Kylie Jenner spots today without makeup with Dior sporting outfit & looks glamorous!

Recently, the billionaire reality star posted her glamour pictures in social media account with latest launch of Dior collection. She wears a stylish outfit, activewear by Dior with a caption “Happy Monday”

This picture came when Jenner is 21 to surprise her fans with natural and without makeup look. After playing with her two little daughters, she posted her picture with a caption “Oh I learnt patience from my child”

The start spotted at her brand new house, which could be around $3.6 billion at holmby hills. She was reported to have a new house that has been known as a big resort.

A flashback on Kylie

Kylie is the top youngest businesswomen who is the list of top 10 richest person in the world. She is self-made billionaire, thus she always protected with guards 24/7 and her staff is also big.

Her house has 7 bedrooms along with 14 bathrooms from which she has picked the best one for her daughters. She is younger sister of Kim Kardashian.

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