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Malaika Arora shared her skincare

Malaika Arora shared her skincare ritual for quarantine that will impress you

Malaika Arora is the best resource to find the best fitness and beauty secrets to look younger at age 45. She is 45 but still looks adorable with no aging concerns. She looks adorable and younger than her age. Malaika has shared the beauty tips for women so they could feel rejuvenated and energetic all day.

Malaika Arora shared her skincare

On her channel, Malaika inspiring people to stay home stay safe. Along with that, she is giving fitness tips via sharing her cooking videos, fitness regime, etc. The motive of sharing this stuff is only to make people more productive this time.

Health Caring tips by Malaika

She starts her day by drinking fresh and warm lemon water to boost metabolism and productiveness. For her skin, she applied aloe vera gel. This will keep skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. Here take a quick look on aloe vera benefits:

• Aloe vera acts as a perfect acne treatment by calming down angry bacteria and oil production.

• It will keep your skin highly moisturized.

• It prevents the skin from scars and heals the wounds.

• After waxing or plucking your hair, applying aloe vera gel relaxed muscles and stop the formation of pimples and itchiness.

• For brighter and glowing skin aloe vera is a magical cream.

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5 Miraculous Tips to Get Rid of Holi Colors Instantly

So, have you enjoyed your Holi a lot? Of course yes! This is why you are here and looking for remedies to get rid of Holi colors instantly. Well, playing Holi without colors sounds boring and you have no better idea to play this festival. Sometimes we often forget to care about skin, maybe you have cared a lot by using coconut oil, moisturizer, or SPF. But still, you are pissed off by trying again and again to remove colors.

The colors look beautiful on the face, but it significantly gives a bad impact on the face by drying and dehydrating your skin.

May you often think this year you will not play with colors, but who do not want to enjoy colors?

Now, tell me if this happens to you as well?

You are playing Holi, doing dance, and drinking thandai, but just after the few hours you are working hard to remove colors. Your whole fun is complete goes to dustbin. Because you are trying various methods to put it off.

Tips to get rid of Holi colors instantly

Well, the things go hand and hand, but we need to stay protective and updated with all-natural skincare tips to get rid of Holi Colors.

So, here are the things which you can try out!

• Body Scrub

One of the top remedies to get rid of colors is exfoliating. To do this, first, clean your skin with cleansing milk and then start exfoliating skin by using gentle scrub on the face. Scrub your skin well but don’t go harsh. Afire that wash your face with cold water.

• Edible oil

Edible oil

It is a pre-Holi skincare regime usually used for protective skin damages. It is rich in antioxidants that offer your generous … Read the rest

Skincare Tips to Play

Skincare Tips to Play Safe and Stay healthy in this Holi

Holi, the festivals of colors and happiness is ready to touch your cheeks. You have made plans for tomorrow’s celebration such as venue, colors, inviting friends and all. But, do you made plans for your skin health?

Probably not! This is why you are here and wanted to know about some best skincare tips to play safely in this HOLI. Here is the complete guide you should follow:

Skincare Tips to Play

Before the Holi celebration

You do not need to groom yourself because you are going to look dirty or colorful on the Holi. Well, it is not the reason. Peeled skin may harm badly with color interaction. Hence, everyone should not peel off your skin like waxing, threading, bleach, etc. this may cause redness and sometimes irritation.

If you are already suffering from skin condition then avoid playing Holi or you can speak with a dermatologist.

Eve of the Holi

Eve of the Holi

Skin and hair both can be dull with the exposure of sun and colors both. So, it is recommended to both male and female apply coconut oil in your hair for deep conditioning and cover it with dupatta. To protect your face and body you can apply natural oil (coconut as well). For the face use, SPF and people who have acne issues must use organic colors to play.

You can even apply oil-free moisturizer on the face to keep skin soft and hydrated. If you have normal or combination skin then makes sure you have applied waterproof SPF with a mix of baby oil. Don’t forget nails, keep it colored as it prevents cuticles from damage.

After Holi care

When the Holi is finished, get set go to bath and wash your face, hair, and body … Read the rest

Electrical facials

Electrical Facials are the New Skin Treatments- Do they Worthy?

Everyone wishes to have beautiful and clear skin. I am sure you are also one that’s why you reached this page with excitement to know are Electrical facials work. With the advancement of technology, the sure of the disease is introduced. So, why not our beauty enjoys technology as well?

Thus, Electrical facials are now trending in beauty industries. And guess what? They are giving magical results, thus numbers of celebrities are becoming a fan of this. You can say that it is now the top secret of glowing and clear skin.

This has lots of benefits that are still under covered, but yes it is well-researched technology in the beauty industry that comes to fight against puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and even out skin.

Electrical facials

Female Celebrities are the fans of electrical facials

The stars from Hollywood and Bollywood are liking this new trend in the beauty industry. Jenifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, and Priyanka Chopra are said to have liked it. This is suitable for every skin type and those who just want to look ageless. The gadget used in this particular method is just like a mini-computer that work on your face and detect bad skin to clear it off.

Benefits of electrical facials

With the anticipation of this gadget, you will redeem the maximum number of advantages that just take you higher with your glowing and smooth skin. Here are some cool benefits:

• It will improve your skin surface and healthy appearance.

• It naturally stimulates collagen and skin elasticity.

• It will relax facial muscles.

• Give glowing and ageless skin.

• Eliminate skin pigmentations.

• Restore skin immunity and overall wellness.

How has this skin treatment done?

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