How Long Is Long Enough For Plank?

Yoga, Pilates and weight training have one thing in common. These exercise include plank that is effective in building core strength and stability. In plank, you need maintaining a position but the duration of a plank should depend on your strength.

Let’s learn right way of doing plank exercise and its advantages

The most effective core exercise….

Effective Core Exercise

The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research mentioned plank as more effective than crunches or sit ups in its 2015 study but plank requires much training and concentration as balancing body weight on your tips and toes isn’t a child’s game. The longer you stay, the more muscle contraction you achieve.

Duration of plank exercise ….

One long plank is much better than multiple sets it helps stress the entire body for a long time but beginners are advised to start with small sets as a long plank could trigger muscular strain leading to injury. First, you need training your body for a long plank. Start with small sets of 30 seconds to 1 minute and break the position when your hips start drooping.

Right way of doing plank exercise….

Right Way Of Doing Plank

It is a basic exercise that involves holding your bodyweight on your tips and toes. First, you bring your body on your tips and toes. The position should be feet are should-width apart and palm just below the shoulders. Second, you elongate your body engaging abdomen and spine to full length and look down. Finally, you hold the position for 10-30 seconds and then relax.

Common mistakes with plank exercise….

Plank requires precision and for this reason many people make mistakes that result in unnecessary strain and muscular problems. For example, keeping your butt too high or too low is a mistake. Similarly, the body should be in a straight line from tip to toe. Also, the elbows and shoulders should be in a line. And you shouldn’t clasp your hands to maintain the effectiveness of exercise.

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