5 Reasons To Why Your Deodorant Isn’t Effective

How effective your deodorant is, depends on how it is used. What you do is simply sprinkle the deo on your body, but it doesn’t work. Similarly, you keep using one type of deo again and again.

Here’re 5 deo mistakes you make

  1. Apply generously

You need to be generous with the application of your deo as just one layer of deodorant might not be effective against the heat. Apply the deo generously all over the body to cover your sweat ducts properly. It will increase the amount of deo consumption but it is the only way of getting desired results.

  1. Underarms only

You need to apply the deo all over your body including underneath and underarms but what you do is just spray the deo under your arms and get ready to go out. You can even spray deo behind your knees. Also, you can spray deodorant in other inner areas.

  1. Using deo just after shaving

Cleaning your beard or shaving underarms, you should avoid putting deo just after removing the unwanted hair from the face and underarms as it could lead to burning sensation and even skin infection. Wait for a while after shaving to apply deo on your face and underarms.

  1. Using one type of deo

It is a mistake as you are making your sweat glands adaptive to one type of deo. And if your sweat glands become adaptive to a deodorant, they won’t respond to the deo. It is better to change your deodorant to get an effective result. Also, it is an opportunity to try new fragrances.

  1. Apply deo at night

The night is the best time to apply deodorant as it is the time when you don’t sweat out. Apply your deodorant before going to bed and have a healthy fragrance all day.

Disclaimer: Use deodorant carefully as it contains chemicals that could harm your skin.

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