Hair Coloring At Home Made Easy

There is little need to spend money on a parlor treatment to get your hair colored when you can color your hair at home. It is easy and exciting, and you get total control over the process. Also, you’ll enjoy shopping around for hair colors, highlighters, brushes, and other coloring accessories.

How To Color Your Hair At Home?

The process of hair coloring has been divided into three convenient steps

• Getting Ready
• Hair Coloring Essentials
• Time For Rinsing

Getting Ready for at home hair color..

  1. Shampoo Your Hair
Shampoo Your Hair

Washing helps hair secret natural oils that make a protective shield around hair strands and help in binding the color with each strand. Wash your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before hair coloring at home and avoid conditioning as it could obstruct the binding process.

  1. Choose A Color
Choose A Color

It is better to stick to the two shades rule of choosing a hair color. Depending on your choice, you should choose two shades darker or lighter than your original hair color. Also, the chosen color should complement your skin tone.

  1. Cover Yourself With A Color Cape
Cover Yourself With A Color Cape

Buy a dark color cape to prevent things from becoming messy while you color your hair. The cape will catch those spills that can fall on your skin and clothes.

  1. Brush Your Hair
Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair thoroughly to open all knots and tangles that could have formed while washing and drying. These knots could result in patchy hair color.

  1. Coat Your Hairline, Ears, And Neck With Petroleum Jelly
Coat Your Hairline, Ears, And Neck With Petroleum Jelly

Apply any petroleum jelly on the said areas to prevent skin coloring. The color can stay on your skin for weeks despite regular washing.

  1. Put On Gloves
Put On Gloves Before Hair Color At Home

It is necessary to wear rubber/plastic gloves while hair color at home. You could find a pair of gloves in your hair color product or you can buy good quality gloves from the market.

Hair Coloring Essentials

  1. Use A Bowl For Color Preparation
Hair Color Preparation

Mix your hair dye in a bowl instead of the bottle provided with the coloring kit. Also, use a dyeing brush to mix the dye and apply it effectively to each hair strand.

  1. Use A Hair Developer
Hair Color Developer

A hair developer contains hydrogen peroxide that opens hair shafts and helps the dye in binding to the hair cuticles. It makes the coloring process effective and the color lasts longer. Beginners should start with a 20-Volume developer that is considered safer than other developers. It contains 6% of hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Section Your Hair For Coloring
Section Your Hair For Coloring

Dividing your hair into sections will help in coloring without leaving any patches. Make four sections of your hair using long hairdressing clips and start coloring from the front sections. Hair strands at the front sections are the largest hence they need more processing time.

  1. Apply The Color
Apply The Hair Color

Start coloring from the roots to the tips and brush the color with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the color evenly in the hair strands. Also, it will remove the excess dye and prevent the formation of patches. Color one section, roll the colored hair strands up and fasten to your head with a clip. Move on to the next section and repeat the process.

  1. Set A Timer

Let the color sit on your hair strands for the instructed time like 30 minutes or more. Set a timer to get an alert for rinsing your hair. Also, you can use some heat as a blow dryer to help the color penetrate your hair strands.

How To Highlight Your Hair?

How To Highlight Your Hair

Highlighting can be done in the same way as coloring. Here you will need a mascara brush. Section your hair and start highlighting from the roots. For silver hair, you need to bleach the hair strands. Let the color sit for the indicated time and rinse it off with warm water. But if you want blonde hair then you should go for professional treatment as you could damage your hair.

Note: Beginners shouldn’t try highlighting their hair for a lack of experience. Highlighting hair requires training without which you can end up making a mess with your hair.

Time For Rinsing

Time For Rinsing
  1. Wipe Off Color From Your Skin

Use a wet towel to wipe off color stains from your skin. Also, wear a shower cap to retain the heat and moisture in your head. It will help the color penetrate your hair strands more effectively.

  1. Rinse Your Hair With Warm Water

Rinse the color with warm water only and avoid shampooing at this moment. Massage the hair roots with your fingertips to remove the excess color from your hair and scalp. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear and finish it off with a sulfate-free conditioner.

  1. Shampoo And Conditioning

Shampoo your hair after an hour of rinsing the color. By this time, the color will get absorbed in the hair shafts. Use a conditioner after shampooing.

  1. Dry Your Hair

Let your hair dry naturally as it will allow the color more time to set effectively on your hair strands. If you are in a hurry and want to use a blow drier, use it at the lowest heat setting to prevent damage to your hair. Once your locks are dried, you can style them any way you like most.

What If I Get Unsatisfactory Results?

Yes, it could happen especially in the initial periods when you are a beginner and don’t know how to color your hair. But there is little to worry about as you have the option to remove the color using a color remover. Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo will remove the color. Or you can go to a parlor for professional treatment.

You could have some difficulties in coloring your hair in the first few attempts, but you will get both the experience and the confidence needed to color your hair strands. So, keep trying again and again until you succeed. Soon you will learn hair coloring at home.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to take necessary training and education before coloring their hair at home.

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