Socks Recommended For Running

10 Socks Recommended For Running, Cycling, And Hiking

Looking for the best running shoes for your activities. If yes, then look here. We’ve selected the 10 best running socks for different needs from toe design to stinky feet. Whatever your needs are, you can easily find the right socks for your needs.

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  1. SwiftWick Aspire Four
SwiftWick Aspire Four

Engineered with firm compression, the socks support every contour of the feet to reduce fatigue. Also, it never loses its hug regardless of the activity including walking, cycling, road running, and trail running. Crafted from lightweight Olefin fiber, these can wick moisture, dry quickly, and stay cool for a … Find more

Queer And Trans People Need Inclusive Gyms

Why Do Queer And Trans People Need Inclusive Gyms?

Finally, people with special, women of colour, and those belonging to particular groups like trans have got their personal space to exercise, socialize, and cherish meaningful connections with fellow members.

Inclusive gyms that celebrate people with bodies typically that feel discriminated at conventional gyms are cropping up across the globe. They are making people with special needs, colour, sexual orientation, and religion happy.

If you are someone who wants to exercise but fear discrimination in gyms, then you should cheer up as you can go to an inclusive gym where there is no discrimination.

What is an inclusive gym?

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Brain Gym Exercises

10 Brain Gym Exercises For Kids, Students, Executives, Housewives, And Everyone

Brain exercises can increase your brain function including reading, comprehension, reasoning, and creativity. Also, it can prevent the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases in aging people. The advantage of these exercises is that they can be performed at home.

10 brain gym exercises to boost your brain function

  1. Marching In Place

It is a low-intensity exercise that is great for warming muscles. Also, it improves breathing and coordination between limbs.

Marching In Place

How To:

• Stand straight with your head straight, shoulders rolled up, chest up, and feet hip-width apart
• Start with raising your right … Find more

Calisthenic Exercises

10 Calisthenic Exercises That Work For Entire Body

Calisthenics exercise can help build your muscles, strengthen your core, and improve your endurance and coordination in a short time. And these exercises require no specific accessories like weight or bands. You can practice those exercises hands-free in your home.

The advantage of Calisthenics exercises is that they are relatively safer as you are free to manage your speed and intensity so as not to come under pressure. Also, you can practice these activities any time of the day.

Here’re 10 Calisthenics you can try at home

  1. Jumping Jacks

Good for burning extra calories, jumping jacks strengthen the entire body. … Find more

Exercises To Build Your Obliques And Strengthen

12 Exercises To Build Your Obliques And Strengthen Your Core

Obliques are important muscles that support your core movements and strengthen your spine so it remains straight and stable. It is for this reason that most exercises focus on obliques.

Here’re the 12 exercises that can build your oblique muscles. These exercises are simple but they work well for obliques, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and thighs.

  1. Side Planks

The exercise will build your obliques and also improve your core, shoulders, and hips.

Side Planks

How To:

• Lie on your right side with your body from head to toe in a straight line
• Lift your body with … Find more

Stress Balls1

10 Types Of Stress Balls To De-Stress Your Body And Mind

Feeling stressed, grab a stress ball and start playing with it. You can squeeze, roll, and throw the ball at a wall. It will bounce back to you. And if you don’t have a stress ball, you can buy one. They come in attractive shapes, sizes, colors, and features.

Here’re 10 varieties of stress balls available in the market

  1. Splat Balls
Splat Balls

It is a soft and sticky ball that makes a “splat” sound when thrown at a hard surface like a concrete wall, wooden door, glass table, and even tiled floors. If you hit this ball against a wall, it … Find more

Exercises That Can Help Lose Arm Fat

15 Exercises That Can Help Lose Arm Fat

Do you have flabby arms? If yes then do you want to tone up your arms and make them lean and strong. If yes then get ready to do some exercises that will reduce the size of your arms, tone your muscles, and make them beautiful.

Here’re 15 exercises that can help burn calories and reshape your arms, shoulders, and upper back.

  1. Cardio

Cardio exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and rope jumping burn calories faster. And doing 20 minutes of cardio exercises 3-4 times a week is sufficient to start with. Later you can increase the intensity and … Find more

Yoga Asanas That Can Cure Sciatica Pain

8 Yoga Asanas That Can Cure Sciatica Pain

The sciatica nerve runs into the spine before entering the pelvis and going deep down your legs. It is an important nerve as even a little pressure on this nerve can cause shooting pain. And the pain becomes unbearable with time.

Sitting in a wrong posture for long hours, spondylitis, damaged or ruptured disc, and back injury is the prime reason for sciatica pain. And there is little you can do to relieve the pain. Painkillers could help but only for a short time. Your doctor will prescribe physical therapy to relieve the pressure from the nerve.

Sciatica pain could … Find more

Ariel Winter Get Candid About Her Diet

Ariel Winter Get Candid About Her Diet, Exercise, And Cyber Bullying

Ariel Winter is an awarded actress but she had to face bullying by netizens for her shorter frame and a little oversize body. But it didn’t discourage the actor from giving her best performance in the ABC comedy series, Modern Family, for which she won four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Is Ariel Winter Short And Obese?

Ariel Winter Short And Obese

Ariel Winter stands 5 ft and 1 inch tall that is a little shorter than the average height of most Hollywood actresses. She weighs around 55 kg that makes her shorter frame appear a little bulkier. And with 36/27/35 body measurements, she looks plump. … Find more

Margot Robbie

The Academy Award-winning Australian actress Margot Robbie is in news for her upcoming live-action Barbie film. Co-written and directed by Greta Gerwig, the movie could be based on the Barbie film series that has been running since 2001.

Barbie is a challenging role but it isn’t the first time that Margot Robbie has accepted a challenge. A look at her previous roles shows she isn’t new to challenges, but Barbie poses a different challenge.

Barbie’s look

It is a fashion doll with a slender figure. Her vital statistics match those of supermodels. But there are only a few models that … Find more