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I am a yoga enthusiast and believe that this ancient Indian exercise regimen can help in everything including maintaining a youthful appearance even in advanced age. And if you don’t agree with my findings about yoga, you can go through the list of famous yoga celebrities that are also an inspiration to others.

Here’re Top 10 Gorgeous Yoga Celebrities

  1. Amanda Bisk
Amanda Bisk

I know Amanda Bisk as one of the hottest yoga instructors on Instagram where she is followed by 639K followers. And this former Aussies pole vaulter has over 3K posts on social media. What is more interesting is that most of her posts are related to health and fitness.

Amanda Bisk has a personal website where she’s published her story about her struggles and how she turned into a fitness trainer. As a qualified yoga teacher, she provides fitness training through videos and online classes. Also, she’s 30 challenges and programs for fitness enthusiasts.

  1. Kino MacGregor

One thing I want to make clear is that Instagram followers are only a factor in ranking here as I considered the overall performance of celebrities to rank them in my list of good looking yoga celebrities. Kino MacGregor is an American Ashtanga Yoga teacher, author, and influencer with 1.1M followers on Instagram. Kino is also credited with launching the world’s first yoga TV network, Omstars. Also, she’s authored four books and made six DVDs on Ashtanga yoga.

Kino MacGregor

You can check out her yoga pictures on her Insta profile and follow her to get regular health updates.

  1. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood star and recipient of many awards and accolades including a Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and two Screen Guild Awards. Also, she’s 40.9M followers on Instagram. And she relies on yoga for fitness and beauty. There’re no signs of aging on her face and it is all due to her passion for yoga.

People close to Aniston called her a self-proclaimed yogi who has been practicing yoga since 2005. Jennifer says that yoga provides the strength she needs to stay fit and healthy. She practices spin yoga to have a lean body.

  1. Holly Madison
Holly Madison

Holly Madison is an American television personality with a beautiful body of a 36D-23-36 figure. And she knows how to keep her body well-toned. Born in 1979, she’s well past her youth but she still retains a youthful appearance. When asked about her fitness, she said that she loved to work out.

In exercises, Holy Madison loves doing yoga more than any other exercise. And if asked about yoga, she’ll be happy to describe a couple of yoga asanas to let you know how much she loves the ancient Indian exercise regimen.

  1. Madonna

Madonna is a popular singer, songwriter, and actress. But a few people know that she is also a yoga enthusiast. She practices ashtanga yoga which is an effective cardio workout. She even says that ashtanga yoga purifies her inner body including the mind. Madonna is referred to as the “Queen of Pop” because of her love for music but she’s also a practicing yogi.

Madonna has 18.6M followers on Instagram and they all appreciate her music and figure. And it is surprising to know that Madonna looks much younger than her real age due to her perfect figure.

  1. Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams credits her seductive curves to yoga. Of course, genetics have a role to play in determining her figure but she never misses her yoga class. She is a busy actress but her love for yoga keeps her active in the field of health and wellness.

In February 2011, she launched the “Yoga for Single Moms” project where she provides free yoga lessons to help them in childcare. She also testifies to the healing power of yoga. She disclosed that yoga helped her cope with the sudden demise of her ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger.

  1. Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an American actress and businesswoman but here we’ll keep our discussion limited to her health. She’s a busy woman of over 40 years of age but for her, age is just a number. She has been successful in films as well as business and she credits her success to her fitness.

Jessica Alba follows a mixed workout routine but she prefers doing yoga and for this reason, yoga makes the most of her exercise regimen. She says that yoga keeps her mentally fit and physically healthy. Her success story is an inspiration to others.

  1. Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a leading English fashion designer and a popular television personality. Also, she’s a practicing yogi. If you go through her exercise regimen, you will find that she never skips her yoga training. On the contrary, she encourages others to join her in yoga practice.

Victoria Beckham started a yoga challenge called Victoria Beckham Challenge on the Internet to encourage and inspire her followers to join her in yoga practice. If you want to develop an interest in yoga, you can take her challenge.

  1. Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a popular actress and a successful businesswoman. Also, she’s a yoga enthusiast. According to a media report, she practices transcendental meditation and Kundalini yoga which is a specific exercise focused on the human brain. She says that yoga can do anything including achieving a youthful appearance at in advance age.

An ardent yoga enthusiast, Kate Hudson has many things to discuss and share about the ancient Indian exercise regimen. She has even written two books on her life experience and her opinion on health and wellness.

  1. Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos wears many hats. She’s a beautiful actress, a famous television personality, a popular journalist, and a professional wrestler. And you will be surprised to know that she credits her health and fitness to yoga. She can be seen preaching yoga on various media channels and magazines.

Maria Menounos is once caught practicing the Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana). Soon after her session was over, she gave an interesting speech on how to do this pose and what its benefits are.

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