From Katrina Kaif’s Simple Pony To Kriti Sanon’s Fuss-free Style, Hairstyle To Look For In Summer 2022

Summer is knocking at the door. Soon the heat will become unbearable but you can keep the heat away by wearing comfy clothes and putting on simple hairstyles. You can learn best summer hair style from Bollywood actresses.

Look at some cool hair designs of hot Bollywood divas and try imitating those best hair style for summer parties

Katrina Kaif’s simply ponytail….

Katrina Kaif’s Simply Ponytail

Look at the ponytail hairdo of Katrina Kaif. Her loose, glossy waves tied with a cute rubber band make a simply ponytail but she’s also left some tendrils to flow down her cheeks in the shape of a frame.

Kriti Sanon’s fuss-free best hair style ….

Kriti Sanon Fuss Free Best Hair Style

Her tresses are neatly braided into two sections and brought back to tie with the rest of the locks. It requires a little effort but it gives a carefree look all the day. It is a nice hairdo to wear for family get-togethers and family outings.

Deepika Padukone’s striking bold look….

What she did is simply pulled all her tresses back to make a sleek ponytail and this hairdo looks just perfect with no locks out of the hairdo. For this hairdo, you will certainly need a good quality gel that can help in holding the hair together and at a place.

Deepika Padukone Best Hair Style

Alia Bhatt goes all natural with her hairdo….

The most striking feature of this hairstyle is the visibly apparent central part. But it gets a glamourous look with boosting of the volume at the tips. Learn the trick of enhancing from Alia Bhatt and enhance your look like a B-town diva.

Alia Bhatt Natural Hairdo

Shradha Kapoor’s half-up hairdo….

Shradha Kapoor’s Half-Up Hairdo

First, allow your locks to stream like glamourous lose waves before pulling half of the tendrils into a lose ponytail. It is girl-next-door look and it is easy to put on. Also, it goes well with most dresses and suits to most occasions.

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