10 Quick Meals For A Healthy Dinner

Want to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal but don’t have enough time to spend. If yes, then get ready to prepare a healthy dinner in no time. Here are 10 delicious recipes that you can prepare at home and enjoy a full meal.

  1. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Delicious sweet potatoes provide a load of nutritional benefits. They contain beta carotene, vitamin A, B6, and C, potassium, manganese, copper, and fiber. But the biggest advantage of sweet potatoes is they can be stuffed with anything from vegetables to chicken.

Sweet potatoes are good for gut health. They support healthy vision and enhance brain function. Since they are high on nutrition, they boost immunity and overall health. Also, you can try a variety of flavor combinations to make stuffed sweet potatoes. And it shouldn’t take you much time in preparing sweet potatoes.

  1. Grain Bowls
Grain Bowls

Grains make a great source of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, antioxidants, and plant compounds. The health benefits of grains include improved cardiovascular health, healthy digestion, reduce chronic inflammation, and lower risk of stroke and obesity. Also, it is easier to prepare grains for dinner.

Take a serving of cooked grains like quinoa and brown rice and top it with cooked or raw veggies. Also, add chicken, boiled eggs, or salmon to the serving to add some protein to it. Finally, you can flavor it with lemon juice or a drizzle of olive oil before consuming it.

  1. Veggie Loaded Frittatas
Veggie Loaded Frittatas

Eggs are extremely delicious as they can be consumed boiled or mixed with bread and vegetables. Also, they are incredibly nutritious as they contain all the nutrients needed for turning an egg into a chicken. They are high in cholesterol but it isn’t bad cholesterol.

To get most of the eggs, you can make frittatas with everything available in your kitchen. For example, you can add cheese, herbs, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and even spices to the recipe. It is quick to make and enriched with different flavors by adding veggies, herbs, and spices.

  1. Dinner Salad

It isn’t the regular salad you serve with dinner but a special one that is a full meal in itself. It contains proteins so you feel satisfied after consuming the salad. Also, it contains fiber so it improves your gut health. And this well-composed salad won’t let you feel hungry for a long time.

Start with a green base like spinach or mixed greens and add a protein like chicken or shrimp to the salad. For fiber, you can add roasted sweet potatoes to it and top the salad with roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Also, you can dress it with vinegar or olive oil before savoring.

  1. Loaded Brown Rice Pasta
Loaded Brown Rice Pasta

Pasta could be your favorite food but it won’t be a healthy diet until it contains protein and fiber. But you can make healthy pasta at home. You can make rice pasta in no time. This recipe requires pasta or you can use zucchini noodles if you need a low-carb diet.

Take your pasta and start dressing it with chicken breast or ground chicken and veggies to make it nutritious. If you need a plant-based protein, you can choose chickpeas instead of chicken. Finally, you can top the pasta with a sauce or olive oil and savor your dinner.

  1. One-Pot Soups
One-Pot Soups

A soup could be a full meal if you can make it nutritious by adding more proteins, vitamins, and minerals to it. Another good thing about a soup is it can be prepared at home. Also, you have a wide range of choices in ingredients and flavor. For example, you can make a curry chicken soup or creamy yellow split pea soup, if you want plant-based nutrients.

  1. Curry

Curry is a full meal because it can be made with anything. Rich in flavor, it can give you a feeling of fullness even hours after consuming a bowl of curry. Also, it can be served with bread and rice. Or you can keep it simple. What is more surprising is that you can prepare it within 30 minutes.

For example, you can prepare a warming chickpea and sweet potato curry in the cool season and serve it with rice or bread. Or you can prepare Thai chicken curry if you love non-vegetarian food. For flavor, you can add more herbs and spices to the curry.

  1. Burgers

A burger can be made a full meal if you add nutritious ingredients to your burger. For example, adding ground chicken, salmon, or tuna will make it a rich source of protein. Or you can add lentils if you prefer a plant-based protein. It could be a chicken burger flavored with roasted sweet potato fries, or you can make a veg burger filled with green veggies.

Making a burger isn’t a time-consuming or labor-intensive job. Simply take a bun and turn it into a delicious burger by adding fillings in it. And you can serve it with a store-bought or homemade sauce.

  1. Whole Roasted Chicken
Cameron Whitman/Stocksy United

It will take you some time in roasting a full chicken but the taste you get is worth the time. It is a lip-smacking dish that you will love to have for dinner. Also, you can add more flavor to the chicken by filling it with potato wedges, onions, carrot chunks, and veggies. While the chicken is roasted, you can use the time to prepare a delicious salad to serve with the chicken.

  1. Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet pan dishes are also a good choice when you are looking for healthy and delicious dishes. These recipes have another advantage that is they don’t require pots and pans for cooking and serving. Also, you can make these recipes at home in a hassle-free manner.

Some of the popular sheet pan dishes include vegetarian Mediterranean sheet pan dinner, sheet pan chicken fajitas, and sheet pan harissa chicken with chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Or you can search for more recipes according to your taste.

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