What Is Your Face Shape And Which Sunglass Would Suit You Most?

You need sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sun rays and UV rays. And the good thing is that a wide range of sunglasses is available in the market. You can buy a sunglass that suits well to your face shape or choose one that suits all faces.

Measure your face shape

Measure your face shape

The easiest way to measure your face shape is to use measure the width of your eye from the center of your nose. Use a credit/debit card and hold it vertically on the center of your nose and check whether the card touches the corner of the eye or goes beyond it.

Small Shape – the card going beyond the eye
Medium Shape – the card touches the corner of the eye
Large Shape – the card falling short of the corner of the eye

Here’re common face shapes and their sunglasses

  1. Oval Shape Face

High cheekbones that cover most of the face, rounded chin, broader forehead, and a narrow jaw are the features of an oval face. It looks a little longer as it has more length than the width, but it looks beautiful.

Oval Shape Face


Choose the sunglasses that define the structure of your face. You should try smooth-lined frames like aviators, cat-eyed frames, and butterfly sunglasses. You can try more sunglasses but avoid wearing oversized glasses as they will hide your eyebrows and disrupt the beautiful oval structure of the face.

  1. Heart Shape Face

It looks like an inverted triangle with the pointed part making a narrow chin and the base part providing more width to the forehead. Cheekbones are also high but the face lacks length. Most of the facial features are covered in width than extended to the length.

Heart Shape Face


The forehead is the most prominent part of heart shape face because it is where the face has a maximum width. Your sunglass shouldn’t exaggerate the wider forehead. Try a teardrop frame sunglass that will accentuate the heart shape. Sunglasses with small frames and a narrow bridge will also suit your face shape. Choose round glasses or aviators and avoid oversized frames.

  1. Round Shape Face

It is a perfect shape as it is equal in length and width. Also, the hairline is smooth and even. The most prominent feature of round shape face is its chin that is small and rounded with sharp angles.


Try wearing sunglasses that add more height to your face. Oversized sunglasses would suit your face most because a bigger frame will make your face appear a little longer. Also, you can try aviators and cat-eyed sunglasses that will further enhance the round shape.

  1. Square Shape Face

The square face also has equal length and breadth but it has sharp and angular edges that prevent it from becoming round. The hairline is also smooth like in a round shape, but it looks like a straight line.

Square Shape Face


Oversized sunglasses would suit best on your sharp and well-defined facial features. Or you can go for round or oval frames that will enhance your square cheekbones and define the eyebrows. Also, you should opt for bold colors that will blend well with your strong features.

  1. Triangular Face Shape

It is just the opposite of a heart shape. Here a wider chin makes the base of a triangle and the shape becomes narrower towards temples just like a triangle. The shape will be narrower towards the temples making your cheekbones and forehead narrower than the chin. Also, the loss of width would make your cheekbones appear sharper.

Triangular Face Shape


Sunglasses with a large frame will suit your face most. You can try cat-eyed glasses that will give some width to your cheekbones and forehead. Or you can wear a frameless pair of sunglasses to get a playful look. Since your face lacks width at the top, your objective should be to wear sunglasses that balance the width of the face from forehead to chin.

  1. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses
Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

If you aren’t certain of your face shape but want to buy a sunglass then go for an oversized aviator sunglass as it suits almost every face shape. Also, they look smart and elegant. Another advantage of oversized aviator sunglasses is that they match with most dresses including office wear.

  1. Cat-Eyed Sunglasses
Cat-Eyed Sunglasses

While cat-eyed sunglasses suit triangular and round faces most, but you can wear these glasses even if your face shape is square or oval. It looks funny, but it can enhance your sunnies. Also, it will give a stylish look to your face. If you are going to the beach or shopping around under the sun, wear a cat-eyed sunglass. It will keep your eyes cool.

  1. Round Framed Sunglasses
Round Framed Sunglasses

One thing that can be said for sure about round-framed sunglasses is that you can’t go wrong with them. The round shape looks classy and it suits almost every face shape and skin tone. Also, they are effortless to wear and carry. Another advantage of a round shape is it covers the eyes perfectly. You can say that it is neither oversized nor too short. It will shield your eyes without covering your eyebrows.

  1. Basic Black Sunglasses
Basic Black Sunglasses

If you are looking for a sunglass that is stunning yet very casual then basic black sunglass is your best bet. It also matches all face shaped and it provides comprehensive protection to the eyes. You can even shield your eye contact behind the dark-colored glasses. Also, it will match well with all dresses from retro to modern. And you can keep it wearing all day.


Wearing a sunglass is a necessity as exposing your eyes to sunlight could have serious implications for your eyes in the long run. also, you can use sunglasses as a fashion statement. There are two ways of choosing a sunglass. The first, is to search for a sunglass according to your face shape, and the second is to buy a sunglass that matches all face shapes

People wearing prescription glasses can also wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. They can keep two pairs of sunglasses – one for vision and the second for protection.

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