Choosing Makeup For Different Face Shapes

Ever wondered how celebrities look gorgeous? The secret behind their gorgeous looks lies in their face shapes. They do makeup that suits their faces. You can also improve your look by doing makeup that highlights your facial features.

Let’s have a deeper insight into makeup and face shapes

  1. Oval Face
Oval Face

Perhaps it is the most beautiful face because it looks stunning in every hairstyle. Also, you can wear any dress, if you have an oval face. For makeup, you can follow the below-mentioned advice.

The objective is to minimize the oval effect by making the face look more elongated. For this, you need to work on the blunt features, if you have any. For example, take a pointed and sharp nose. Apply foundation to the nose and then use a bronzer. But the bronzer should be applied on the sides from top to bottom. Your nose will get the shadow effect on the sides and the top will look fairer and heightened due to the foundation.

While working on your eyes or lips, you should concentrate on any one feature and keep the other simple. For example, you can make high arched brows and leave the lips simple. Also, use blush on the apples of your cheeks and the sides of your chin as well. It will make your face look elongated.

  1. Oblong Face
Oblong Face

If your face is oblong or rectangular, the makeup should make your face look oval. For this, you need to make the brows a little more arched than the normal eyebrows. It will make your face look round and a little more oval.

Choose a light pinkish shade and apply it to the sucked cheeks. It will give you a plumped look. Also, apply a rosy darker shade onto apples. It will blunt the edges and make your face appear round. But be cautious so you don’t overuse makeup.

Second thing is to make your eyelashes look bigger and more dramatic. For this, you can go for double curling of the lashes before and after using the mascara. If you want, you can even experiment with darker false lashes.

For the nose, you need a top shadowing technique that involves covering the top of the nose bone with a bronzer. Avoid side shadowing that you do with an oval face.

Keep your lips rosy and pink and minimize sharp edges of your face like the sides of your jaws and your nose, if it is sharp.

  1. Heart Face
Heart Face

Another beautiful face, the heart shape looks distinct because of its inverted-pyramid shape. And you use makeup to improve the facial features to look stunning.

A tapered jawline and a wide forehead make a heart shape. And here the objective should be to dilute the wideness of the forehead. For this, you can follow the technique of highlighting certain features to turn down others so all your facial features look balanced.

Apply a bronzer or a foundation darker than your skin tone along the sides of your temples and the bottom of your chin. Also, apply a highlighting powder on the top of your nose. Use a bronzer on the sides of the nose and accentuate the high cheekbones with some color.

Plump up your lips with a lip plumper or a high-shine gloss and bold lip color. It will bring focus to the lips instead of on the tapering jawline. Keep eyes simple with lighter shades and avoid making eyes too smokey.

Use bronzer on your cheekbones to contour the hollow of your cheeks. Also, apply a subtle shade of blush to add color to the apples of your cheeks.

  1. Diamond Face
Diamond Face

If your face looks like a diamond, your objective should be to bring attention to the center. For this, you need to brighten the center of your face. Applying a lighter liquid foundation or highlighting powder will be sufficient to achieve the objective.

Highlight your forehead, bridge of the nose, and center of the chin to bring focus to the center part of your face. Use a slightly darker foundation or apply a bronzing powder to contour the peak of the forehead, the tip of the chin, and the underside of the cheekbones. It will minimize the width and give the face a more proportionate look.

The biggest concern with makeup for diamond faces is that it looks very disproportionate. And it is difficult to achieve a dazzling look without balancing the facial features. A close study of the heart shape suggests that the focus should be on brightening the center.

  1. Round Face
Round Face

It is a beautiful face with equal length and width. Here you need to create an illusion of length. Contouring is crucial for this face shape. But be careful while using foundation or bronzer.

Apply a bronzer to your temples and beneath the jawline. Here a bronzer can work as a contour. It will help create an illusion of length and an oval face. Also, you should highlight the forehead, the area under the eyes, and the chin. It will help in drawing attention to the center of your face.

Apply blush beneath the cheekbones so the apples of your cheekbones get the definition. Or you can apply the blush directly to the apples. It will accentuate their perfect shape. If you apply the blush in upward strokes, it will give your face a slimming effect.

Know Your Face Shape

If you know the shape of your face, you can easily pull off your makeup perfectly. If you go to the parlor, the beautician will first determine your face shape so the beautician could suggest the right makeup. To know your face shape, you can measure the length and breadth of your face using a plastic card or thread.

Every face has a distinct shape and for this reason, there can’t be any one makeup solution for all faces. You need to choose a makeup plan according to the shape of your face so you look stunning in the getup. So, start your makeup by determining your face shape.

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