm water. Antioxidants in garlic will heal and treat corns from the root.

• Applying nourishing and moisturizing vitamin E oil can soft the hard skin. For better results, you can wear socks after applying oil on corns.

• Apply onion juice on your corns and cover them with a clean cloth for two days. Acids in the onion will soften the corns and heal permanently.

• Soak your feet in warm baking soda water for 15 minutes and exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone. Being a good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, baking soda can prevent infections.

Foot Corn Treatment

• Soak your feet in a mixture of castor oil, liquid soap and hot water and scrub your calluses gently with a pumice stone.

• Cover your corn with a pineapple peel and apply bandage on the peel to keep it at its place for night. Treat your corn with coconut oil after removing the peel in the morning.

• Soaking your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes will soften the calluses and smooth the muscle tension.

• Always apply lotion to your feet to them wet and moisturized as dryness can aggravate callus and corn formation.

• Weekly scrubbing of feet and hands will prevent formation of callus and corns.

Wear comfortable socks and footwear that allow your feet skin to breathe.

• Always trim nails of your feet as long nails can push your toes against the footwear leading to friction and formation of corns.

Disclaimer: There is little scientific truth available in the above-mentioned suggestions hence people are advised to be careful while using these remedies.

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