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Beyonce Diet Routine

Beyonce Diet & Workout Secrets!!

The pop icon Beyonce is very popular for her killer voice, Amazing Style and also for her sizzling smoky fit body. The most surprising thing is she is almost 35 years old mother of three children. She is a fabulous singer, Actress, and Songwriter but instead of her hectic schedule, she finds time for her health and body. After having three kids she seems to look the same as she looked in her 18 age.

Beyonce is universally known as the epitome of a fitness goal. So, here we share some fitness tips from the popular Singer that helps you all to attain the same body and physique like Beyonce.

Beyonce Diet Routine

Diet Routine of Beyonce:

She is the die heart fan of a vegan diet. She loves to eat a diet based on plants and all.


1 cup of fresh berries with vanilla chia pudding.


Green apple Sesame slaw and Crunchy red cabbage with one cup steamed, cubed Sweet potato or having one sweet potato baked.

Mid noon Snacks

1/4 cup of hemp hummus with fresh veggies including celery, carrots, bell pepper, romaine leaves, etc.


quinoa salad and Black beans with fast cumin sparkle on it.


Dark chocolate

Workout Routine of Beyonce:

Workout Routine of Beyonce

Core workout

she uses to do heavy core workouts like standing side crunches and side ups of the full body with a medicine ball.


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Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

The best weight loss method is to take a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. These two methods are an important method to stay fit and help to achieve a healthy and fit body.

As we all know if you want are not in shape and want to lose weight, you must eat healthy, and low-fat food. With this, you have to do workout regularly.

The time of exercising and the time of eating also affect your body and weight. So it is very important to schedule diet and workout chart properly. For the better result, you must exercise before Breakfast, this could double your ability to burn fat.

Exercise Before Morning Meal could Double your ability to burn fat

Is working out morning burn fat faster?

Recently, we studied that workout before eating can lose much weight and burn more calories than workout after eating. The foreign researchers supervise the experiment on many overweight men and ask some of them to exercise before eating a morning meal and other to work out after eating lunch or dinner. And decide that exercise in the early morning before eating anything can help to lose the double amount of weight and burn calories.

The experts also declared that workout during vacant stomach had a better response to insulin and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes. So that eating before exercise can bring a lot of positive changes to our full health.

So, if you are ready to work out before eating … Read the rest

Melt Away your Fat Follow these 4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight

Melt Away your Fat Follow these 4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight

It’s hard to find only one workout which almost loved by many people in the fitness industry. But there is only Swimming is the best workout loved by everyone. As we all know that swimming is also known as the leisure exercise which is enjoyed by every age group people.

And it also gives so many benefits. The most important benefit is you can lose weight through this exercise.

It also builds endurance and enhances the lungs. This is a unique workout without getting sweaty and it is a form of strength training also.

So, Here we share some Tricks of Swimming which helps you to lose weight:-

4 Ways of Swimming to lose weight


• The Right Posture

As we all know there are so many different ways of Swimming and each may have different health advantages and also buns different amounts of fats. But the best and effective stroke of all is the butterfly stroke because if it is done accurately you can burn your large amount of fats and calories only in 10 minutes.

• The Correct Diet

The most important thing is if you want to lose weight you have to choose the best workout plan like swimming as well as the right kind of food i.e healthy food. While swimming a lot of energy is consumed and cold water gives rise to your appetite. To avoid overeating and choose green vegetables and protein shake after swimming.

• The Right Extremity

If you are a benchmark is to use the kilos then … Read the rest

Top 4 Yoga poses to Get Naturally Glowing and Healthy Skin

Do you want a natural glow on your face? Of course, and that’s why you are here to know, how this will happen. So, are you ready to try something very effective and harmless which refreshes your skin and you get naturally glowing skin?


Yoga is a beneficial exercise not only for your body and physique, but it is also good for your skin and makes it naturally glowing without using any commercial serums or Cream. You just need to manage only one hour for yoga to see the extraordinary results with no Investment.


Best Yoga Asanas for your Glowing skins

1. Sarvangasana– It is the most effective and best yoga Asana for healthy skin. It is also called the shoulder stand pose. It circulates the blood towards your face and improves the texture and quality of your skin. Practices this yoga Asana 3 to 5 times a day help to get rid of acne, pimples dullness and wrinkles.

2. Halasan– To achieve the glowing and best skin the Halasan is the best Asana. It is the plow pose Asana. This Asana is most effective for your digestive system with improving the process and it helps to attain the healthy and glowing skin.

3. Utthanasana- It is the most functioning Asana for glowing skin. The forward bending pose can help for the flowing of blood to face and other body parts. This asana is not only helpful for skin it also gives the oxygen to … Read the rest

Chris Hemsworth's New Fitness

Chris Hemsworth’s New Fitness App that Abolishes all Excuses for not Workout!

Australian celebrity Chris Hemsworth’s is very popular with his character Thor in the Avengers and have such a well train physique in Hollywood. He is very dedicated to his work even for his body. Remaining fit is also a part of his job.

Avenger Actor recently launching a Brand new workout app which allows users to attain a body like him. His social media workout videos are very famous and recently he posted a video on Instagram to promote this app. So you must follow this app to take your fitness at the next level. This video reminds us of the techniques we forget nowadays while gyming. It is quite a fun exercise video and encourage us to go to the gym with our friends which increase our progress and you could do the difficult ones very easily with your friend’s motivation.

Chris Hemsworth's New Fitness


What’s inside the video?

We saw Chris Hemsworth in this video with his gym trainer Luke Zocchi and mate Jorge. In this clip, he seems to lift kettlebells and heavy Weights with so much of struggle and his friend’s encouragement. You must follow this by adding some music as your choice.

Hemsworth uploads this video with the caption: “wrestling some iron with Jorge and zoco while zelling loudly and playing dramatic music. Wanna see more of this madness?”

It’s looking very enjoyable and interesting and his fans and followers comment below “yes, yes and we love to do so”……….some people try this for 30 days and become … Read the rest

Anil Kapoor Ageless Secret at 60 Out

Anil Kapoor Ageless Secret at 60 Out Now- Don’t Forget, Must Read!

Who doesn’t want to know the ageless secret of Anil Kapoor? The Bollywood industry also wants to know, how he manages his fitness even in his 60+ age. For all men’s this page, reading is going to very interesting, because you are one step closer for making yourself younger, no matter what your age is.

Perhaps some of you think about yoga and exercise. And some may even think of surgery or enhancements products. But you will be glad to know none of your choice matches with his younger regime. In his recent interview, finally Anil Kapoor talked about his younger-looking secret and that is South Indian food.

Anil Kapoor Ageless Secret at 60 Out


Yes! South Indian Food. I tell you why?

South Indian food is good for health. Kavita Devgun, Shalini Singhal and Ankita Gupta are top dieticians also accept south Indian food are fermented. Therefore it becomes super healthy and delicious as well. Moreover, the south Indian food is easy to digest, high in nutrition value, and fights with a bad gut system.

If we talk about today time and food eating habits of youth and adults, you know how much spicy and junk food they eat rather taking vegetables and healthy home-made food.

Fermented food and coconut oil benefits

Fermented food and coconut oil benefits

In South Indian food every Cusine undergoes a fermentation process that includes high nutrition value to food and becomes super healthy when it cooked in coconut oil. We all know coconut oil is full of benefits. It is perfect for skin, joints, and … Read the rest

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss Lose 21 kgs in 4 months

Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss: Lose 21 kgs in 4Months, A Stunning Transformation!

Bollywood industry is a place for refinement and perfection the way you behave, dress, look, to your weight, every single thing is perceived. But when the top actress Bhumi Pednekar makes her first appearance in Dum Laga k haisha, it was very challenging to think that someone with heavyweight can enter in this industry, where only the sexy and fit body exists.

But after her first film, she manages to reduce her extra weight and surprise everyone with her super sensuous new avatar. She lost 21 kgs in 4 months only. It was only attainable by conscientious and very hard work on her body.

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss Lose 21 kgs in 4 months

Do you want to know how she managed to drop her weight and become fat to fit? Here we are introducing her diet secrets and weight loss plans.

Bhumi Pednekar Weight loss & Diet Secrets:

Morning Time- breakfast and exercise routine


First, she goes for a morning workout in the gym. Then she eats multi-grain bread with the white part of 3 eggs. How we forget the milk? Without milk her breakfast is incomplete. Some time she also adds fish, boiled vegetables, chicken and chana in her first meal.

Afternoon time- Lunch


She loved to eat veggies, roti, dal rice or chicken rice in her lunch. She also includes one glass of buttermilk, some veggies, and two chapattis.

Mid-evening time- Snacks


She eats half a papaya and guava in mid-evening snacks. Some time she also takes one cup of green tea, further with almonds or walnuts … Read the rest

Healthy Carb Diet

Healthy Carb Diet- Why Should You Add it for High Energy and Weight Loss?

It is very difficult to lose weight instantly but now various Healthy diet plans make this easy and simpler. Scientist’s research has disclosed that some meals may influence ravenousness. These are very worthwhile for losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Food rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber is very advantageous for weight management.

So, in this topic, we share some carbs which give us high energy and also help to lose weight. The major impetus of carbs in the diet is to supply energy. Most of the carbohydrates broke down into glucose and can be cast-off as energy.

What are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs?

Good carbs are packed with nutrients and improves physical performance, sustain the energy level, stabilizes Blood sugar and rich in fibers. Whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, Tubers, legumes are in this category. They require less amount of calories and fats which make the body healthy and you should add for maintain weight.

Bad Carbs have no nutrients and very unhealthy for our body. These are distilled carbs having no benefit and very bad for our health. The bad carbs are rich in many calories which make you fat day by day. White bread, sugary drinks, fruit juices, pastries, cookies, cakes, Ice creams, chocolate, and potato chips contain bad carbs and you must avoid eating this.

Here we have shared some details of good Carbs which help you to maintain your weight and give high energy. Look the following:

1. Beetroot


It is … Read the rest

Habits That Can Change Your Life For Better

Habits That Can Change Your Life For Better

Start a quality life by making some changes like waking up early, doing exercise and planning your day in advance. Finally, you can sit down to pen your thoughts for reading in future.

Proper rest

Proper rest

It is necessary to take proper rest to rejuvenate your tired self. Sound sleep recharges body and mind and readies you for challenges. Research shows that an adult must take at least seven to eight hours sleep in a day. Not taking proper rest would create unnecessary tension in body and mind.

Plan your day

Plan your day

After taking a good night sleep, you can go on scheduling your day to accomplish goals. The accomplishments would make you feel happy and positive at the end of the day. Spending a few moments on planning your day would make things simple and easy for you.



Reading is a good habit because it makes a complete man. Reading books and newspapers would boost your knowledge. Today you can read blogs on your mobile or buy a tab for reading purpose. There are so many things to read that you can spend hours in reading.

Learn single tasking

Learn single tasking

Try completing one task at a time before trying multitasking. Instead of stressing yourself, you should focus on tasks complete the given tasks one-by-one. Taking stress would create unnecessary hurdles in completing tasks.



You should become a good friend by appreciating others. For example, just saying “Thank You” can make people around you happy. You can make more friends by … Read the rest

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger Diet Plan and Workout Routine Which Makes her Healthy and Beautiful

Actress Diane Kruger has a remarkable beauty that just impossible to resists. She began her career as a model but she ultimately discovered her passion for acting. In starting, she appears in a few French movies then she went to Hollywood.

She is one of our beauty icon having the enviable physique. She admires us to look fit and beautiful.

Here, we share some secrets of her amazing body:

Diet secret of Diane’s Kruger

Diet secret of Diane’s Kruger

She is not diet conscious and enjoys every type of food. Her food always contains nutrients and protein. She reveals that cheese, wine, and butter are her biggest weakness and very difficult in giving them up.

• Her breakfast always includes avocado, poached egg on multi-grain bread, and a cup of coffee.

• Then she takes salmon with rice at lunch.

• For dinner, she like chicken or veal with veggies and red wine.

• She prefers some snacks in between meals as she opts for nuts and fruits.

Workout schedule of Diane Kruger:-

Workout schedule of Diane Kruger

Recently, she started a journey of motherhood. After the 4 months of her delivery, she gets her toned and fit body back. Maintaining an active lifestyle and resolve to exercise and workout goals after giving birth are inspiring. She is also a good dancer and love to do ballroom dancing.

Instead of her hectic schedule, she invests her time in exercise. She mostly enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and cycling that keep her energetic on the whole day. Although she is not … Read the rest